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  1. Darch

    I need an artist

    Well, its your project, I can make one with the pain state if you want. This one was kind of rushed, just to show what my suggestion.
  2. Darch

    I need an artist

    It has to be pain frames? Maybe it could be fun if they were frozen like they didn't even notice it:
  3. Darch

    Why do people still map in Boom format?

    I can't run GZDoom since version 2.0 with my toaster computer. So I've noticied these bugs watching videos of others playing, couln't really check them myself. Maybe the missing sounds alone were enough for me to think at the time "OMG now it's totally broken", I don't remember exactly. But glad to know that it has been fixed in recent GZDoom versions. (Is it? Can't test heh)
  4. Darch

    Why do people still map in Boom format?

    Pirate Doom has lots of glitches with recent GZDoom updates, most notably missing sounds. Unfortunately I had to recomend it to be played with GZDoom 1.9 which was the current version 3 years ago.
  5. @Demonologist thanks for playing and sharing your experience! As already said, your detailed feedback is always welcome and useful. I'm gonna share the reasons why some of these design choices were made, not trying to justify anything or stick to my point of view, but maybe to bring a little more sense to some things that were weird/awkward to you. MAP08 is going to be the last map, no matter how many more maps are added to the mapset, it will be the latest slot (unless there is some custom boss mini map). So, it made sense to me to bring the concept of the whole mapset, which is non linear layouts with monster freedom of movement, to a bigger, almost gigantic, scale. So yes, it is a 50 minute map. First thing is to stay alive until you clear things enough to start searching for objectives (key cards). The primary weapon is Plasma Gun (Prayer Book) because it could take monsters down faster. I see that's not your case, but lots of players (like myself) will kill themselves like fools trying to use Rocket Launcher in a map with this monster density. There is a RL and lots of ammo, but it's guarded by those two Spider Masterminds, so you have to clear a fair share of opposition before putting your hands on those rockets. But it is still a PL oriented map, also for the sake of variety, as we already have some rocketcentric maps (MAPs 02 and 03). Still, there is not enough plasma to kill everything, so players will have to switch weapons sooner or later. I'm kind of satisfied that even a player with your skills couldn't finish it at first attempt, it's the last map, so it's supposed to be hard. Although I would certainly have fun watching your demo, I understand if you don't want to share it. About MAP02, yeah, I don't know why I made a horizontal map for a port with infinite tall monsters, it wasn't planned, but turned out that way. I tried to minimize this problem by putting just a few cacos at the end and everything else is stuck on the floor, but it can be a problem if you fall down. Not one of my favorite maps, either. Maybe I could switch those cacos for something else. And MAP03, well thank you, it's probably my favorite so far. Cheers!
  6. New map is ready! Version 0.8 BETA DOWNLOAD: http://confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/preacherv08.zip @Demonologist Alternative download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v87lm26l23hfw3x/preacherv08.zip?dl=0 current maplist: map01 - Pagan Temple map02 - Babel map03 - Sacrificial Altar map04 - Dark Tower map05 - 40 Days in the Desert map06 - Noir map07 - Sanctuary map08 - Crown of Thorns And this is the new map (slot 03):
  7. Action 12184 (generalized crusher - walk once - turbo - silent NO - monsters NO) is apparently broken in PrBoom I tested some other combinations that didn't work as well, like changing speed or making it repeatable. Changing to switch, instead of walk over, did work, but didn't fit for what I was doing. It worked normally with ZDoom. I had to change to the predefined option to make it work (action 6), but then there are no fast or turbo speeds.
  8. Oh, that's a known bug, then. I searched a lot before posting, but didn't find anything. Thanks RjY.
  9. Assuming only vanilla wads will run with the original executable, everything that's not vanilla compatible doesn't count as moding?
  10. Hey Demonologist! Nice to see you back here, your input and demos have always been helpful. Although the link at the first page still works for me, a new version will be ready in few days, which I believe to be more balanced, and with one extra map (this one): So if you want to wait a bit, I think you'll have better material to play. In case you want to download the current version, the maps you didn't play are slots 2 and 7 :) (spoiler: map 07 is unfair. It's currently being rebalanced.)
  11. @Dragonfly here they are: Shadow of The Colossus textures: http://confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/SOTC.wad ICO textures: http://confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/ICO.wad Have fun!
  12. I googled Shadow of the Colossus textures and found this: https://youtu.be/QBzX_Q7xHic There's a download link and password at the description. There were also ICO textures at youtube in a video like this one, they fit well together. I've compiled one texture wad for each game, but they're a bit messy and don't include textures I didn't like. I can upload them, though.
  13. Shadow of The Colossus textures:
  14. Darch

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    I only used cheats to fool around killing stuff randomly, when GTA didn't exist yet. At my "serious" playthrough, I would save scum instead. Still savescumming twenty and so years later.
  15. I took a picture of these stair tiles as a reminder of why we should build stairs on grid:


    1. AD_79


      brb moving all my maps to the left by 8 units

  16. Thanks for that, rhinoduck!! We played this map when the server was back. Unfortunately, this map lags a bit in ZDoom related ports, even offline, don't know if there's something that can be done about it without drastically changing its open layout :P Now that I read your post again, I see that you weren't talking about weapon behavior at all. Well, I moved one firing sprite down a bit, so it will simulate some recoil. It feels better now IMO, thanks for the input.
  17. Thank you! I think current settings are ok, we could just update it when a new version is out. Heh nice Doomero, we were playing together. My nick is Arrrrch in ZDaemon. GG!! Added some more ammo at the begging of said map. I wanted players to keep moving instead of cleaning a "room" before moving to next (that's why there's few ammo around), but it can be pretty hard with that monster count and when you don't know exactly were ammo is. About the Tommy Gun, this (and all other weapons and enemies) are just sprite replacements, everything works with standard behavior. Thanks for the feedback!!
  18. Darch

    Your favorite secret type.

    I like jumping secrets, but automap doesn't.
  19. Great, rhino! We played it yesterday. Found some things to adjust in coop and Zdaemon, this helps a lot.
  20. Darch

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Let's not forget the bulky imp with a rocket launcher.
  21. Darch

    Doom Levels That Influenced You

    Cannonball's "Thy flesh turned into a draft-excluder", especially open non linear exploratory maps like E4M3.
  22. Darch

    Weirdest damaging floors

    Well, you had your answer the whole time. I was just stating that you description matched exactly a inescapable pit, not saying it was good design at all.
  23. Darch

    Weirdest damaging floors

    That would be basically a inescapable pit.
  24. Darch

    Weirdest damaging floors

    There was a map where you got harmed for standing too close of those stock marbfaces textures. The damaging sector was brighter and maybe there were some candles, I don't remember well.