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  1. That's how MONK03 looked, only yellow. The color of the bricks here does tend to make that a bit more visible though.
  2. Some new textures I made using MONK01.
  3. No, I find it amusing when I'm about to kill a cyberdemon, only for an imp behind it to finish him off. Bonus points for when the rocket that was supposed to finish him off hits the imp instead.
  4. Ichor

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It could use a few torches or lanterns or some other lighting.
  5. Ichor

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I think option 2 might be your best bet, assuming it even works at all. It would under normal circumstances, but this here is hardly normal, heh.
  6. Ichor

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    There are other ways to remove the fake contrast. 1. Use EvenLighting for that map in your mapinfo text, though that will be for the whole map. If you only want it for just a specific spot, then... 2. For every darkened wall, add a very thin sector in front of it and make it a little brighter to compensate. Vice versa for lighter walls. 3. If you split a linedef and move that midpoint vertex a single pixel, it will eliminate fake contrast, and moving it a single pixel shouldn't affect the looks of the structure or even any texture alignments.
  7. You need to look for the GZDoom Builder configuration file (there are several, so you'll need to find the one you use for mapping). Open it up and then you can add the items you want. Once you restart GZDoom Builder, it should be in there if it was done correctly.
  8. Ichor

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I can see this working here. Presumably, it's for vanilla Heretic with no new textures or flats, so his options are quite limited. Also, using text for sectors can create a massive visplane issue unless it's used in a small space like it's done here. As for the text itself, I think what Memphis sees as odd is the 'r' and 'A'. Considering the font he's trying to use here (sort of looks like a digital readout actually, nothing wrong with that given the space he's working with), the capital R and capital A would look so much alike that he has to use a lower case r. Or he could just cut out the "YOUr FATE" altogether, which would probably look better, and it would still get the message across.
  9. Ichor

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Daft: Doom done in a blaxploitation action-comedy from the early 70s, with all the cheesy music and language from that era.
  10. If we're talking about convection, then have fun trying to explain the Ice Grotto.
  11. At least in my shot, those thin floors are held up by the brown pillars.
  12. Ichor

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    You know, when I first saw the OP, the first thing that immediately came to mind was Doom: Rampage Edition (the original, not the scaled down version). That is everything the OP was talking about and worse.
  13. Ichor

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    Or repeatedly trying to select the super shotgun when you're out of shells, but you have 600 cells, 400 bullets, and 100 rockets.