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  1. By the way, if anyone wants a tester before they publish, shoot me a DM. My map is about halfway done, I can spare some time to test your thing.
  2. If Doomkid wanted REAL oldschool type maps, he could have made the stipulation that everyone can only use a HEX editor. LOL
  3. madbringer

    [Map] Marble Madness

    Very nice map. Tough start but it flows from there. You have a great sense of balance of health/ammo. Loved the little details. Thumbs up
  4. Sexy. That first pic gives me slight God Machine feels.
  5. Good. Was thinking of a MAP25-29 kind of map, since you're thinking of making this into a mega. Not cruel, just thinking on your feet kind of start. I love the resources you give, by the way. The textures look lovely and the monsters are ripe for some evil exploits.
  6. I assume the map should be balanced for UV-savvy player? Oh and also, how do you feel about hot starts, Doomkid?
  7. madbringer

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    This megawad is so good I lost my job, my wife left me, the city took my home and now I live in a dumpster behind a nine eleven, crying into a stack of printed screenshots of these levels.
  8. madbringer

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    Half-way through playing this map I had an epiphany. Here I am, hungover, boxers and greasy shirt on, playing through A NEW MAP FROM ONE OF THE ORIGINAL MASTERMINDS BEHIND DOOM. And it's actually fucking good. I cried a bit. Then I come here and read that John is planning to make more and this was just a "warm-up". I can't handle this. I just can't. I'm 5 years old again, unpacking diskettes, nervously anticipating, curiously exploring, amazed by this strange new game I'm playing. Suddenly the world is a beautiful place, full of vibrant colors, demons, zombies, and satanic imagery. 2016 is gonna b gud.
  9. madbringer

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    God damn. I grew up with the guy being the archives custodian. His contributions to TeamTNTs work were a big part of my early adulthood. I'll always treasure his unwavering dedication and professionalism; traits, I think, we can all take away from. My only regret is I have never took the chance to express my admiration to the guy himself. Rest in peace, man. My condolences to friends and family.
  10. madbringer

    New Deus Ex games underway!

    I have to ask, what difficulty level did you guys play the original Deus Ex on? I always played this game on "realistic" and, honestly, Dragon's Tooth is not that useful towards the end, especially over at Area 51. Skill level 3-4 guns, especially when maxed on upgrades, are more versatile in general, especially against bots, MIBs and commandos. Dunno, Dragon's Tooth is pretty OP as far as damage goes but I have always felt that even the simple 9mil pistol has more utility if you bother to invest the skill points. When you can get killed by even a couple of shots from the shittiest weapons in the game, range gets to be kinda important. Might as well dump skill points into maxing low-tech and run around shanking people with an ordinary combat knife. Which I did in one playthrough. It was pretty fun, except when you have to fight Walton Simons. That was not fun at all. That's all assuming one does not use the game-breaking regeneration aug, that is. I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they were putting something so clearly imbalanced into their game (or maybe, considering modern trends, they were simply ahead of the curve).
  11. madbringer

    Aesthetics vs gameplay, newbie mapper conundrum

    That would be ideal, but in my case there's the major stumbling block in the form of time constraint. Thank you, that sounds like excellent advice. Reading through the points and comparing the order with how I was going about it, it would appear I was approaching it a bit ass-backward. Chaotic methodology is something I struggle with often. :/ And thanks to everyone else for the input, appreciate it. Looks like the consensus is to focus more on the gameplay aspects. Suspected it would be that way as I was writing the first post. It's not just about making an actually fully functional, complete map, though, as much as it is about efficient allocation of time in order to learn the basics and developing solid mapping muscle memory, so to speak.
  12. madbringer

    Aesthetics vs gameplay, newbie mapper conundrum

    That's what I'm thinking, it's just that, well, it's 2013, almost 2014. I wouldn't want to make a map that felt like it was made in the mid-nineties and have it immediately dismissed as garbage simply on the basis of how it looks, rather than how it plays. I suppose this is as much a practical question as an egotistical one, no one likes to see their creations incessantly bashed. I have no delusions about being the "next big thing" in the world of Doom. My goals are about delivering a temporarily satisfying experience while efficiently "learning the ropes", it's just a problem of how should that be achieved from a newbie standpoint. Oh, I agree. I myself prefer levels that have interesting architecture and lacklustre detailing over levels with excessive detailing and lacklustre architecture simply because the architecture adds to the gameplay and the detailing "only" to the overall atmosphere and feel of it. Detailing for the sake of it is not what I would have done any which way. The bare minimum is making sure what I'm making does not evoke immediate nausea.
  13. Alright, so, I've started making my very first* map for Doom. After learning all the raw basics, reading tutorials and getting the hang of Doom Builder, I made some headway, laid out the bare-bones foundations of the level, with a general idea of what it should look and play like, experimented with some rudimentary decorations in an early section of it and came to an abrupt halt. The reason for that being, I couldn't decide what should I actually focus on while making it. As a player, I have a good sense of game flow and difficulty; item distribution, monster placement, progression. I have a rudimentary, if currently impractical (due to personal lack of mapping experience and, admittedly, lack of creativity) grasp on what constitutes pleasing eye-candy. The problem is, it takes me way too much time to make even a single section of the level look presentable, if that. Should I, as a complete beginner, focus on the flow and overall gameplay of the level, making sure it is at least a visceral and exciting if not pleasingly palatable experience, or shift the focus on aesthetics instead, mechanizing the processes of texture alignment and synergy, adding detail and stuff like that? I'd imagine I'd reach a point of refinement (and, probably, a very low ability ceiling) either way, just wonder which would be more efficient from an experienced mapper's point of view. *I actually have some prior mapping experience, both in Doom and in Q1. Nothing serious, and it was years ago, when I was barely in my early teens. Might as well not have any experience at all, honestly.
  14. madbringer

    Look what I found. A PDF of the Necronomicon.

    That is simply not true. While, obviously, the plot and setting play second fiddle to gameplay, much like the way it is in Doom, I know for a fact a lot of people (myself included) appreciate the first Quake for the gritty, oppressive atmosphere and heavy Lovecraftian influences embedded into the story. In fact, the plot was expanded and built upon in a nearly four hour long machinima-esque movie and the critically acclaimed mod that followed it up, which clearly shows that the story in Quake was good enough to make people want to work with it on their own creations.