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  1. God damn vampires keeping me up at night, always tapping on my window and asking me to let them in and shit. The fuckers just won't ever leave me alone. 

  2. Can I ask what blackmail was said here? There is none.

    1. Ichor


      Well anyway, that was the message she posted about a half hour ago. The full thread was this:





      Long story short - Brutal Hexen and Brutal Heretic were mods that were offered on this forum by the user ZDL_800 not too long ago.

      Brutal Hexen was particularly popular, and so due to this, I felt the need to create a post about what happened.

      ZDL_800 sent a user a PM which was then reported to us by said user basically admitting that Brutal Hexen had copyright violations. What really got him in trouble though, was the fact that this was paywalled and there was no "free" version.

      He said flat out in that PM that he knew it would get him banned if we found out, which is another reason for the ban. This negates any warning or slap-on-the-wrist we could have given if he simply hadn't known.


      ZDL_800 wrote:

      I do apologize but I cannot provide the MegaWAD on this forum I'm afraid, my account will be banned and I cant take the risk its too important to me, this forum means a lot to me.

      This is a liability issue for us. I am taking this action to protect the forum and its users. So if you want to know where it went - that's what happened. Sorry for the inconvenience. Brutal Heretic has been pulled pending an investigation for possible copyright violations, but I might be able to restore that one as long as it keeps its resource usage to Heretic assets.

      EDIT: Brutal Heretic seems to be okay, so it has been restored.


      Then the second post:



      Update: Okay so apparently there was a free download for Brutal Hexen itself, that I didn't see because it was buried under a massive wall of text. I put the thread back where it was and unhid it.

      However, there is still the issue that he was knowingly trying to offer copyrighted content (which is not exclusively his own) from behind a paywall. The patreon page made it clear as day, and snapshots of it have already been taken. He knew he would get banned for it, and even said so in his PM to that user.


      Also, due to an attempt to blackmail me publicly on the Doomworld forum, the ban has been extended to be permanent.

      (screenshot of your Doomworld post)


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  3. Can I ask what blackmail was said here? There is none.

    1. Ichor


      The whole "in 24 hours I'll be making a post about her" basically suggests that if you don't get a response from her or get unbanned, you'll post something unpleasant. Anyway, that was what she said, not me.

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  4. What's this? A new name? I am now Chip! Yay!

  5. Chip

    Chip    Ichor

    What's your profile picture of? It's really cool! :D

    1. Ichor


      It's a blood lich.

  6. I've mentioned here before that some years ago I invented a way to construct a moving subway, able to carry a player between two different stations. This was way before the introduction of polyobject-portals to the Eternity Engine, and an even longer time before the inclusion of ACS.


    It worked by switching portal views. The actual cars and stations were connected by non-euclidean linked portals and didn't move at all. Anchored (visual-only) portals were connected to door ceilings, which as those raised or closed would reveal or obscure the linked portal and instead show a different view.


    With the gates to the platform closed, a player would see the view of a standard polyobject dummy train arriving to its current station. The gates would open, revealing the in-game cars. If boarded and once the gates closed again, a different set of anchored portals would show the view of the subway departing the copied-as-polyobject station, and the destination station slowly approaching. This worked in multiplayer too; even sound cues were linked to the correct portalgroups so as to only be heard when in the appropriate in-game location.


    In short: a perfect illusion. Well, "was", because I'm currently removing it.


    It's all going to be replaced with a bog-standard moving polyobject-portal construction. Technically it's the right thing to do, since the result would look exactly the same as what I had before minus this very complicated setup.  But it still pains me to replace it, since I was so proud of this trick.  It feels like inventing mikoconveyors way back in 1997, only to be superseded by Boom's standard conveyor feature before you could show your achievement to the world.


    Still, let's show off this trick. Here's the subway arriving at your station:



    Now ready to board:



    Subway 'leaves' with you onboard, seeing the (polyobject) station receding:



    Almost arriving at your destination:




    Once disembarked, watch the subway go about its return trip.


    1. Ichor


      I've had a similar experience. Back when I was working on AEoD, I wanted to make something that would affect monsters nearby as I walk around. I eventually called it the ice shield, and for a short time, it damaged and froze monsters nearby at every tic, centered on the player. It took hours of experimenting and trial and error until I finally discovered how to do it. It works like this:


      Step 1: I'd use an item and it spawns an actor.

      Step 2: That actor spawns a second actor (usually 'SomethingSomethingGiver') which immediately "attacks" the player and gives the player a specific item.

      Step 3: The actor would continue doing this every tic and gives a timer inventory item.

      Step 4: Once enough of that timer item is in my inventory, the powerup ends and the giver actor disappears.


      Once this discovery was made, I was able to use it for all sorts of things, such as the force cube, a thunderstorm powerfup which hits random enemies with powerful lightning every few seconds, a vampiric aura that damage enemies and drains their health for a short time, a dynamic light based torch, and even a simple direction arrow for an old Marble Madness wad for Doom (didn't release that one). They all work very well the coding in its most basic form is very simple, and I still use it even now. However, this was made long before ZScript was a thing and I'm sure that ZScript could do this much more effeciently and easily. Maybe one day I will change to it, but not for a while. It's not real high on the priority list right now.

  7. COVID-19 Coronavirus Quarantine - Episode 4 - TANG


      Looking for something to stay healthy with during the Coronavirus Quarantine? Try TANG!
     TANG is the drink the astronauts took with them to the MOON, which is remembered to every
      American child and potentially all people all over the world, making it one of the most
     impressive advertisings a drink has ever had. It might even be arguable if the American 
      moon landing was a TANG advertisement itself. Like Foreign wine or French candy; These
     kinds of ads are INFAMOUS. Did you hear SNAILS are popular French cuisine, or the Italians
      eat Calamari (SQUID!)? You know a Swedish dog will find you if you get stranded in the
     snow, and you can use the cask of Swedish liquor he has tied around his neck to help you
      get back on your feet. And in the same way, you know American astronauts are orbiting
     the moon and swigging their TANG waiting to touch down on the real moon.
       TANG is a nice drink to have when you get out of bed and are making breakfast, full of
      well-meaning nutrients (as opposed to real orange juice, which is full of vitamins). TANG
      is a great thing to put in your "BEER Hat" and walk around the house in your underwear
       sipping off of during this Quarantine. Turn the televised Coronavirus up and down a gallon
      of this and you'll feel fit as a waterlogged fiddle.


    tang-jar.jpg.9dd47242fbc422d86592961c33fbc2e4.jpg  A TANG jar


    What TANG looks like before you mix it into some water. It's a bright orange, silky smooth powder.



    You don't have to go to the MOON to enjoy TANG, you just have to be American.


      Stay Healthy!

  8. @Ichor, by "first day", you mean this happens only in the first day of a new member

    1. Ichor


      Yes. That limit is only for the first 24 hours to prevent spam. And we've seen our share of that, mostly from those Korean spam bots. They spam their garbage in four posts and that's all they can do. If that wasn't there, we'd be innundated with the spam.

  9. Hi Linguica, Since when there's a limited posts per day? I just posted 4 times! Do I have to wait 24 hours? Something is wrong cause I know people post more than 4 times per day! Since you're one of the moderators, perhaps you could help me clarify this situation.

    1. Ichor


      Once the first day is passed, that limit will go away.

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  10. My full name is Clippy Clippington



  11. Dropbox used to be such a good file hosting site, but I hate it now.



    1. Ichor


      I don't know what was going on. It's a roughly 35 mb file, but they say anything under 50 gb is fine, so I don't see the problem. But apparently there is one, so in the meantime, I decided to go with Mega until they get around to fixing the problem. I doubt it though.

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  12. I've watched all 3 parts of Jojo.

    The last part, Stardust Crusaders, was the most attractive and the most exciting. I love it.


    1. Ichor


      All 3? You still have two more parts left to go.

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  13. I am now a swamp lich. What is a swamp lich you may ask? It's a variety of lich that I recolored myself!

    1. Ichor


      It looks like (the small picture anyway) that lich is an old Roman statue, and the green part up top looks like a chaplet worn on the top of the head.

  14. A couple of years ago I wrote that I'd finished 9 maps for Triacontathlon. I'm currently up to 14, with two more in various states of progress. It's still slow going, and I'm bouncing between loads of projects, but I may actually see this through at some point! I'll probably hold off on the project thread until I think I'm getting close. Here's how the challenge listing looks so far:

    1. Tyson
    2. 25 monsters
    3. 512x512 (actually done twice, as the first attempt was pretty "meh")
    4. 1-hour speed map
    5. 50 monsters
    6. 2-hour speed map
    7. 10 sectors
    8. 1 monster type
    9. 1024x1024
    10. 100 monsters
    11. 5 rooms
    12. 2 monster types (in progress)
    13. 1 tag
    14. 4-hour speed map
    15. 2048x2048
    16. 200 monsters
    17. Grid 32
    18. 1 room (in progress)
    19. 150 monsters
    20. Monochrome
    21. 1 monster
    22. No monsters
    23. No pickups
    24. 10 textures/flats
    25. 512x2048
    26. 1500 lines
    27. Grid 64
    28. 3-hour speed map
    29. Grindmap
    30. 1024 monsters

    I'm working on a load of other interesting shit as well, but this is the only limit-removing map set I'm currently working on... Even then, it's limited to UMAPINFO ports.

    1. Ichor


      How about this:


      31. Double Trouble

      Map 1 - 1 monster

      Map 2 - 2 monsters

      Map 3 - 4 monsters

      Map 4 - 8 monsters

      Map 5 - 16 monsters




      Map 14 - 8192 monsters

      Map 15 - 16384 monsters

      Map 16 - 32768 monsters

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  15. what's a hissy?

    1. Ichor


      I guess you had to be around back then to understand a lot more.

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  16. just something im working on... This is i think is my DREAM WAD.


  17. I can see you replied to a status update, but I can't seem to find it.

    1. Ichor


      I did reply, but I deleted it.

  18. This particular area of a map has caused me a lot of headache. It started out as a Doom 2 map with custom textures back in autumn 2017 and when mappers block hit me, I decided to convert the area for Ult. Doom and use it for my 4 level mini-episode (wip). I copy-pasted the entire thing into an existing small part of map 4. In retrospect I shouldn't have... sigh. 9 months later and I'm still working on it and must have spent so much time trying to make it work that it's made me considder scrapping the map altogether! The changes have been many and drastic and among a slew of other things caused me to create an entirely new path through the map, so that the start isn't where it used to be a week ago. So, what's the lesson here? If there's anything to be learned it is that I'm not very good at stitching together scraps and don't have the courage (or time!) to start fresh. There's just no turning back now and I have to trust that it's good enough. This will be released for Doom's 25th birthday and how this map in particular will be received by the players once it's released will greatly affect my self-esteem! :D







    1. Ichor


      Oh boy, large and complex diagonal rooms are a huge chore to align the textures properly.

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  19. While fiddling with texture alignment tricks, I discovered something rather humorous, I don't plan on using it though. Someone could easily get the wrong idea from it. It was funny because I wasn't even trying to do that.

  20. Panophobia Dev Diary #1: How is there a name for "Fear of Running Water" and "Fear of Fabrics", but nothing for "Fear of Being Paralyzed"??????

    1. Ichor


      ginsuphobia - the fear of infomercials


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  21. Sorry everyone for the lack of work on EDGE...radiation sickness is kicking my butt (my own dumb fault)...


    Quick, someone type in IDBEHOLD!