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  1. Spirit

    Germany mirror is hacked or something?

    Sorry looks like the cronjob was eaten by a grue and I did not notice. Syncing right now. In the future, just mail me. Saw this by pure luck. ;) The 404 page was make in 2015 btw.
  2. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    If you are interested, you can watch the items going up in https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"atomicgamer"&sort=-publicdate
  3. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Yeah in a way D: Reboot for restoring gbit connection turned into total disaster and now I am stuck with trying to configure grub and mdadm with only "server is not responsing to ping" and "rescue image booted" as diagnosis... :( I do have backups but now I need a new server unless I can figure this poop out.
  4. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Btw, this forum uses "Nobody <nobody@metroplex.tel<nospam>gged.com>" for outgoing mail (reply notifications), don't forget about that. You should easily be able to run Doomworld and all associated sites from donations, I have been doing focused yearly hosting fund donation runs for Quaddicted the past 2 or 3 years and always got much more than needed. Doomworld has a much bigger community, so you gonna swim in money. ;) Mirroring the files is in progress, sadly very slowly.
  5. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    You can list TAR contents on archive.org by adding a trailing slash: https://archive.org/download/doomworld/doomworld.tar/ Thanks to their great support, I will be get *all* the files from Atomicgamer archived. I will try to do that as soon as possible. I might need to rent a beefy server for a month but I would just take those ~50€ (if lucky) from the Quaddicted hosting fund, I am sure the donators would support that. :)
  6. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Thanks for posting, Brian! That is reassuring to hear. I've got interim hosting ready to migrate files into archive.org, whenever you are ready. :)
  7. Spirit

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Is there a deadline? I should be able to grab the files from atomicgamer, at least the old ones until size becomes a problem. edit: July apparently, jesus... If you are interested in helping archive files etc, come join #atomicgamer on EFNet, we'll try to figure something out. If you know about sites shutting down, please always think of Archiveteam (#archiveteam on EFNet) or me (mynick @quaddicted.com). We care and we will work on preservation.
  8. Spirit

    Where are the Planetdoom forums?

    Hi there! I simply mirrored the forums with wget so the structure is the same as it was originally except for ".html" at the end. Eg http://gamespy-archives.quaddicted.com/forums/planetdoom/forums.gamespy.com/fan_fiction/b49537/p1.html is page 1 of the fan fiction forum. http://gamespy-archives.quaddicted.com/forums/planetdoom/forums.gamespy.com/fan_fiction/b49537/7593027/p13/index.html is page 13 of some random thread with the id 7593027. Apart from that I have no idea how it all works but I should have gotten almost everything archived. You can find 7z files in http://gamespy-archives.quaddicted.com/111archives/7z/ , those are easier to search through if you are looking for specific strings. Google is busy indexing my mirror but it will be quite a while until it is done. I would love to have a better interface but I have no time. I am also currently working on archiving all ~10TB of Fileplanet. :)
  9. Spirit

    A Doom equivalent to Quake Injector

    Nice! I always wanted to make an API for Quaddicted, ok if I copy some of your scheme? I will only make that get request I think. Allowing the Quake Injector to actually post comments and ratings is long on my wishlist, but I have not fully thought through how one would design the API for that on the remote server. Thanks for the Injector love. :) We envisioned it to be rather easy to make it support other games too but sadly the coder has not much time nowadays (and I am way too dumb to work on it myself). It would be extremely easy to just fork it for Doom/Quake games though, at least if Doom wads are packaged and installed and launched similarly. You guys have the benefit of having idgames being the one and only and stricly moderated repository for content. With Quake there was a gap when idgames2 "died" and people released their stuff all over the place, packaging their files in the worst ways imaginable.