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  1. First time is a coincidence. Second time is suspect. If it happens a third time...
  2. How about if the maps are like the usual 1024x1024 size, but the playable area is the 2048x2048 region outside of it? Like a bit donut or something.
  3. Fidget Spinner Simulator: Covfefe Edition
  4. Another one (though it might not qualify as "original" here) is TNT map 31. There is no yellow key, so it's impossible to finish normally. However, I have seen it done without any keys used. Also, in map 12, there is a yellow key and a blue key. However, when you make your way through the yellow key door and the last area, the same door is a red key door going out. This means that once you go in, there's no way out. Fortunately, the map exit is in there, but still...if you wanted to go back and pick up some ammo or stuff right before you leave the map, you're out of luck.
  5. #1. 2 - Long, drawn out switch hunts are never fun. #2. 1 - This could go either way, though it's leaning to 1. I don't really like big jumping puzzles, and I could tolerate bad textures, as long as it's not Terry-bad. #3. 2 - If I forgot to save and I die at the end, it's my fault. If I die 100 times in the same spot, it's the map's fault. #4. 2 - Neither sound very appealing, but 10 arch-viles with no cover, while not very fun, will be over with quickly. 3,000 of anything in a maze would get tedious quickly. #5. 2 - Eventually 1 would end up like #4. And then it gets worse. 2 is better, but even this can be irritating if it's done wrong.
  6. y is your reputation so terrible

    1. KVELLER


      He is an administrator, and he lowered his own rep to -666 (from what I've been told).


      I don't know how or why it ended up being less than that, though.

    2. MrGlide


      It Looks like (this is speculation btw) That when he receives likes he gets negative rep instead of positive rep. Apply that after his -666 rep and It looks to be right.

  7. I guess even demons go to the Honeycomb Hideout.
  8. Speaking of ROTT, I seem to remember that you can shoot some of the food (monk meal for one) to "cook" it and it would give a bigger boost. On the opposite side, if you shoot the food in Gauntlet, the only boost it would provide is in tempers from the other players as the food vaporizes. Just imagine if you have 7% health left, and the two medikits nearby get destroyed because of an errant super shotgun blast.
  9. Sprites are typically set up like this ????X# or ????X# ???? = the sprite name, such as POSS for zombieman X is the frame it uses in the animations. For instance, zombieman uses A, B, C, D. E and F is for the firing animation. G is pain, and H to U are the two death animations. # is the angle. 1 is straight ahead, and it rotates around clockwise until 8, which is diagonal facing right. If it's X#X#, than it's usually mirroring the sprite. So that A2A8 means it will use the same sprite for angle 2 as well as angle 8. If it's 0, then it will be the same for all angles. Typically items and decorations use 0, as well as death animations.
  10. I picked up Frank the health bottle one too many times.
  11. And soon it will be drooping, depressed rhombus.
  12. This is probably why it was changed in Hexen 2 so it gives more than the max amount, though even then I don't use them often. Mostly because the more mystic urns you use and the higher your health becomes, the faster it ticks down to the normal max.
  13. I know how that is. It would go something like this: I'm running around fighting cybderdemons, kind of sad that I'm stuck with this totally overrated and not at all useful BFG9000, when I could be using a shotgun or something. Anyway, I'm just about to fire off the shot that would finish him off, pick up the majestic blue key, and get out of the level...when suddenly the screen turns red and I'm using fists. Then the screen turns bright red as I get a rocket in the ear. GAME OVER
  14. I usually use SLumpEd for things like adding sounds, sprites, textures, etc. to pk3 files. However, Slade is another good one that I've used sometimes, which does basically the same thing and it continues where SLumpEd left off after being discontinued from development.
  15. Unavoidable medikits when I have 99% health.