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  1. Hello, I made my texture as a PNG in gimp. I converted the image to the doom2 color palette with gimp also. Now I have a PNG and I just want to use it in a map. I tried importing my single PNG into slade but my mapping tool doesn't detect it when I add the wad as a resource. I saw this tutorial also: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=How-to-Import-Textures But that is not what I am trying to do. I'm not trying to import a texture from a texture pack, I'm trying to create a new texture from scratch. I tried adding markers PP_START and PP_END and importing my png in between those two, but no luck. I'm not sure why I can't find a basic tutorial on this. My mapping tool (eureka) definitely works, I can add texture packs from realm667 and they work fine. Thanks!
  2. Custom texture requests?

    I wonder if there are any projects to procedurally generate textures based on a style. (such as marble, tech, etc) Patch names over texture names, gotcha. I like the shading of those door textures, especially the last set. I haven't been doing any mapping recently though, due to finding a job finally haha, but I plan on continuing in the future. That's a cool idea for the blood. I've only been working on maps for vanilla doom, and I know in vanilla doom the set of animated textures is preset. I'm sure you could do something like this in zdoom, which I am just starting to get into now. For BSTONE, I would say add a few more frames perhaps? Finish with one where the blood has receded, but the tops of the rocks would still have some blood left on them.
  3. Who has made new monsters?

    So uh...the ultimate torment and torture is probably the coolest thing ever made.
  4. Who has made new monsters?

    Sounds like it's time to look at zdoom! Somewhat relevant: anyone have any problems with zdoom going really slow? (like 0.2 fps...) What's the renderer? I couldn't find a way to change it to OpenGL in the doc. ZdoomGL just doesn't load for me either. Any issues there? Legacy and doomsday both run great. Thanks to everyone so far!
  5. Who has made new monsters?

    So those monsters in Realm 667 have new AI behavior as well? They aren't just sprite replacements? Is it easy to integrate those monsters and anything else using DECORATE into Doom Builder? Is there a pack of new monsters, new weapons, new props and new textures that has been chosen by the community or a modder and has been accepted as like the next phase of classic doom and has at least one megawad made for it? Thanks!
  6. Who has made new monsters?

    I was wondering if anyone has modified the vanilla or chocolate source (or similar) to add new monsters with new AI to the game. New sprites, the whole deal. Cheers!
  7. Custom texture requests?

    Have you written any programs to procedurally generate textures at all? That might be cool. Also, I thought of some more ideas. 1. Marble of different colors, same way you did the brick of different colors 2. Doors of different widths, specifically 48, 80, 96, and 112. See SPCDOOR2 for example. It would also be cool to have doors that look similar to SPCDOOR2 but are a bit different. 3. Marble doors. Not sure how to show that a slab of marble is a door, but I think this is needed. Those kitchen textures look great!
  8. Texturing and Things questions

    Yeah those are good ideas! Thanks!! I might start by replacing those, then if I need more I could try Zdoom.
  9. Custom texture requests?

    Well all your stuff looks really good. You should try painting new content! Hmm, I wonder if we could find a high res 3d model of a wolf somewhere (but it would have to be GPLd) and use that Good point about the Spider mastermind. Maybe just a SUPER close up of just the face, that would be sufficiently terrifying lol. Could be good for a path leading up to a roof with like five of em . Maybe scale the sprites with hqx if needed. Do you do programming at all?
  10. Custom texture requests?

    Damn, those are sweet! Thanks!! Two things: 1. They should look more a bit more "pixelarty", if that makes sense. 2. They need to look more embossed or carved into the wall, take a look at MWALL5_1 for what I mean. For the Spider Mastermind, I was thinking the whole tile would be just a closeup of its face and brain, like an MWALL5_1. Also, these would suit your texturing style more: How about some various marble textures? Maybe different colors in the way you have done for metal and rock and such. Maybe some tiles of different colors and sizes, like DEM1_6 or DEM1_5? Maybe some more like WALL48_1 or MWALL1_1. I have been making some marble textures myself, which I will post here for folks to use at some point. (When I have something I am happy with!) You said are a technician rather than an artist, what did you mean by that? Also, seconded Pottus's idea.
  11. A few random questions...

    Good question! I've only really looked at vanilla/chocolate, legacy, and doomsday. (but just a bit) I would say at first glance, doomsday would be a good way to go. Honestly, the stuff you want is better suited for an engine like quake3/openarena or source, but I'm sure one of the source ports is capable of what you want. Doomsday is pretty cool because some folks made 3d models for the monsters, which might be good for location damage. Check out jHRP for that.
  12. Texturing and Things questions

    Wait, is decorate only for Zdoom? My target engine is vanilla/chocolate doom. I would like to be able to add new decorations without modifying the engine.
  13. Texturing and Things questions

    No big deal for the first two, just wondering how vanilla doom handled those things. Interesting engine limitations, but not without workarounds. (could just use a texture that has the bitmap offset if needed) For the last one, I will check out DECORATE. That looks promising, thanks!
  14. Custom texture requests?

    Ahh gotcha. No worries!
  15. Custom texture requests?

    Hell yeah. I have a few ideas. First of all, I would love to have a few more textures in the same vein as W102_1/2! More randomly spaced rips, more blood on everything, more recognizable organs hanging out, maybe shadows of faces or hands pushing out behind the skin. Just gnarly shit. More like W103_1/2 would be cool too. (btw, are the left and right edges of those textures incomplete?) Next, can you do a few more large marble faces? (MWALL4_1, etc) None of the three current faces are monsters in the game, but it would be cool to have a spider mastermind marble face for one. As for other faces, how about: *Grim reaper looking "face" where all you can see is the hood and the eyes, maybe a scythe in the background. *Evil wizard *Wolf faces in various stages of decay, maybe one with skin, one without skin, and one just a skeleton. *Human skull? It might look cool but maybe it doesn't fit the theme of a gnarly monster. It would also be sick to have MWALL4_1 that is just the goat face, including the rest of the horns, on marble, without the pentagram. Anyway, pick the ones you like the best :) Finally, lowest priority, but it would be cool to have more marble smaller face textures, such as WALL30_3. Maybe a goat or wolf face? Or a human skull with a pike through it? What is the license for your textures? Cheers!!