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  1. > takes a packet of Diablo Taco Bell sauce


    > upon opening, sauce squirts directly in the eye

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The mysterious red eye, I reckon.


      I hope it didn't hurt too bad.

    2. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      The Healer Stalks begins to play.

    3. Ichor


      A brief pain, much like when shampoo gets in the eye.


      The label said "Watch This".

    4. leodoom85


      cue the "Getting Too Tense" track...

    5. YukiRaven


      At least you didn't get ghost chili in your eye.  Ask me how that feels...

  2. I thought I'd take that black torch in the 667 site and make a few changes to it.
  3. Maybe for one of them (maybe as a secret), add a sprite and do something like this:
  4. And overdoing it on the red sunscreen.
  5. This one is a little different because the General was a female for most of the regenerations. It wasn't until this past one (the one we saw starting with Day of the Doctor) where it was a male, and in Hell Bent, he just changed back to a female. This also means that we could see old Time Lords come back in any form, like the Rani or Romana as a male. It would also make leaking such things a lot harder. I mean, when Missy first revealed herself as the Master, it was a tremendous shock and a total surprise akin to "I am your father". People kept thinking that it was going to be the Rani, but nope.
  6. For that last part, if you aren't using UDMF, another option is to try creating a compacted version of the texture you're using so that when it does stretch out, it will be reasonably close to what you want. Or just use a different texture that doesn't look too bad when stretched..
  7. So in the end, Doom 2 is really just a suicide mission.
  8. Good news: I adjusted the Heretic/Hexen font to be fixed width.


    Bad news: Spaces aren't.



  9. A few episodes from the first and secod Doctors are lost, yes, but everything from the third onward is still available in some way.
  10. It isn't quite like that. For the most part, he can't choose what he looks like after a regeneration (with a few exceptions of course). Also, male->female regenerations have been done before, just not with the Doctor until now (never mind Curse of Fatal Death). The Master being the most notable one. Also, female->male, just not on screen.
  11. I really hope this doesn't turn into another Ghostbusters disaster.
  12. DCK for me. Too bad it doesn't work in Windows of any version after 3.1. It had a few features that even GZDoom Builder doesn't have (that I know of). CTRL+N would "normalize" the linedef, or instantly remove the line special, which is nifty. It didn't have an auto-align that I knew of (or maybe I never used it), but I do remember it having an auto-unalign, which removed all alignments for the line. It also shows what lines block monsters (dark green) and what lines block sounds (dark red). The biggest downside is the roudnly 8,000 linedef limit on the maps. Also this: And then there's Wintex. I used this extensively up until I upgraded to Windows 7. Then it no longer works because of compatibility issues.