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  1. Darch

    Mapping Dream Teams

    Hire Cannonball for gameplay. I was going to say Eternal visuals with Cannonball layouts and gameplay, but Ed's visuals serve as well. Also, Khorus layouts. You should make a megawad, Cannonball and Khorus for layouts and gameplay, Ed and Eternal for texturing and visuals.
  2. Darch

    Your favorite movie badass

    It's gotta be Tony Montana from Scarface. O won't post the chainsaw scene, though.
  3. Wow you are quick! Awesome thank you Ezepov!
  4. Wow the first mask is perfect, could you draw the other 3 rotations, as in my sprite reference? I think there's no need for a hat (although I loved the third one). Thank you very much!
  5. hehe thanks Ezepov, I´ve also tried black and red, but it felt a bit like a clown, especially with a coconut hat hehe (I´ve tried a hat, too). But thank you for the sprites!
  6. I did the classic 5 rotation, but if there was some asymmetrical mask that required full rotations, wouldn't be a problem to do it.
  7. Thanks, guys! Hey, could some graphic artist help me with one thing? I'm covering the zombies faces, but it didn't turn out very good. The concept was a sad white mask, but it looks a bit flat in game, and I couldn't rotate them properly. It's just these four frames: I don't know exactly what's wrong with them, if it's lack contrast, shadowing... Also, I couldn't draw the nose seen from the side, and it looks more like Jason when it turns around. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks!!!
  8. Although this is a quite simple task with scripting in Zdoom, I thought it was not possible to set a start "trigger" for music in PRBoom. But, recently, while playing Ancient Aliens with PRBoom, I noticed the music only starts after the intro section of the map. I opened it in Doombuilder, but didn't find any clues. Does anyone know how Skillsaw did it?
  9. Hey, long time no see! Thanks for the feedback, nice to see there is (was?) still some interest in this. After two unsuccessful new map attempts, I think this one might get somewhere. I don't have 1/10th of the time for dooming that I had some years ago, but I´m slowly getting back to it. Some screeshots of WIP map:
  10. Really liked the item balance, I've played the first 8 maps continuously and never got overstocked. In fact, I had very little ammo at the end of the maps, it almost felt like playing them from pistol start. Great mapset so far, very fun.
  11. Darch

    Favorite wall texture

  12. Darch


    Top quality material right here! - Arch
  13. Shadow of The Colossus Diablo II Bully Monkey Island Ghosts and Goblins Legend of Zelda Super Mario World Outlaws
  14. Darch

    Blocky Buildings as maps [Image heavy thread]

    yeah hanging gardens I've played this one too
  15. Thank you gaspe! Sorry I took so long to reply, I'm having very little free time lately, so unfortunately dooming had to be put aside last month. But I've watched all your demos, they were all well played and provided great feedback for every map. Today I was able to map again a little bit, I'm veeeery slooowly working on another map for this project. I really don't want to leave it unfinished, but free time is really tight now, hope to see your fdas again when it's done.
  16. Hey, thanks for the feedback! Your fdas are impressive, you make everything look easy. About map 04: I try to keep away a bit from the "grab key = trap" cliche, so sometimes a key will only be guarded by some monsters, without much punishment. But I understand it might feel a bit easy for a player like you, although I'm tuning this mapset way harder then anything I've done before. About the secret exit, I'm aware it can be seen in the automap, but din't know how to hide it properly. That's why there's no visible tips in the walls, it's locked by all keys and you have to find another secret to get back to that area. Now thinking of it, you weren't supposed to find it in your first play! heh About map 05: At the revenant trap, I think if a player is so observant to notice that, he can be rewarded with further knowledge of what's going to happen :) And the HellKnight horde, the idea was releasing a mass of high HP monsters that the player wouldn't be able to deal immediately, given the low ammo nature of the map, and they would slowly chase the player through the map. There's also a little puzzle element, you can lead them to some crushers nearby. I don't know if it worked well and I agree it could be better, at the end it feels more like "Oh, look, hellknights". I'll try to think of something. And I fixed all bugs you pointed! Thanks! @and Nerdturtle, thanks man, fixed that HOM, don't know how it remained unnoticed for so long!
  17. Never tried it, but maybe this will help: http://zdoom.org/wiki/NoiseAlert
  18. @Obsidian: check out if this alternative link works for you: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=81294136436081116720 @moudly: thank you as always for the feedback and fda!! @Gangrel: tx for the motivation! Please don't. Your feedback helped me to fix several things on that map. For example, I was trying to make as many starting spots as possible, which lead to unbalanced starts. I would have kept this bad concept to all subsequent maps, if no one warned me. So, please keep your honest criticism, I'm really ok with it.
  19. Darch

    Memfis new custom title is annoyink

    The magic is gone.
  20. I've just played Demonologists' map. I'll throw my considerations, in case it helps: - I didn't mind the spectres in the first room. By the commentaries above, I was expecting way more spectres, in a darker place. I thought it was just dark enough to spectres be invisible most times, but still visible at close range. It felt like you should be able to see them at this brightness level, but you actually can't, making the starting room quite unique IMO (at least I hadn't seen this before). This, combined with the music and the cemetery, provided some nice phantasmagorical feel. - Although I liked the spectres, I would remove at least one of the Arch Viles at this room. They made this fight too hard, compared to the rest of the map. Except for the last fight, the very beginning is the hardest moment. This inverse difficulty progression is something I think could be fixed. - The elevators to the Spidermastermind didn't look like elevators. Unless this texture is used all along the mapset, I would make it clearer that those pillars are lifts. This, plus the fact that there were blue door symbols in the first room, made me go back and try everything, press, shoot, until I IDDT'ed to see where the map continued. The secret right after the lifts actually looked more like something I should press then the main path. The Spidermastermind fight was pretty good. - After this, you must go back to the first room. It felt a bit pointless since there was only an Arch Vile there, the second time I played, it had resurrected two revenants, but that's it. I would add now those two Arch Viles, instead of putting them at the first fight. Then the second time you visit the room would be harder then the first, to avoid inverse difficulty progression, dare I say again. - The church entrance was a bit of a "camping at the door" fight, maybe it would be better if the whole wall opened, or you could use some monster teleporters, I don't know. I didn't try both entrances, but they had a similar layout, so I think it would happen at the other door, too. There was a funny moment when there were so many zombie corpses near the door, and the Arch vile was so delighted to raise them all, that it didn't bothered to attack me anymore. - Some rooms, especially the second one (the one with four doors), felt a bit like a square room with pillars, maybe too symmetrical. Although some layout sections were a bit flat, everything looked good, the detailing and texture combinations overall. I really liked the mood and the darkness of the level, especially at the outdoor areas. The music was very fitting. - I focused at the points that I thought could be improved, but I really liked the map and was compelled to beat it. The fights were good and even if I had to save scum a little at the last fight, I think it's fair for a MAP28 slot. Good work, Demonologist.
  21. Darch

    Memfis new custom title is annoyink

    His title is epic.
  22. Darch

    Full House (song lyrics question)

    A full house is when you have trips and a pair
  23. Hey, I listened the first seven tracks, nice songs. In the first two, I thought the drum beat was quite modern for the title vintage, but then I realized you meant 1993 vintage, not classical orchestra vintage as I was expecting. Still, I preferred the tracks without drums, although the drum sampler was pretty good, sounded more real then the ones I'm used to hear. I noticed the original Doom songs elements, like 12 bar blues progressions, staccato strings and such. Good work.
  24. Darch

    Ammunition in Hell?

    Hell is clearly another invention of the pharmaceutical and arms industries to sell more ammunition and medkits in order to obtain higher profits.