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  1. Darch

    Looking for mappers

    Ahh, got it.
  2. Darch

    Looking for mappers

    Looking very good! Good luck on your project. Any plans on replacing the sky? That outside fog will work better with a gray sky.
  3. This was a very creative map, I liked it. Great atmosphere, my only nitpicks would be the use of stealth monsters and lack of custom music.
  4. Darch

    don't laugh: any girl playing doom?

    Does compelling your GF to test your maps on skill 1 count? :P
  5. I noticed that most mappers don't replace music when they make a single map. I believe music plays a big role in ambiance and pace, and many of those MAP01 replacements don't fit with D_RUNNIN. Am I being too nitpicky? Because to me it's like watching different movies with the same soundtrack, it's kind of weird. What do you think?
  6. Thank you, plums! 32 might be too much, but maybe a couple of extra maps won't hurt... I had planned a "belly of a whale" level long ago that never happened, also the "house of mojo" from Monkey Island... but if more levels would be made, I was thinking about including classic pirate levels instead of crazy ones. By the way, here's a video showing new map and some features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhvyu-Sngg
  7. Darch

    MWDoom Episode 1 Beta release

    Hey Kraf, welcome to the forums, nice to see you here! Also, those screenshots look really good, downloading :)
  8. There you go, throwing knives and axes we have! Here's the link to a new version (1.6): http://www.confrariadacosta.com.br/piratedoom/PirateDoom.zip Features: - flaming knives and axes for imps and barons; - powerspheres come in beautiful chests; - handguns fire rate is slightly increased after eating spinach (lasts the whole level) - some flipped sprites for the sake of randomness (attack and death animations, trees, etc) - minor bug fixing overall - A BONUS MAP: Plunder Island Fort (plays on slot 49, between Battleships and Lost City) Hope you enjoy :) (I'm keeping version 1.5 also available for download at first post, in case you don't heh) screenshots: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/zi44.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/837/gjnv.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/22/iohl.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/3s7i.png/
  9. Darch

    wad designers, do you do this?

    I think the only excusable situation to make this kind of door is if there is a secret inside AND no such key on the map. Heh, that would be an interesting secret.
  10. Darch

    wad designers, do you do this?

    I don't think designers annoy players deliberately. At least, they shouldn't.
  11. Darch

    The MARBFACE Textures

    heh yeah, it would be weird to find a zombieman marble face somewhere :P
  12. Graf Zahl and Randi for the Espi Award.
  13. Darch

    Ten Years of Cacowards

    Heh, well, there are some cases like Deus Vault 1 being a honorable mention on first Cacowards and is probably more well known then some of the winners. By the way, thanks to all involved in this Cacowards, it was worth the wait. It was cleverly written and the Espi Award was very nice tribute.
  14. Darch

    scythe 2-like wads

    It's vanilla, no custom weapons as far as I remember.
  15. Darch

    scythe 2-like wads

    Back on topic, seems like you're talking about flow, it's hard to beat scythe 1 on that matter, have you played it? BTSX E1 also has a pretty good flow.
  16. Darch

    pretty damn impressive wad

    heh ok got your point about that tree. I was seeing only half of it due to screen scrolling, it looked better that way :)
  17. Darch

    scythe 2-like wads

    Heh, my Doom2 folder is 54.5 GB. No MP3 included :)
  18. Darch

    Ten Years of Cacowards

    Looks like Hellbound got the "Public Choice Award". Heh, maybe that could be done, when a project is acclaimed by the community, but don't really match the reviewers's opinion.
  19. Darch

    pretty damn impressive wad

    Yes, that looks acceptable. Actually I think it looks very good, unfortunately I couldn't play it due to frame rate.
  20. Darch

    Playing Doom with John Romero

    I don't think Romero plays many pwads. When he is asked about his favorite pwad, he says something like "hmm... erm... ah too many monsters here, I can't chat and play at the same time" and never answers the question. Not that I think this is a problem, I enjoyed the video. There are some nice mapping and game design tips. Doomworld is also mentioned :)
  21. I enjoyed this map, lots of creative ideas and some smart puzzles. Difficulty was a bit hard (not a surprise, though). I liked how a group of barons had to be used as allies (at least I that's how I did). I had to finish one Arch Vile with a pistol, but that was somehow satisfying. My only gripe was having to disable music, since I can't play maps with D_RUNNIN anymore. Otherwise, great map Obsidian.
  22. Darch

    Bloody Steel (project)

    I love these realistic maps, looking forward to play it. Looks very well done by the screenies.
  23. Thank you, John! Also, good stream matey, that was well played, very few deaths for a first play-through on skill 4. Glad that you covered it all on part 1 already :)
  24. Darch

    Is beer as bad for your teeth as soda?

    Beer is good for your teeth, your health, and life in general. Soda is bad. Beer is good. Burp.
  25. Darch

    Best SNES game you've played?

    Legend of Zelda Super Castlevania IV Street Fighter II Super Mario Kart Super Mario World Super Mario All Stars Super Mario Paint Contra 3 Top Gear Lemmings TMNT - Turtles in Time Super Double Dragon Final Fight Joe & Mac Mortal Kombat II Killer Instinct Samurai Showndown Combatribes