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  1. Making new rooms, especially in the beginning. It might not be so bad if it's a cave type map and you have a lot more freedom as to how to make the areas, but those castle or other structured maps can be a chore. I'd rather not make any more maps with a bunch of squarish "open door, shoot monsters, pick up stuff, leave" type of rooms. Once a decent portion of the map is done along with the general theme, it gets easier to come up with ideas, but it's always the beginning that seems to take forever to figure out. You really can't do anything once the first areas are done, so the whle map progress suffers.
  2. Or secrets in general that get closed off if you don't reach it in time (map 27). Also, secrets that open and close exactly once (BFG secret in 1monster map 20).
  3. That moment when you're running down a narrow corridor trying to escape the dozen or so revenant rockets hot on your tail, and you try to run into a room where you'll have more space to dodge the rockets and lead them into a wall, only to be blocked by a couple of lost souls making out 500 units up.
  4. I somehow came across this old thing last night. I had no idea I even had it. HEHTHRED.ZIP
  5. I guess I was thinking of the other kind of portals, the kind in Hexen that exits the map.
  6. Odd. That should have worked. How about using lines set out a bit from the actual wall and have that as the exit rather than the wall with the portal? When the polyobject rotates, the lines also change destinations to match it.
  7. There's also map E4M1 of Heretic.
  8. You could try making the portal activate by bumping into the line instead of crossing it.
  9. It looks a bit like E4M6 or E4M8. Also, it looks like you need a 486.
  10. Nothing ruins a Friday quicker than waking up and realizing that it's only Wednesday.

  11. It did, but they were all shipped off to a...better place. Only the OP remains.
  12. You're not the first person to have this happen. Here is an old thread about this very thing. Though it would be good if you did update to GZDoom Builder.