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  1. That moment when you save after beating a rough area after repeated tries, only for a lone enemy that you missed to kill you a split second later.

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    2. galileo31dos01


      Something similar, clearing an entire open area after an hour of abundant crossfire, repeated tries, only to flip a switch that releases some archviles that start to undo your job, mostly reviving the worst monsters (revenants). Even worse, beating those archviles, feeling relieved and just when you thought "ok what's next" you're suddenly being covered in fire by one last archie that never showed earlier, and you see the available cover so freaking far away from you... Bonus, that archie reviving more revenants...

    3. Psyrus


      You save after beating a rough area after repeated tries...  and you realize you chose load instead.


      I'm guilty.

    4. Anidrex_1009


      Or in my case, fall to some lava pit with low health and insta-kill... crap.