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  1. Let's say I'm using 30 different wads from the realm667 repo, all thing related. Does slade or deutex have an easy way to simply merge all these files? I would prefer that people who play my maps only have to include one file. Would prefer a command line option, which is why I mentioned deutex. Also...is it ok to use things from realm667 as long as credit is given in my map readme?
  2. foul_owl

    Hide doom 2 textures in slade?

    I'm trying to open some texture packs in slade with the texture editor, however, all the doom 2 texture definitions are getting in the way. I want to easily see what new textures a texture pack has. Is there a way to easily hide those doom 2 texture definitions temporarily? I know they have to be included for compatibility reasons but it would be very nice to hide them.
  3. foul_owl

    Transparent textures not tiling vertically?

    My apologies, I realize gzdoom is a port not a format. My target is vanilla but my maps only seem to run in gzdoom, they don't seem to load at all in chocolate, which I'm going to worry about later. I don't necessarily need to tile mid textures vertically on a double sided linedef, I was just wondering if that was the expected behavior. Thank you!
  4. foul_owl

    Transparent textures not tiling vertically?

    Using gzdoom right now. Other mid textures tile just fine vertically, on regular one sided walls, for example.
  5. For example, MIDBARS3. Double sided linedef, impassible. Front side tex is MIDBARS3, upper and lower are set to a brick texture. Back side is all "-" since it will never be seen. Tried all four combinations of upper/lower unpegged also. I can just design my maps so they never need to tile vertically, but seems like a shame since it certainly *could* tile vertically appearance-wise.
  6. foul_owl

    What engine should I target?

    What does the community appreciate more? Vanilla, limit removing, or zdoom compatible? Personally I do like the appeal of aiming for something vanilla or maybe limit removing compatible. However, there is a certain appeal to using an engine where you can rotate or translate flats. Is a certain engine target more popular or more appreciated?
  7. Let's say I have a few samples I created that are in wav format. (And I can convert it to whatever format is necessary) I want to add a new sound for a switch flipping, and a new sound for a door opening. Target engines are gzdoom and chocolate doom. Is this possible? How would I go about doing this? I've googled for awhile and I can't seem to find anything.
  8. Hello, I made my texture as a PNG in gimp. I converted the image to the doom2 color palette with gimp also. Now I have a PNG and I just want to use it in a map. I tried importing my single PNG into slade but my mapping tool doesn't detect it when I add the wad as a resource. I saw this tutorial also: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=How-to-Import-Textures But that is not what I am trying to do. I'm not trying to import a texture from a texture pack, I'm trying to create a new texture from scratch. I tried adding markers PP_START and PP_END and importing my png in between those two, but no luck. I'm not sure why I can't find a basic tutorial on this. My mapping tool (eureka) definitely works, I can add texture packs from realm667 and they work fine. Thanks!
  9. foul_owl

    Custom texture requests?

    I wonder if there are any projects to procedurally generate textures based on a style. (such as marble, tech, etc) Patch names over texture names, gotcha. I like the shading of those door textures, especially the last set. I haven't been doing any mapping recently though, due to finding a job finally haha, but I plan on continuing in the future. That's a cool idea for the blood. I've only been working on maps for vanilla doom, and I know in vanilla doom the set of animated textures is preset. I'm sure you could do something like this in zdoom, which I am just starting to get into now. For BSTONE, I would say add a few more frames perhaps? Finish with one where the blood has receded, but the tops of the rocks would still have some blood left on them.
  10. foul_owl

    Who has made new monsters?

    So uh...the ultimate torment and torture is probably the coolest thing ever made.
  11. foul_owl

    Who has made new monsters?

    Sounds like it's time to look at zdoom! Somewhat relevant: anyone have any problems with zdoom going really slow? (like 0.2 fps...) What's the renderer? I couldn't find a way to change it to OpenGL in the doc. ZdoomGL just doesn't load for me either. Any issues there? Legacy and doomsday both run great. Thanks to everyone so far!
  12. foul_owl

    Who has made new monsters?

    So those monsters in Realm 667 have new AI behavior as well? They aren't just sprite replacements? Is it easy to integrate those monsters and anything else using DECORATE into Doom Builder? Is there a pack of new monsters, new weapons, new props and new textures that has been chosen by the community or a modder and has been accepted as like the next phase of classic doom and has at least one megawad made for it? Thanks!
  13. foul_owl

    Who has made new monsters?

    I was wondering if anyone has modified the vanilla or chocolate source (or similar) to add new monsters with new AI to the game. New sprites, the whole deal. Cheers!
  14. foul_owl

    Custom texture requests?

    Have you written any programs to procedurally generate textures at all? That might be cool. Also, I thought of some more ideas. 1. Marble of different colors, same way you did the brick of different colors 2. Doors of different widths, specifically 48, 80, 96, and 112. See SPCDOOR2 for example. It would also be cool to have doors that look similar to SPCDOOR2 but are a bit different. 3. Marble doors. Not sure how to show that a slab of marble is a door, but I think this is needed. Those kitchen textures look great!
  15. foul_owl

    Texturing and Things questions

    Yeah those are good ideas! Thanks!! I might start by replacing those, then if I need more I could try Zdoom.