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  1. webcider

    HocusDoom giving me trouble in Gzdoom 3.1.5

    Thanks for writing i have decided , to stop thinking about it, it seems to be related to my corrupted windows 10 installation and profile setup. as such i will need reinstall and reconfigure. i am done with this thread... I did try without ZDL btw. its very strange.. i also tried deleting my antivirus and just running the game. The game runs fine until i pick up a gem... it seems related to my windows profile perhaps game is using Windows Profile to store scoring. and then that gives problems due to my windows profile being crappy. I will try and run GZdoom from another windows profile. and see if that fixes the issue as i never tried that yet.
  2. webcider

    HocusDoom giving me trouble in Gzdoom 3.1.5

    Okay i will try my best to answer. 1. GZDoom is version and am normally running Modern 64 bit but in this case i also tried Vintage and 32 bit respectively 2. sadly this is my only computer. i tried to start up GZDoom with HocusDoom on a fresh Windows Profile that gave the same error. - only thing i can do is reinstall my computer fresh windows installation complete deletion of C: drive i am not happy for that option but i am warming up to the idea that might be necessary. 3. So my system specs are as following i5 6600K CPU @ 3.50 Ghz - clocked to 3.50 ghz.32 GB DDR4 ram, GTX 980 4 gb video ram. 256 gb ssd harddrive as system folder, then 8 terabyte data storage on sata2 standard hard drives. GZdoom is installed on a standard hard drive not my system drive. 4. As i am using ZDL.exe version and i read that it stores some ini in my windows appdata folder. this place C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Vectec Software "btw this path doesn't work on my system says path doesn't exist, here is my path instead, C:\Users\Usuario\AppData\Roaming\Vectec Software i was wondering if GZdoom is having similar behavior. i am looking for way to completely clean GZdoom from my system and everything related to registration in regard to windows 10. if that could cause issues. 5. this is the filname i am using and only this hocusdoom-07-28-18.pk3 i am choosing DOOM2.wad and using GZdoom. i tried dragging the Hocusdoom.pk3 file to gzdoom.exe and that starts up hocusdoom as well but still same error. 6. attached a crash report... with logfiles. 7. alright so all my pk3 and wad files are just in root folder. it is not organized at all. i been trying same build of gzdoom from clean folder. structures where i just copy the hocusdoom.pk3 file to the named folder one such example is folder D:\games\doom no its fine i really want to know whats going on here. as it seems like no one else seems to have this issue.. last i attached my ini file with config setup. CrashReport.zip gzdoom-WebCideR.zip
  3. I been trying to look far and wide on the internet for a answer to this crash i am getting from Gzdoom. while playing Hocusdoom mod I am wondering if there is a way to troubleshoot windows registration or ini files. i been reinstalling and deleting multiple times different version of GZdoom. The behavior is this and never fails to crash. in Hocus Pocus doom i pick up the very first Gem. and the engine crashes. Anyone have any idea what is going on here? my gzdoom folder is 3 gb and has many different wads. located its not located on the c: drive and the path is D:\games\gzdoom system is windows 10 64bit, i tried compatibility modes and that hasn't changed the error. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=45804 Thanks.
  4. webcider

    Diablo 3 and Doom Combined Gameplay thoughts?

    Thank you i will try this, what i miss in these parts is some unique monster skills, well the Chainsaw guy is pretty cool as you can clearly hear him. what would be more cool was if the chainsaw guy could teleport around if he saw you, or sometimes could get ekstra armor bonus. but when killed would give you a green armor. there are really tons of possibilities to make doom interesting, but i am really disappointed of the Imps improvements they feel pretty weak. and also quite cheap. they are not that interesting, because you can't really recognise there attacks. for instance a imp shooting 3 fireballs instead of one could be noticed right away. these imps that shoots homing missiles are also nice, but those with ekstra health and ekstra damage are pretty boring. imo. also the new monsters should make some sounds that makes them noticeable. or there could be some hints that a buffed monster is around. effects to the music in a certain area, changing the air. maybe living footprints from where the monster has been going, or like giving the marine face a more frenzy look as he feels the present of a powerful being. i think this could be quite interesting. i am not really suggesting to add a full on diablo mod. however that could be cool. but i think it would be pretty fun to have monsters give different challenges. "monsters who walk faster", monsters having different weapons. and so on. but i appreciate the comments its cool someone has been thinking that randomness in doom is not that bad a idea.
  5. Basically what i am getting at is to implement a randomized system, so everytime you play Doom, even if its the same levels, the monsters will be randomized, this could be adding a new scary element because, you don't really know what to expect. On top of this i would like to see Boss Monsters with Ally Auras and improvements that makes them a target you need to focus on, That and much more is something i would like to see. What do you think is it possible? has it already been made?
  6. Hi you really made my day with this comment, i truly appreciate you like, I made it with FL Studio and Native Instruments Kontakt 7. It was kind of a quick tune to make. i could probably had done more in terms of effects but i also just like it like it is now. i think it would be pretty good to listen in a Doom level. :) Anyways cheers for liking it means a lot. i am by no means a real composer so i am just glad i might can spread my music to some other parts. if you got any other questions regarding inspirations i am pretty sure most of my inspiration is from playing Doom 1 and Doom 2 :D constantly in december 2011. And i really like the Imps song in the original Doom.
  7. Hey i am not really a composer but i like to make music in my past time, i love doom so i kind of want to try make something that is like doom music. I hope you like what i have come up with. Please don't bite my head off :P http://soundcloud.com/catscratchz/imps-returning-a-new-doom-is
  8. webcider

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    I found out the command works in Skulltag its not working in GZdoom so yeah your probably right. But thx for the help Havox i don't mind the slowdowns i just look forward to get my screen back Samsung S27a950d so i can game on my stationary again, and yeah Doom looks on a 27" screen amazing pixel art i must say.
  9. webcider

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    <quote> :I'm sorry. But Brutal Doom was made for GZDoom and Skulltag, which have OpenGL. Other than the advice I gave you, you might want to invest on a powerful PC if your netbook can't handle it. :P <quote /> You know how i can seek for commands by pressing double tabbing TAB key in console ? i did that in any step to see if i could find the way to do it I did try both with and without the "" i also tried False/True.
  10. webcider

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Thx havox for the response: I got one minor issue the fix that is decribed, doesn't work with GZdoom and thats the one i am using. Should i change source port to something lighter perhaps?? I really like the lightning the OpenGL gives makes it kind of nice in dark places to be able to spot armor and health :D just for your information i can't get this to work at all in the console GL_USE_Model "0" ---- Also in reference to the suggestion of using the Lite version... Light version is not that good i don't like it because i can't use the new weapons which is really awesome.
  11. webcider

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    BrutalDoom is really awesome. However my netbook can't keep up with all the gore is it possible to make the gore a bit lighter? would help tremendously on the performance on slower computers i guess. However its a really great experience i am quite amazed by the vision you guys have for Doom. Its amazing that even 18 years and people are still playing loving and making stuff for Doom is guess that shows that good games will never die. Doom is a good game still today. and now with BrutalDoom i even think it beats every single thing i thought Serious Sam 3 did better :D
  12. webcider

    Doom The Way id Did: v1.1 Released!

    Hey guys who made this collection, i just want to say thanks for this amazing gift it is nearly my only reason to register on this forum i really really like this wad pack. The levels are truly stunning a really fresh yet very familiary feeling overwhelms me when i play every level. I am glad its not just a Remake and it has tried to take the features and the ID's way of making secrets in to heart i am really amazed by the creativity and architecture, it doesn't feel like extended levels on old maps it feels literally like familiary yet very different places, as some posters already says feels like a new but familiar doom experience. I only played E1 so far i have always loved E1 and its pretty much my most played episode in doom. as i like the Space Architecture more. anyways this compared with BrutalDoom is really awesome :D so thx guys i can't say it enough, i am truly stunned and happy that people are still seeing the qualities of the doom level making you make me so happy. just so you know. One thing though would have been pretty good if you could have done the same with the soundtrack, but i am not saying anything more. because i am a very music minded a guy and most games live or die on their music choose. IMO