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  1. eggmatters

    Map 10 Start - Level Editors?

    I'm beginning map 10 - at the very first room. The main door will not activate or open and there doesn't appear to be any switch that activates it. So, my question is: When I read forums concerning investigating map glitches, folks often refer to using level editors. Is there a package to install one or is it included in prBoom? I'm using prBoom v2.5.0 (Debian package)
  2. eggmatters

    Level 8 Armor grab

    Thanks for that. I vaguely recall making jumps like that in Doom1 and 2, but not being quite so difficult. Maybe I had more patience back then.
  3. eggmatters

    Level 8 Armor grab

    Hello there, Not sure if I'm just out of it or if this is another door shuts too fast delay. In level 8, there is a room - right before the 4 color key switches hallway. It has an obvious alcove that when touched, opens up to reveal an armor vest. It is raised up and you can't just grab it however. I've tried running along one of the upper ledges to the door; opening the door and then trying to make the jump from the ledge (auto-run is on). I've looked all over for some other switch or ledge but am coming up blank? Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? Thanks!