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sniper joe

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  1. sniper joe

    Zdoom 47i?

    Well then where can i get it?
  2. sniper joe

    Zdoom 47i?

    I've heard about zdoom 47i (and how bbg has it) is it legal to disribute?
  3. i just choked on a carrot... and it FUCKING HURT GODD DAMMIT!!!

    1. SmellyOgre


      Chew your food before you swallow :)

      oh, and i choked on ice once, it took forever but it finally melted in my throat, that sucked.

    2. YukiRaven


      ouch... at least you didn't choke to death.

      I always hate when I accidentally swallow whole potato chips.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Maybe it has to do with the communist avatar... I should use it. I have Seph's problem :-P

  4. sniper joe


    Holy shit! that's gold!
  5. sniper joe

    Fave side schrollers

    bionic commando! i,ve played it so much i can beat it in 40-50 minutes!
  6. sniper joe

    mmmm.... Soup.....

    chilli is better! (with cheese)
  7. sniper joe

    About the sickest I’ve ever been is...

    never been sick really.. but i,ve got a concussion and leg injury from an axe
  8. sniper joe

    Nerdin' it up :D

    oh realy? heh
  9. sniper joe

    What would Jesus do?

    Damn strait!
  10. sniper joe

    GIjOE TC update

  11. sniper joe

    Computer Station, me version

    give me a squirt! sniper_joe79@yahoo.com
  12. sniper joe

    Not sure which forum to ask this in..

    ebay.com]ebay is your friend :)
  13. sniper joe

    New to this whole doom thing

    Simple,it's just DooM! ^-^
  14. sniper joe

    What would Jesus do?

    i can test!
  15. sniper joe

    Sweet Revelation!

    [capslock]BOO TO YOU ALL!![capslock/] :p