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  1. I wonder if Phasma really is dead. We only saw the fall into the fire, but she still had a lot of armor on at the time.
  2. How an Apple II loads a map on Doom Builder.
  3. Those three bosses aren't that hard to beat in single player, but in cooperative (i.e. that video), they have 5 times the health. Have fun with Traductus and his 4,000 HP. Funny thing is, Korax is still the same health in single or multiplayer. You'd think his health would get bumped up to 20,000 or something for cooperative, but nope.
  4. Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Well I think so, Lard, but wouldn't Archie be a bit annoyed if we dressed up like marines for the surprise party tonight?
  5. I can see it now... A new Hallmark Channel made-for-TV-movie about a slovenly mancubus and a neat-freak hell knight trying to live together in a monster closet while waiting for Doomguy to walk on by. It will be called: Doom 2 - The Wad Couple
  6. Oh wait, Heretic doesn't have that glass by default. I suppose you could use that ice from the previous picture.
  7. Yeah, that does look better. Also, as CWolf said, maybe some glass spots on the ceiling would be nice. Perhaps two to a rectangle, one on each side.
  8. I think that pattern works better without the sky.
  9. Good movie, but this one thing bothered me:
  10. Either that or a waffle house.
  11. I'll have a Big Whoppernatorito Supreme with extra tartar sauce.
  12. You said the latest date is 24-12-1996 (or December 24, 1996), which means that it's been changed somehow.
  13. "Player stood in awe of the majestic blue key."
  14. We don't give out full copies of Doom 2. Maybe try this patch which is for 29-8-1994 or 20-9-1994.