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  1. Yetiman

    Cheater Busted

    HL may be 5 years old, but did you know the basic of the engine is from Quake2??? As long as there come new mods, the game will be played =) (like doom)
  2. Yetiman

    Cheater Busted

    Yeah, cheater ... CS is full of it! In Quake 3, it's almost impossible to cheat (over internet). If I use cheats (offline), then it's for practise new jumping tricks or something. If you play with cheats, then you have no fun!
  3. Yetiman

    Commander Keen

    I ever played the first and the fouth episod, but I don't remeber what the best level was ...
  4. Yetiman

    2D Doom

    I use the Win98 OS system, because you can work better this way with Dos (Pressing the F8 key at startup, with this you can go quickly to dos). I also always install mouse-, cd- en soundcard drivers for dos so that I can play any game at any time. Dos games are (even now) sometimes better then windows games, altough that the user interface is mostly better in windows (you always have your mouse, and that is sometimes missing in dos-based-games). One of my favorite games for dos are Doom and Doom2, for windows Quake3:arena and dungeon keeper 2.
  5. Yetiman

    Cheater Busted

    k, thx ... didn't notice
  6. Yetiman

    Cheater Busted

    Loo at this site: http://www.lantrocity.com/ Download the movie (under this title "More cheater video mirrors..."), and look to it. I know it's actually for counterstrike, but what do think of this?
  7. Yetiman

    2D Doom

    If it is for Doom, I like more to play the dos version of it. I also remember the good old days in the Dos invironment! I mosty played games those times like Doom, Doom2, Kings Quest, Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Rise Of the Triad even Carmageddon (mostly 3D shooters). Dos was/is a stable platform to run applications. The only thing is that Dos can only run 1 app at a time, but for games is not necessary to run more app's at the same time =).
  8. Yetiman

    Worst Boss Battle (ever?)

    Quake3Arena: Boss "Xaero" in map "Q3Tourney6" is heavy good with the railgun
  9. Yetiman

    2D Doom

    Indeed this 2D doom is crappy, but I din't tought on this -existing- 2D doom. I just wanted to take this poll how you guys would think about it. If some of you liked it, I was probably started programming a 2D doom version. But now I think I don't gonna start such a project. As a beginner game programmer, you must start somewhere =) (Not that I have never programmed a game ...)
  10. Yetiman

    2D Doom

    How do you think about a 2D doom? Would it be fun or not?! (in OpenGL rendering, windows 95+)