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  1. Darch

    Shifting a bunch of sectors up/down

    Quality of life improved. So many secret moves, anyone knows how to display wall textures at Doom Builder 2 when selecting a floor or a ceiling? Because it shows only floor textures.
  2. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    Another late one here. Just finished last map today. MAP 30 Fire and Ice It took me 53 minutes to beat this map, with save scumming. I fought some fights that could easily be avoided and ran from the ones where there were buttons or keys after it, having to go back on them. So I ended up killing almost all monsters. Lots of ammo, health was not so generous this time, but still manageable. It would be a good map if it wasn't the last one: I think it misses epicness as the closing of a megawad. Not that I've finished any megawad before this, but oh well, you've played 30 or so maps, I think the ending should be something more epic. It felt like just another map, a bit harder. Map 26 was better IMO. Overall opinion: Scythe is one of my favorite wads as I really dig short, fast (and easy :P) maps. I think the flow of first episode is unique. Around map 27 it got a bit out of my taste, and I didn't even cared to finish map 28. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it ended at map 26, it's the peak of this wad IMO. It was my first time at the megawad club and I really enjoyed the experience of joining it, I had never finished any megawad before this, and posting and commenting the maps here motivated me to do so. I think I'll try to catch you guys up on Epic 2 :)
  3. I never realized those were candles until I opened an editor. I thought they were some little floor lamps, because, well, that fire is so static. I think this is my least favorite decoration. Back to the title question, I think I would choose those five skulls on a kebab, if explosive barrels are too interactive to be considered decoration.
  4. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    map 29 Hell on Earth IDCLEVed to this map, because I really didn't feel like trying to win that 28 map race too much. Ok, so after hell, we are in a snowy town, with pistol only. Reminds a bit of downtown level from Doom2, there are even arrows on the floor. I really liked how this map has enough ammo, but not so much that you can choose your weapon anytime, you gotta fight with what you got. There is also a very welcome sense of non linearity and movement freedom. This leaded to some "what do I do now?" moments, but nothing too serious.
  5. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    I don't know if I will be able to play more this week, so I tried to finish it... until IT. MAP 16 Burial Grounds Nice map easy map, maxed this one from pistol start. Could be a little darker by the cemetery / church theme. MAP 17 Book Lords Right at the start, this map looks much more detailed then the previous one. It has some nice bookshelf secret passage gimmick. MAP 18 MS Futura Music is good, although I think it would fit map 16 better. Very nice dimensional(?) gate at the start. Probably more fun from pistol start, because I had ammo from previous map and was able to kill the spider at the beginning of the map. So I was able to grab a soulsphere and blue armor before exiting the map :P MAP 19 AD I'm not a big fan of the "gray base" theme and we had a shotgun only gameplay in the first half of this map, which I also don't like very much, so I was about to say I didn't enjoyed this one until some other ammo types showed up, some bigger fights came in, and the non linear design also made me change my mind. Having a spider at the end again was not so creative. MAP 20 Starport I liked the music, but I think it would fit a jungle map better. It felt out of place at the cyberdemon fight and the subsequent imp horde. map 21 Solitude Another rough welcome at the episode start. Died twice before being able to pass the first monster wave. Tight ammo. Good map. map 22 Despair Difficulty keeps growing, I suppose this must be very hard without the BFG secret, luckily it was very easy to find. I was doing well until the last room and I accidentally stepped on the exit with 17 health or so. map 23 Anger Luckily in hell author(s?) keep healing players between levels, now in a even better way> berserk packs right at the start. This is very convenient since ammo gets tighter at this last episode. I found a big skip by aciddent: an Arch vile attacked me and I flied to the exit right at the beginning of the map. I started it again to actually play the map and understand what happened. map 24 Hatred Great music, great fights. layout out was also good, so great hell map overall. map 25 Envy Well when a map gives you a bfg right at the start, it generally means one thing... but it was not that hard. I don't know if you are supposed to jump to the exit bridge.. I did it, but had a feeling a skipped some of the map, I didn't find any keys and killed about 80% of the monsters. map 26 Fear A slaughterfest with plenty resources, megaspheres, invulnerabilities, rockets and plasma. I liked it. I remembered having played it once, maybe I've finished Schyte but can't remember? map 27 Terror Monster count goes down again, lots of megaspheres make this kind of easy. The going back and forth progression isn't very fun to play. The three cyberdemon fight at the end is totally skippable, leading almost directly to the exit. map 28 Run from IT Ok, so this map starts telling me to run. But I answer to it, "run from what? I ain't running from you, map! There are some lost souls and I feel like killing 'em". So the map smashes me with its invisible hand. Ok, so I will run. This is a race map, ok. I run. Gibbed guy gives me blue key. Press button, strafe run along corridors... map smashes me again. Ok, now running like crazy since the beginning. Map wins. How they have a counter in vanilla? So I decide not to move. Nothing happens. Maybe trigger is out this cave? I go out and go back. I hear sounds, barrels explode. A door closes repeatedly, are these supposed to be steps from IT? IT smashes me again. Yes, the trigger must be outside the cave. Ok, some more runs. Killing enemies is useless, as IT is coming fast. More runs, with a bit save scumming. More squishes. Quit. Youtube, tell me what's the secret. Oh, there is no secret. Just run a flawless strafe run like crazy until you do it. No, thanks. IDCLEV29. On a second though, that's enough Scythe for today.
  6. Darch

    Pain Elemental

    Because behind that evil face and hellish flames, it has a heart deep inside.
  7. Darch

    Pain Elemental

    This. Seems to me they were trying to explore new attack types in Doom II, while Doom I monsters (Imp, Caco, Baron) shared very similar attacks.
  8. Darch

    Making money off of mods?

    Do your best and hope for people to play it for free. There are many Iwads that are simply ignored, even good ones. I don't think nobody will pay for a iwad with so many good projects around for free. People only paid for Final Doom because it was an official release, it came in a box.
  9. Darch

    texture outline

    Hm I don't know if there's a topic for Slade suggestions, but since its related to this subject, I'll post it here: an option to remove from texture1 and pnames lumps directly from image. I know it's just open and manually remove them, but maybe it's a good option since many wads seem to have patch and texture errors due to deleted images. Or a bit more invasive, but more practical: automatically remove it from texture1 and pnames lumps when related graphic is deleted. If you want to replace a graphic, use the import entry option. Another thing that happens here is, when I edit texture1 or pnames lumps, Slade also saves my Textures lump, replacing some dots for commas, which are not recognized by ZDoom and crashing the game at start.
  10. Then we can assume that it has mushrooms, candies, balloons and Teddy Bears, because I think nobody has personally been to hell here to say there aren't :P. Let's just follow the acclaimed fire, torment and suffering convention, shall we?
  11. I can understand this point of view, but I think ten maps would be enough to develop these situations, they could have done it more sparsely. About how id managed it, I think some things have a nice presentation, like the Arch Vile's first encounter, and others seem just thrown at maps, like Revenant's first appearance.
  12. I don't like how Doom II spoils two new monsters at map 07, and the only new weapon at map 02. By map 11 you've seen everything already (except for Icon of Sin, of course).
  13. Darch

    GOG is giving more free games

    I didn't know this series, so I can't speak about the 2nd, but I'm having tons of fun with this game... I don't think the Doom community minds out of date graphics very much :)
  14. Darch

    GOG is giving more free games

    I've spent some hours already with this game today, thanks for posting!
  15. Darch

    Night-time maps

    Doom Center?
  16. hah I would like to see a Cyberdemon suddenly stop shooting and run for some rocket boxes.
  17. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    MAP 11 Difficulty raises a big step at this episode start. Maybe its the forced pistol start, but I prefer smoother difficulty raises, to speak the truth. I died a lot of times until I went straight to the keys and finished the level in 1:09 :P Lot of optional areas and grabs at this one. I had never get past this map before, so every map from now on will be my first play on them. MAP 12 Climatic dark map. Really liked this one. Good music, great sky. Difficulty kinda gets back to the point it was before rough episode start. No deaths and finished in 2:31 going straight to the cards and buttons, not bothering with killing everything. MAP 13 I'm really digging the mood of this second episode. Again, the music is well chosen and cohesive with the others from this episode. Some easy-to-find secrets really make it easier with plasma gun and blue armor. I've just watched speedrunner Vortale playing Schyte 2, so I think I'm going faster then I use to. 3 minutes to finish the level, surprisingly with stats 88% 100% 100%. Not many optional areas in this one, I guess. MAP 14 Short easy map with a dark section that resembles very much a "refueling base" map section. MAP 15 Doom II tributes go on.. Even Doom II music is used. This map seemed much harder to me then its last three predecessors. Hitscanners from all sides, an Arch vile welcome right at the start... Had to clean the areas instead of just avoiding things. I had just noticed I still didn't had a double barreled, when I saw one near an elevator door. Seems like author is begging players to find secret exit, because the elevator door and some prizes are pretty visible and there's a though trap at the standard exit, which successfully killed me, so I went for the other exit on my second (well, fourth, actually) run. map 31 I Dunno Torn This is the map that comes to mind when I think of Schyte. I don't know if I was wrong to assume I never played episode 2 or I had IDCLEVed to this map years ago, but I remembered this level and I like it very much. Great music and convincing dungeon feel.
  18. Darch

    What is your favorite sandwich?

    For me, anything with bbq sauce. This isn't very common where I live, and I usually tried to reproduce it with ketchup and shoyo and many other things I kept including, the recipe was getting bigger and bigger until a friend gave me a 5 liter gallon of bbq sauce. Now I feel complete. (and my home made bbq simulations were usually not that good).
  19. Darch

    copypaste king

    Loved it. Even the story was cool. Battles were hard but fair, the floor being one of my toughest enemies. I liked how you didn't provide weapons 6 and 7, as futuristic stuff wouldn't fit here. I made a Colosseum map myself some years ago, and oh well, it doesn't get even close. By the way, after my first play, for some reason I made a test by replacing the song by this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Za0rZs0Qk Not that the music is bad or unfitting, I just had a feeling it would be nice to fight through it with some kind of a military tune. It worked well, too.
  20. Darch

    A question about a certain Mr. Lade

    Seems to me like a obsessive compulsive disorder case...(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsessive%E2%80%93compulsive_disorder) If that's the case, I think people could go easier on him. (although I have no idea how this could be checked :P)
  21. Darch

    A_Fastchase for Ground Enemies

    How about a pic of this monster? This can certainly influence opinions, if you say it can look goofy. edit:> just realized that the point of goofiness is the floor fast chase. Still, the shot is relevant. It will probably look more acceptable in a monster with side legs, like a crab. Or in a monster that crawls.
  22. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    In front of the exit switch I see no problem, because you're done with the map already. Scythe maps tend to restore players health before next map. But in any other switch is bad, because you might want to keep this item for later.
  23. Judging by that brown part, shotgun would be my guess.
  24. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Scythe

    Almost catching up! Playing this on UV using Doom Expanded mod this time (a pretty good mod that doesn't change gameplay at all. Much recommended.) MAP 04 Good animated lightning right out of the gate, also some good jumping layouts. MAP 05 Managed to die on this one, attempting to strafe run to the other side of the slime pit without success (nor a radiation suit). MAP 06 Again, good lighting, and I found the Cacodemon encounter at the cave near the end to be a pretty good fight. MAP 07 Once you get out of their way, you can shoot them through tinny spots making the fight very easy, but a bit boring. MAP 08 Great layout right at the start, this was my favorite map from episode 1. Its a bit tighter on ammo then previous maps and has a great imp chase in a cavern filled with shotgunners (considering you try to run past them as I did :). Also, good use of mamcubus. MAP 09 Another good map, after grabbing some keys they lead directly to the correspondent locked door, good design. The elevator button could be more visible. MAP 10 Nice fight, there not much room to move, but its easy to find a safe spot. I understand this by the way weapons are placed every map, but I think it is designed to be played both ways, otherwise I can't see any reason for the medkits placed at the end of many maps. By the way, I started MAP 04 with pistol only, then went dirty continuous mode :P