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  1. Next Doom game: Happy Yummy Doom Z - Tagartsu, an ordinary 15 year old schoolgirl, but a marine in her former life has just discovered a 150 foot long sword in a package that was meant to be delivered to a house down the street. She calls it the Corpsickle of Friendship and uses it to defeat demons using the power of "rub" while a poorly made midi plays in the background.
  2. He looks like he'll fly back about fifty feet every time he fires that thing.
  3. Try those same maps with this.
  4. For anyone who has played Geometry Dash, think of a slaughtermap as a particularly long and hard level. One mistake and you're dead. That's obvious enough, but in Geometry Dash, you have to do a set pattern at the precise moment or you die. Now, let's say after a dozen tries, you made it halfway through the level and you died. You think you know how to get by it, but first you need to get back to that spot. Many times, you end up dying in places that gave you trouble earlier. By the time you get back to that halfway mark (maybe 10 minutes later), you forgot what you wanted to do, and you end up dying in the same exact manner. A couple of tries later and you do make it past the halfway mark...only to die at the 55% mark. Repeat the process until you reach the 75% mark. After about a hundred tries, you become too frustrated to continue (a broken controller lies on the floor, next to another one that you threw about 15 minutes prior). A Doom slaughtermap is much the same way, except for a few differences: 1. You can save, but that's not always a guarantee, especially if a rocket is 10 feet from the back of your head as you save. 2. The maps are usually a whole lot bigger, and it can take upwards of a half hour to get back to the same place you were when you died (assuming you aren't saving). 3. There's a random element in Doom slaughtermaps. What might leave you with 15% health one time might finish you off the next time. What strategy you might try might work one time, but not the next time because of a stray fireball. Also, monsters likely will not follow the same path or do the same thing next time around. For maps that use infighting, if those monsters don't infight, well... Put all these things together and the rage level will go through the roof. And many people just don't want to go through the hassle and aggravation of trying to complete a slaughtermap. They may try it, but after dying after about 5 minutes for the fourth time, they just quit and delete the wad. Though, of course, there are those that do it just for that very reason. Maybe they think it's fun. Maybe they enjoy the punishment. Whatever the reason, different people like different types of maps. Some people like the slower paced maps. Some like the super crazy fast maps. Some might even play a slaughtermap on Nightmare (good luck with that one).
  5. Use SXF_NOCHECKPOSITION in A_SpawnItemEx as well. Right now, this thing is trying to spawn, but you're in the way. That flag there will make sure it spawns regardless.
  6. Decisions...
  7. Closets can be used to store items as well, and even open up secrets. Doom episode 1 did this a lot.
  8. Tried an experiment. Didn't go well, but I kind of expected how it would turn out. I just wanted to try it.


    Anyway, imagine if you had a projectile weapon that uses 2 of something. Now, imagine that same weapon doing half the damage, but only using 1 of the something instead of 2. But with the same fire rate. How would you like that? Me? I didn't, especially in faster paced maps where you want something dead sooner, so I changed it back to the way it way it was.

    1. KVELLER


      Maybe it'd be interesting to have both options available so you can choose how to proceed depending on the enemies in front of you.

  9. Dr. Wheelo (Abridged version)
  10. Maybe make that a fountain (not the cheesy ZDoom effects kind). Maybe add a 64x64 square with a blood-flowing-from-a-face's-mouth kind of texture, and maybe a pillar with a heart on it or torch or some other decoration on top of it. Or you could try bringing the platform down to below the floor level so that the blood looks like it's flowing into it instead.
  11. No I didn't. I thought those were stationary stairs (kind of hard to tell from a single screenshot, heh). Still, it works either way.
  12. That moment when you discover a bug that went unnoticed for a very long time because the RNG associated with the script never selected that specific scenario after countless playtests.


    And it all came down to a '6' instead of '26' causing a specific texture to not update when needed.

    1. Voltcom9
    2. A7MAD


      End of the world

    3. Ichor


      heh, actually it was easy to fix. It just went unnoticed for so long until I tested something else and it just happened to reveal itself this time around.