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Everything posted by HavoX

  1. HavoX

    WhackEd 4

    Well worth the wait!
  2. HavoX

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    It probably has to be the dragon claw grip or the claw grip. Using my right hand, I hold the left side of my Steelseries Rival 600 with my thumb, and grasp the right side of it with my ring and pinky fingers. It should be noted however that I have a mouse pad with a memory foam wrist rest, and it has an impact on how I'm holding the mouse. (But at least it's preventing me from getting arthritis, thank goodness.) I've had that mouse pad for God knows how long, and I'm considering getting a new one.
  3. HavoX

    Has anyone here tried Imo's Pizza before?

    Well, what can I say? Provel isn't for everyone, it's an acquired taste. As a St. Louisian who hasn't had Imo's before, I doubt I'd like it either because I'm more of a Pizza Hut person who had it for more than 30+ years.
  4. HavoX

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    I... am just speechless.
  5. HavoX

    What happened to blogs and post hell

    Well, everyone's got their own rules in regards to the Power-up like buttons. Me, I only use the invulnerability because I thought it looked cool. Occasionally though, when someone makes a thread about being sick and not feeling well, I give them a Megasphere.
  6. Itty-bitty derail here, but the first 7 Bowsers were fake. (When Mario/Luigi defeats "him" with a Fire Flower, "he" turns out to be a minion in disguise.) Only when you get to World 8 will you have to deal with the REAL Bowser. Back to the topic, the Cyberdemon is the first character that comes to mind. After all, he IS the secondary antagonist in The Golden Souls 2. ;-)
  7. HavoX

    What happened to blogs and post hell

    Welcome back, Kid Airbag!
  8. I know this may sound silly, but did you give your custom enemies a unique Doom editor number? Doom Builder 2 (and their forks) won't recognize them without one. Make sure that said number isn't already in use!
  9. For me, it has got to be the Special Extended Mix of Haddaway's What is Love? 18 minutes long, folks!
  10. Well, even though Microsoft's got money signs for eyes, they should not fall for corporate greed and consider making a commitment for what is right for Activision Blizzard's employees, male and female. ...and let's not forget Spyro!
  11. Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard to Bring the Joy and Community of Gaming to Everyone, Across Every Device Hopefully Microsoft will do something about this situation. If they don't, we're fucked.
  12. HavoX

    Is Doomguy Left-Handed?

    Gotta have to echo @Doomkid here, Doomguy seems to be ambidextrous. He's mostly a lefty, but could adapt to use both arms. On the other hand (no pun intended), he loads shells into the 12g Hand Cannon Super Shotgun with his left hand.
  13. HavoX

    Share Your Sprites!

    Yeah, looking at it again, I'm not really pleased with how the flames turned out. I'll get to it eventually.
  14. What's the point in using copyrighted songs when you can make your own? Sure, it's a tough task to innovate and find inspiration, but you can do it!
  15. HavoX

    What are you listening to?

    Leisurely Voice by Drozerix. I like their music so much, I'm planning... oops, that's top secret. :-P
  16. I don't really care much for Tomb Raider, but nevertheless, this is an incredible achievement! Proof that great things DO come in small packages. Also, that has got to be the smallest GBA I have ever seen.
  17. HavoX

    Share Your Sprites!

    ...you could say something like that.
  18. HavoX

    BTSX1 issue

    @Rudolph The BTSX team had to split the WAD into two WADS because of a PWAD size limit bug in vanilla Doom.
  19. HavoX

    Share Your Sprites!

    They said the Burning Arms from Strife couldn't be Doomified. They were wro- AH IT BURNS IT BURNS One down, three to go... (yes, it is going to take me a while to finish.)
  20. Why, that's even better! I've been keeping an eye on this for a while, too.
  21. HavoX

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    3.01 GB, give or take.
  22. HavoX

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Strife: Veteran Edition. Oh damn, I remember looking forward to that game. Then I stopped caring when it was to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year.
  23. HavoX

    Share Your Sprites!

    Welp. I went and did it again. Mike12 had been working on the Doomified Shadow Warrior Katana, but I don't think it was ever finished. So, I took the liberty to do all the hard work. (that's right, I used widescreen assists from Shadow Warrior Classic Redux! They are located in the tiles directory of Shadow Warrior Classic's gameroot directory.) This one took me a while (especially the second frame; as you might notice, I had to do some extensive work on the right arm so it would look consistent), but I'm very pleased the way it came out. The use of A_WeaponOffset is recommended. Once you figure it out (I'm having problems trying to make it come out looking right), you've got yourself one badass weapon.
  24. HavoX

    Going Through The Serious Sam Games Again

    It was pretty advanced back then, but it does get tiresome having to deal with all the hoards of bad guys after a while. Especially when it comes to Sirian Werebulls. One or two I can deal with, but a herd of them charging at me? That's too much for me to handle and it gets VERY annoying being hurled into the air by one of them.
  25. HavoX

    Share Your Sprites!

    Well, I dunno... The Doom-ified Frost Shards were made specifically for my mod, and I have no plans to do Timon's Ax nor the Mace of Contrition. Right now, I'm trying to focus on the other weapons.