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  1. After a bit of testing, I discovered that the health bars were now interrupting certain texts, so I made a slight change to fix that. Also, there shouldn't be any lag anymore when using the powered up alt-fire of the serpent staff.

  2. Update time. This is a small one. Someone requested this, and it was probably needed anyway:

    • There is now an option to scale the enemy health bars, which is located at the bottom of the main Options menu. However, since the ACS in the .pk3 was changed, it will clobber your saved games.


  3. A minor update this time, but I've been meaning to do this for a long time now, but I kept putting it off for more important things or forgetting it entirely.

    • Rearranged a couple of rooms in the black market and opened that blocked passage, allowing quick access from the surface instead of going through a lot of the sewers to get there again.

  4. Another update which fixes a couple of minor bugs:

    • Reversed most of the changes in the previous update.
    • Fixed a problem with the Redeemer and a few monsters.
    • Changed the initial floor in the cistern to solid ice instead of thin ice to cut down on lag somewhat if you used a torch before using the switch there.
    • Fixed a bit of text in the normal sized hud.

  5. Here comes a new update with quite a few changes:

    • Added 12 new maps. Most of them were old '90s Doom maps converted to Hexen.
    • All enemies now have three times their normal health and do three times the damage.
    • All weapons have now been combined into a single slot, which has been moved to the - key on the numpad.
    • Player can now only hold 5 of a certain item of a time.
    • It is now required for you to log into your bethesda.net account for this game to function.
    • All gargoyles have been replaced by other enemies, all from Tenebrum. The red ones are now the trixtress, the blue ones are the shadow succubus, and the green ones are the gray widow.
    • Replaced the devil with the hell wasp
    • Added lootboxes
    • All maps now have a thick fog that alternates between neon pink, lime, orange, and turquoise every few seconds.
    • Player's maximum health has been reduced to 30 and maximum mana for all types has been reduced to 50
    • Removed Herobrine
    • Carrying more than one total item will now slow down the player by 5% for each item that you have.
    • Removed all naturally occurring or dropped coins. The only way to get coins now is to purchase them online.
    • All music has been replaced by a random Japanese pop song.

  6. A new update, this one focusing mostly on the Forge:

    • Fixed the switch in the "power up" room (for lack of a better term) so that it can't be used more than once. Nothing broke if you did, but now you won't be hearing the switch sound again if you tried to use it more than once.
    • The bars in that same room will now reopen a little later on rather than by that switch.
    • The main Forge mechanism will now light up once it's activated so you can actually see what's going on.
    • Fixed a texture glitch in that area that I only noticed once I could see it
    • Adjusted the bloodscourge (powered up) to cut down on the lag



  7. You're outside a massive, complex castle that probably has 200,000 sidedefs and enough 3D floors and portals to make a Cray weep, but you spend the entire map outside in some boring caves that look like they were made in 1995 with fleeting glimpses of the castle, and you finish the map without ever going inside.

  8. It's been a few days since I had to update:

    • The DamNum color caused by ice damage was darkened some because it seemed to look too much like the default damage color of gray or white.
    • The Forge cannon targets should be a bit easier to see.
    • A couple of new monsters needed a bit of minor fixing, though I doubt anyone noticed any problems with them.
    • Added a section to a certain room, which should contain something nifty.
    • Fixed a couple of text typos.
    • The entrances to the Library and Citadel maps will now open automatically when you get close to them rather than by walking up and using them.

    Updated link on first post.


  9. 25 minutes ago, seed said:

    And it's done, dang, didn't know I was rapidly approaching the end there - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/945309145


    10/10, sets the bar pretty high, can't wait to see what else you cook with hub 4 in the future man 🦊.

    Yeah, hub 3 turned out to be a lot more fun to make than I thought. I especially enjoyed making the Forge and Dungeons.


    By the way, that powered up sword made short work of Korax, maybe just a bit too much.

  10. Alright, so after playtesting through it all again a few times, which took quite a while, I think I got rid of the bugs. There were still a couple of them (one of which went unnoticed for many years), but this update is more about getting the balance right. So anyway...

    • Fixed a line not being marked impassable which should have been.
    • Reduced the enemy fighter's damage.
    • Fixed a minor timing issue with the final battle.
    • Adjusted the balance of a few maps in regards to a couple of enemies (removed some, moved others around, etc.).
    • Adjusted the damage of the quietus alt-fire (unpowered) and bloodscourge alt-fire (both powered and unpowered).
    • Removed most of the dynamic lights from the powered bloodscourge alt-fire to cut down on lag.