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  1. There was a legend where on a specific day (February 29th, during a lunar eclipse) if you sacrificed a live penguin to the cow god Moolor while watching Reefer Madness, you would gain control of all bovines throughout the world. Cows, buffalo, yak, etc., which will help you take over the world...or open the best restaurant in Stuttgart. But little do they realize that there's something else deep below the pyramid, something really, really big and powerful, and that sacrifice will awaken it. Though it's mostly because it's trying to sleep, and the constant blood dripping on its head is extremely annoying.
  2. Ben-Hur...not that one....not that one either, which was just plain rubbish. No, the one I saw was the original silent movie from 1925. It was quite good, with the movie more or less the same plot as the 1959 one. It's also not nearly as long (2 hours, 23 minutes, which is still rather long). The movie seemed to have three visual modes, depending on the scene location: black and white for most of the movie, sepia at the beginning during the Hur house scenes, and full color for much of the opulent Roman scenes. The chariot race was good too, and no fancy Roman spy-chariot wheel blades. It didn't win any Oscars though, mostly because they didn't exist at that time, but I'd say it's as much of a classic of those days as Metropolis or Phantom of the Opera.
  3. Spent half the day trying to get a special graphics effect to disappear once an enemy dies a certain way (otherwise, it would hang around for several seconds over a corpse or pile of ice shards). Oh what fun...

  4. Hooray, an update after all this time. Real life and all that...
  5. Or maybe alt-fire could be giving them a bottle to get them drunk too.
  6. I just managed to get back into my old Youtube channel after about 5 years.

  7. Somehow, I expected that, but I wanted to say something just in case. At least the last hub doesn't have any bugs like that. And speaking of Hexen, maybe do Deathkings (the expansion) sometime? It's a bit harder in places, with lots of enemies spawning every few minutes. The last map (if you can call it that) is kind of anti-climactic though.
  8. When you get to the last part of the Gibbet (behind the axe key door), be very careful there. There's a well known glitch about that room. Since you're playing on skill 4, make sure to kill one chaos serpent, leaving three behind, and wait until the side doors open. Otherwise, you will be stuck there.
  9. How about this delicious looking choco caco?
  10. After looking at Saturnine Chapel in an editor, it turns out that this is the case. First time I noticed this was even a thing was way back when I played Memento Mori 2 on map 20.
  11. That's the one. At least there wasn't any of this in Portal of Praevus. That prayer wheel puzzle was a minor nuisance though, but at least that one had a set pattern that I could write down and use later when I need it. In the floor puzzle, you walk through what you think are the right tiles and...POOF! You're back in that courtyard and you have to do it again. Oh yeah, I seem to remember a hidden boots of speed somewhere under that puzzle.
  12. Same here. They seemed to have some kind of "spider armor" or whatever that made them tougher than the golems in some areas. But what really did it was that...ONE...PUZZLE! You know which one.
  13. You know the garlic bread is good when you can taste the garlic 2 days later.

  14. Hexenworld wasn't like Doomworld. Just a news site with no forum and a single page of short comments that passed as some kind of messageboard (this was the 90s after all). Instead, Hexenworld was actually an offshoot of Quakeworld, which allowed people with potatoes for modems to actually play Quake in multiplayer. Hexenworld was the same way, though Hexen 2's multiplayer was far more barren than Quake's.
  15. I remember that, though it was almost all about Hexen 2 and it didn't last very long.