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  1. Welcome. This project's aim was to create maps solely on the 64 units grid (or bigger, smaller wasn't allowed). It took nearly 2 years to complete the project and get it to reach a state, where I can surely say that it's ready for a release. The mappers did a great job, some of them even helped in compiling the project. Credits, download down below. If anyone still finds any bugs or spots a vertex which is not on the grid, please report it here. By the time of this writing, most of them should be fixed, though. Maps: ------- TECH ------- MAP01: Retrofit by Royal_Sir MAP02: Pillar64 by Cyanide MAP03: Overgrowth by Nevander MAP04: Stiff by Tactical_Stiffy MAP05: Europa Facility by Voltcom9 MAP06: Phantasm by FractalXX MAP07: Middleway by joe_ilya MAP08: Pinball by sudo459 MAP09: Survive! by Deadwing ----- STONE/MISC ----- MAP10: The Lost Tower by walter confalonieri MAP11: Old Town by Cyberia-mix MAP12: Nazi-Festung by GregLafitte MAP13: Marble Backlash by SassyPaddy MAP14: GothRock by Pinchy MAP15: Sheev Wheej by Pinchy MAP16: Castle of Atlantis by Ninehills42 ------- HELL ------- MAP17: Hellkeep by Empyre MAP18: Crimson Castle by TheNerdTurtle MAP19: Blood Lake Penitentiary by bioshockfan90 MAP20: IN PROGRESS by BeeWen MAP21: Through & Around by The_SloVinator MAP22: Trials of Iniquity by Nevander MAP23: Blood Cathedral by doom2day MAP24: Temple of Despair by Martian Doomer MAP25: Exit Wound by BeeWen MAP26: Bladerunner by BeeWen MAP27: 64 ways 2 die by Saint_Guy MAP28: Tower of Hope by Ninehills42 MAP29: The show most go on by Ninehills42 MAP30: The Master by Beed28 MAP31: Monochrome Mood by Xabika2202 MAP32: Dinosaur Foot by Martian Doomer Dehacked patch: Beed28 CWILV graphics: Nevander, BeeWen, FractalXX (changes only) Textures: The Community Chest 4 team HUD: FractalXX Menu graphics: FractalXX Testing: The whole team Changelog: idgames link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/gridlk Cheers.
  2. Although I hate to necro, but it's relevant to the project. The wad is now available on idgames. I uploaded it when I left years ago, but then I realized it was not accepted because of the long filename. It also includes the fix for a bug mentioned a couple posts above. It was only a tag issue. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the project and sorry for the necro.
  3. Nice playlist there. I'll watch your playthrough of my map later. I'll try to get this up on /idgames after I look into the bug mentioned above. Thanks for the notification.
  4. I didn't send it yet because I'm waiting for feedback in case I left out someone/something from the description. Also, even when I send it, it'll take a while until it finally appears on the archives.
  5. As of now, the compilation is considered released. Edited the OP, added a text file for the /idgames submission later. I'd like everyone to check the text if anything's missing or I forgot to mention someone.
  6. I'd officially announce it, if the project was discontinued. It's not. I'm still here, even though my free time is just a few. Actually, I was waiting if anyone wants to change anything in their maps, or if there was anything that had to be fixed. I think it's time to release the project, officially.
  7. I'll update that, soon. I saw that, I just didn't have time to open up GZDB, yet. I'll fix that soon and thanks for the reminder. @Xabika2202: Thanks for the notification.
  8. Alright guys, I've done every fix that was mentioned (and which I've noticed), v4 is up. Added nojump, nocrouch to MAPINFO. Everyone should check their maps and see if there's any problem. Notify me if something's wrong.
  9. I'll add that to the MAPINFO and will also check the vertices.
  10. Nice! I'll update the wad until the weekend (hopefully).
  11. Of course, go ahead. Just keep in mind that it has to have a hellish theme to fit in the slot.
  12. Very well. I'll remove the map, then. In that case, we have to make a new map for that slot. Anyone?
  13. So, may I fix the problem myself? Or would you not like us to include the map at all?
  14. Alright then. Now, it seems every scheduled fix is done, except for Careless Infection's rogue vertices. If everything goes alright, the next update will be a "first release". @Gustavo6046 should fix it and we're good to go.
  15. Included. Also, should I change your name in the WAD to your current forum display name? You're named differently in the project. Fixed the skies.
  16. Sadly, I couldn't find any midis for it. However, if you find a good midi for your level, I'll include it.
  17. You mean that MAP09 should have sky1 and MAP08 should have sky2, right? I used Zandronum because it was pretty easy to take screenshots in its spectator mode. You can also shoot through the windows in Retrofit. That's because Boom's translucent line special won't make it block everything. Also, Boom doesn't have this flag (Block Everything), just Impassable and Block Monsters. I'll look into that, although I haven't found anything, yet.
  18. I would do that if it would be that simple. MP3/OGG to MIDI conversion can't be done directly. Although there are tools for that, they produce horrible midis that wouldn't even be similar to the original song. Playing it (or, should I say, remake it in MIDI) would be better but I'm not a musician, sadly. What's the title of the song? Maybe I could get an original MIDI for it. Meanwhile, new titlepic. It contains levelshots for all maps in the wad. The two secret maps will also pop up in place of the credits screen, in the 64 by 64 blocks. EDIT: V3.1 is up. Cleaned up the wad a little bit, especially MAPINFO. I also fixed the duplicate DEHACKED lump problem. Changes regarding MAPINFO: Since it's not going to be a zDoom specific wad, we won't need any zDoom features, just the basics which have to be included for it to run in zDoom properly. (removed unnecessary attributes) Made map definitions consistent. Added a little green shade to the HUD as it was a little bit monochromatic. New title/intermission screens with screens from all levels. Updated maps, especially mine. Considered Cyberia-mix's suggestions about the last room and the yellow key being unnecessary at the end (I don't even know why I did this, honestly).
  19. Thanks about the songs. :) Actually, I might change the font on the HUD as I had problems with the scale. The font size is basically the same as it is on the vanilla HUD but it scales differently for some reason. I guess I'll never be satisfied with the title screens. :D Will change them too. The Interpic has to be changed as well. The CWILVs weren't made by me, so they will have to be updated by the authors. I totally forgot about the cluster attribute, I'll fix it soon. I didn't know about the duplicate DEHACKED. Mainly because I use SLADE3 and it only shows the new one for me. To be honest I don't really like XWE. About the songs: idgames has a rule that copyrighted MP3s and OGGs can't be included. This rule doesn't apply for MIDIs, or any format that's based on that + impulse tracker songs are also allowed, but in any port below zDoom (compatibility, or feature-wise) only MIDIs/MUSs can be played. I'll include it.
  20. Included. Thanks. EDIT: I also changed Overgrowth's sky to sky1, since it would use that anyway in prBoom and we shouldn't include any Doom textures in the wad, so we can't use UD_SKY1.
  21. Nice. I'll include it in the next update. EDIT: I looked at it. I guess the link is wrong, since the rogue vertices are all still there.
  22. In the meantime, V3 is out. It's only testing now (hopefully) + fixing rogue vertices.
  23. New HUD and other graphics are coming in V3.