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  1. Ichor

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    I like pineapple on pizza. The citrus-like flavor goes well with the tomato and cheese, much like lime goes with mexican and lemon goes with seafood.
  2. Everything was like a silent movie and we all had top hats and handlebar mustaches and we were having our tea and crumpets while playing sepia colored Doom with our pinkies up.
  3. Ichor

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDUUDDLRLRBA - 29 Doomguys show up right around you, moving as you move and shooting as you shoot. Only down side is that because there are now 30 of you standing around in a small group, you can't see in front of you very well.
  4. Ichor

    Any Hexen or Heretic wads you'd recommend?

    The third hub of the GZDoom version is finished, and it plays a whole lot better than that mess.
  5. Ichor

    Any Hexen or Heretic wads you'd recommend?

    Funny that you mention Carnage Galore 1 and 2, but not 3.
  6. Ichor

    What is doom guy's real name?

    Mr. Guy, first name Doom.
  7. Might be a bit tough to beat in a smiling contest. 5/10
  8. What you see:



    What I see:



    So much spam, all hidden away...

    1. BluePineapple72



      Your hands look like this                                            So ours can look like this

  9. heh



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ichor


      It has been happening nonstop for the past couple of days.

    3. RonLivingston
    4. Ichor


      Massive influx of spambots. People are reporting on them and after a few reports, it gets automatically hidden and a notification and email get sent out. Out of those 173, only 5 or so weren't from Doomworld.

  10. We're all stationary, but the entire universe moves in the opposite direction as we walk around.
  11. The Icon of Sin's mother. 1/10, but increasing with every few monsters spawned.
  12. 1/10 might poke your own eye out with that hair
  13. Looks like Starbucks got an upgrade. 8/10 for my wallet.
  14. 2/10 might poke someone's eye out with that hair