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  1. Oh that last fight at MAP03 is optional indeed. It didn't feel as big as the previous fight, and I didn't want to delete it, either. There is a jesusphere as a reward for that, though. At MAP02 its almost the same, one last fight that wasn't really needed. Its almost the same arena as the one you mentioned at MAP03, I just excluded it from automap. They were both part of a continuos play ammo balancing, which is basically one last fight with low or no ammo so you spend some of what you have accumulated at the map. Looking forward your next vids!
  2. Thanks a lot @galileo31dos01! I really enjoy this kind of footage. Ace playing, by the way. So do you plan to UV max all maps? They can get a bit easy with all secrets found heh, but that's ok, I think there is not enough easy mapsets out there. I can't beat MAP01 of most of WADs I give a shot :P
  3. Sounds good @RonnieJamesDiner, I think I'll do that, if it's allowed. Is it, @Novaseer? My map would really be ruined with a rocket launcher.
  4. Darch

    REKKR - V1.16

    Oh man, it runs fine with ZDoom 2.8.1. Since it runs with chocolate Doom, stupid me assumed any ZDoom version would do it. Apparently there is a new MAPINFO format out there. Thanks for the help dudes!
  5. Darch

    REKKR - V1.16

    Sorry I didn't read the whole thread, but am I the only one who can't run it, either REKKR.wad or the standalone version? I get all kind of errors in different ports. And I'm a bit curious why there is another wad with the same name which has nothing to do with this.
  6. I want a spot in MAP02 if possible, or any of the 6 "easy spawner" map spots. I have an idea for a short map. edit: Hm but this level will be pointless if player has a rocket launcher (which I assume he will get in your MAP01) and freelook. So, if we could force pistol start before this map, it would be nice.
  7. Glad you're having fun! There are graphic and sound replacements, but all game mechanics, weapons and enemies, are untouched :) Edit: Sorry, double post, I thought I was editing the post above :P
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys! Gonna fix this texture right now. I'm doing a couple of runs to see if I find anything else wrong, sometimes when you fix one thing, you screw another. Like this crucified dudes :P
  9. Alright here you go! Preacher v1.1 https://www.sendspace.com/file/1vrxie
  10. Hurray! Very excited to watch this on multiplayer. There's a little bug at MAP07 though, if a player dies at the blue key trap, the cage can't be opened from outside and blue key will stay locked. I've fixed it already, but didn't uploaded yet. I can upload this version if you want.
  11. Darch

    Avactor last update is out

    Congrats on the release! Screenshots look gorgeous
  12. Darch

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    1. Never. Because they're too long 2. Yes, because I can finish those 3. Probably for those still tied to the IWADs' 32 map format, but hey, nobody's going to ask their money back if there are only 5 maps.
  13. MAP10 is already there :) And yes please demos yay
  14. Hey Galileo thanks for your quick feedback! I was pretty sure this lift wasn't going to be that appreciated, hence I said "don't play if you don't love lifts" :) But somehow this lack of control is part of the chaos I wanted to put on this mapset. That central lift is only triggered by the switches, by the way. Monsters keep activating them, they can get out of the blood pits and annoy you at the same time by doing this ;) It will be uploaded on idgames as soon as I get some more feedback (demos will be adored and watched with beer and popcorn), as I did the testing by myself. The second picture is from MAP10 heh surprise
  15. Hey, long time no see! Thanks for the feedback guys, sorry for taking so long to reply. I've finished this mapset, there is a new map that runs on slot 08. Don't play it if you don't love lifts. Or Cyberdemons. Or Cyberdemons on lifts. DOWNLOAD FINAL VERSION: Preacher.zip So now it's officially released, this is it, unless someone report me a bug or any unaligned texture :P But there won't be any more maps. There are little changes on every map, and ammo has been totally rebalanced so continuous play is not too different from pistol starting. Any feedback is much appreciated :) MAP 08 - Witch Hunt
  16. Darch

    OK, NOW I'M MAD!!!!

    Loved it!
  17. Darch

    WADs with little ammo

    RF's 1024: https://onemandoom.blogspot.com.br/2016/06/rf-1024-rf1024wad.html
  18. Didn't read everything, but I think I didn't see anybody mentioning BTSX's Commander Keen secret level yet.
  19. According to the pool, that would be somewhere outside the U.S. xD
  20. Darch

    Allan Holdsworth dead at age 70

    Liked the first 40 seconds and the ending riff. That shredding in between is a bit too much for me. Hadn't heard of him before, but RIP.
  21. @Zaratulnot all monsters, I just replaced the zombiemen faces because their human / military appearance weren't fitting the theme. Same thing for the high tech weapons, but if there are some good sprites out there, maybe more things can be replaced, why not. @rhinoduck seems like removing the server dehacked solved the issue; revolver animation works fine now and I didn't spot random sprites anymore, either. Thank you!
  22. Thanks @rhinoduck, today I was able to fix these things you pointed out and played it online with ZDaemon. One weird thing, though: in this version I added one extra frame to the pistol shooting animation, with one unused player death sprite (PLAYU0). Is this sprite already taken for something else in Zdaemon? Because the extra animation didn't work, and this sprite seemed to appear randomly at crazy spots, maybe when there were hitscanners around, but I'm not sure. When I ran Zdaemon offline, the pistol animation worked as intended. No clue on what's happening.
  23. Darch

    BDBU drinking v2

    I was about to open a beer, but I'm just gonna play this mod instead.