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Posts posted by Darch

  1. 22 hours ago, Broadsword Jim said:

    I'm still waiting for the final version.. How long will it take? It's been quite a while.

    I think it's ready, actually. Just doing some final tests. Will probably release this week. 


    42 minutes ago, Buffy said:

    Amazing midi soundtrack!

    But i noticed something is off with the volume dynamics if played with fluidsynth. It's in all midi's made by Darch. A good example is Map5; where the toms immediately go all over the place in volume. Interestingly everything sounds perfectly fine with other midi players.

    Otherwise 10/10 midi soundtrack.

    Thank you! The tracks I wrote were made specifically for their maps  :) 


    Which port are you using? I didn't hear this with fluidsynth in Dsda nor GZDoom (it sounded completely different on each port to me). In GZDoom, there was one loud tom then it goes back to normal. Probably something with the midi velocity or expression.   

    8 minutes ago, Raith138 said:

    It may be intentional but there is a misaligned texture on map 17 next to the blue key.

    Fixed, thank you! 

  2. On 5/9/2024 at 10:00 PM, Tony_Danza_the_boss said:

    This was a pleasure to play and surprise out of nowhere. Pirate Doom is probably my favorite mod of all time and happy to say this eclipsed it. Thank you for this Darch! 

    Glad you had fun, thank you!


    On 5/10/2024 at 6:37 AM, Sinael said:

    In the "Hell" map there were 4 Cacodemons in the castle towers that never activated, and could not be alerted from below so they just sat there doing nothing.

    Fixed, thanks

  3. 4 hours ago, SCF said:

    I'm only halfway through, but I'm having a great time so far! I don't know if it's already been reported, but I ran into a softlock on map 15. From one of the higher floors of temple, you can run off and make it to this plateau:


      Reveal hidden contents



    And from there, you can fall down behind the fence where the invuln is and get stuck.

    Fixed, thank you!

  4. 5 hours ago, Raith138 said:

    I just started playing and am really impressed so far. I should probably play Pirate Doom I after :)

    Will this get multiplayer compatibility?

    Thanks! In theory, it is already multiplayer compatible (coop). However, since it uses a lot of music changers and online ports don't really implement that feature, there will be a version without music changers for Zandronum and Odamex.


    5 hours ago, Broadsword Jim said:

    I am still waiting for the final version.. May I ask when it will be?

    I believe it will be ready next month!



  5. On 4/21/2024 at 12:31 PM, hazzmati said:


    I got one issue though: the sounds that the arachnatrons make are obnoxiously loud. They are overbearing and drown out every other noise in the game when they're around. It's so distracting it takes me out of the game.


    Could you maybe do something about them? Decrease the volume of their walking/idle noise or whatever it's not a pleasant experience.

    Yes, I've compared those sounds and some others with their default Doom counterparts, and they were indeed louder. I slightly compressed them so they'll sound a bit lower.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! Well, yeah, the fire staying on the floor is a feature, but it was kind of hacky to do so with Dehacked, and there's this side effect of looping itself sometimes. I don't know if there's a way to fix it. I asked for help in this thread years ago:


    ..and @holaareola came up with the code. It's been a while since he doesn't visit Doomworld, but maybe he can help if he sees this (or somebody with enough dehacked knowledge) 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Sikreci said:

    Just to be clear, I'm not trying to demand changes be made, I'm not trying to level accusations at anyone, or suggest anyone is a bad person, I'm not deeply personally offended by this. I just offered a criticism from my point of view. As the artist Darch can do whatever with that information. Ignore it, address it, take note for the future, whatever.


    Darch, if you specifically want to know more about my thoughts on the subject, I'm happy to answer, but otherwise I'd just as soon let the matter rest. This is a pretty complex subject and this isn't the place for a deep discussion on how racism and cultural appropriation in media affect our society or whatever.

    Agreed. Your point is valid, but there's no need to discuss it here. My opinion on the subject is the same as Plum's. Maybe he and I can discuss via PM what to do with these sprites.

  8. I prefer the green version, but nice edit @Gothic!! 

    29 minutes ago, plums said:

    It's nice but it does seem to lose a bit of colour depth, at least on that frame. But if you're OK with that, I like it, and it definitely seems more monstrous.

    (I edited my previous post for a cleaner gray variant btw.)


    @Darch maybe a little nicer? (sorry for black background)

    I like it! Even better if the horns could have its browns back, but I guess that would be a lot of work.

  9. 27 minutes ago, plums said:

    @Darch and @Sikreci, how do you feel about either of these? Helmet needs cleanup but that's not too hard. Left one has some green to keep the colour depth and make it look a bit more monstrous, right is all grey and cleaner.

    edit: still too much brown, going to take some more time to work on it, if people think it's an improvement





    Maybe something like this? 



  10. 1 hour ago, Sikreci said:


    I just want to lodge one complaint: the brown-skinned humanoid "cannibals" and "witch doctors" feel extremely Not Great. And using the Gatling Gun to gun them down by the dozens when the real Gatling Gun was historically used by colonial armies to slaughter and enslave the real human beings that these are caricatures of... that's a big oof. It definitely took the wind out of my sails in what is otherwise an absolutely amazing experience.

    Well, I'm sorry to hear that; this is meant to be a light and fun mod, and not to offend anyone. These monsters were based on characters from other games, like the Cannibals from Monkey Island 1 and The Fetishes and Shaman Fetishes from Diablo 2. The Gatling gun is included simply because it is an effective weapon against low-tier monsters, as is the shotgun. That said, I think I would made their skin color green or dark gray if I made it nowadays. But they were made for PD1 ten years ago, and changing their skin color would require remaking them from scratch, which is a lot of work. The Arch-Vile is the monster with the most frames, and just adding the skull helmet for PD2 took a huge amount of time. I tried remapping their colors in Slade, but it looked really bad. If there is someone more skilled than me interested in changing their colors, I wouldn't mind changing them. But I don't think anything in this mod should be taken too seriously, and they're not even human.

  11. Well, this is a wad on the easy side. Considering the theme and art style, I think it shouldn't be too hard. It will eventually get harder on EP03, and of course, you can pistol start or even use -fast or -coop monsters if it's too easy for you.


    I had unmarked many secrets because of the automap, but now they're marked again. The next version will have most of the secrets back. I got it, players want their secrets marked! By the way, you can find secret slot 5 weapons in the first half. But yeah, everything is presented slowly. My general rule was to introduce one new thing per map, be it a monster or a weapon. Although you can find new weapons and even new monsters in secrets before the map where they would be "officially" introduced.


    The barrel is just a graphical replacement, what was janky about it?

  12. 53 minutes ago, Sikreci said:

    Did you really work on this for the last 10 years? I assumed that you just meant it was 10 years since Pirate Doom 1, and that development on 2 started maybe a few years ago. Extra congratulations, if so, on finally making it to the end of a very long road!

    Thank you! But that's exactly what I meant; it's been 10 years since Pirate Doom 1. I started this around five years ago, but I really took my time; sometimes, I would go months without touching it. 

  13. Thanks for the feedback!



    Fixed the SpiderMastermind death sound, the unaligned texture, and the armor bonus of map 24.


    Everything else is meant to be as they are. I wasn't aware of this Helion port; I might give it a try later. However, those trees aren't floating in any of the other ports tested.


    Edit: I downloaded Helion and checked out that tree. I was able to fix it by adjusting some settings in Options > Render > Clip Max Height Percentage: I changed this value to 1, and the tree landed back on the floor.


    Regarding the secrets: all secrets that are revealed on the automap before they are actually found are unmarked. I think finding a secret shouldn't be as easy as identifying purple sectors on the automap. 


    Edit 2: That said, I think I can mark some of the secrets back by creating a sector around the item with invisible linedefs :P

    Working on it


  14. Lol I swear that was a coincidence, Cannonball! 


    3 hours ago, yukes.von.faust said:

    Glad to see this one bein' released (in beta form)!
    Will there be a possibility that you'll redo the first Pirate Doom (as a definitive edition using prboom as a base)?

    Well, PD2 is actually the Pirate Doom "prboom" version. It was even called Pirate Boom in the very beginning, then it had enough new content to be called Pirate Doom 2. Not that I was remaking PD1 maps; I thought it was less work to simply make new maps. Also, there are many design choices in PD1 that I would do differently today, such as some weapons and map layouts, so it was better to make a whole new set. However, many themes are revisited. For example:

    PD1 map41 - PD2 maps02 and 03

    PD1 map42 - PD2 map22

    PD1 map43 - PD2 map31


    And so on.


    Oh, and of course I found a wrong texture and 4 monsters that don't "awake" in MAP27 right after releasing this beta.