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  1. So after watching all the pre-release stuff, I was as concerned as the next guy that the game wouldn't be fast enough. I think game play has more or less put that to rest, but there are still a few things I can't quite get around to enjoy playing after almost 25 years of "real" Doom. Note: I haven't gotten very far (haven't finished the first level yet) and I haven't been at my best because bong rips. But I digress. 1. The fights feel endless and boring. In general I think its because the monsters have too many hitpoints. Maybe because I haven't seen enough ammo. Or maybe because I'm fighting every monster that spawns instead of just moving on (which is really my MO - I'm playing the game to kill monsters, not to finish levels). My friend had this Lord of the Rings arena hack n slash kinda game and he would just run around from enemy to enemy mashing buttons. That's how New Doom fights feel to me. Like I'm cleaning up a room instead of fighting monsters. "Is that all? Nah I think I still hear something." 2. The glory kills. Obviously you like the premise or not (I don't, and I never liked anything about Brutal Doom). But what really irks me is that you can't see shit else going on while you're doing them. The other monsters around this guy? I still want to know what they're doing. Plus the glory kills have pretty major incentives, but I hate doing them. 3. Monster recognition. This is really kind of an issue for me in general, but I don't think I'm alone. If you look at any modern FPS and then Doom back to back, even without playing you can see how the bright colors and contrast in Old Doom make it very easy to spot and identify monsters (if you can see it, you know what it is) so you can act accordingly. I've got a lot less experience with New Doom, but so far I usually have no idea what I'm fighting until they throw a projectile. I obviously have a lot of nostalgia for the original, but it's not rose tinted glasses looking at decades old memories. I like the original so much because it is such a great game. The new game has hit a few of those points but hopefully someone can tell me what I'm missing or whatever so I can get past the rest.
  2. qoncept

    Anyone else "done" for now?

    I don't know about the game (I just finally got it to run last night after a month and a half) but Bethesda's support most certainly IS trash. For anyone else having trouble: I reinstalled Windows. Nothing else worked.
  3. qoncept

    Anyone else still trying to get the game to run?

    I uninstalled through Windows bu I haven't tried that Display Driver Uninstaller. I'll try it out when I get home. Thanks!
  4. qoncept

    Doom is too much Quake

    Ugly graphics, completely boring and forgettable weapons, enemies, levels and sounds. No, I don't think Quake 1 was anything like Doom. Every time I try to give it another chance it's worse.
  5. qoncept

    Anyone else still trying to get the game to run?

    When I click on Launch, the screen turns black for a second like it's loading, then drops back to the desktop without an error message, and nothing shows up in the Windows Event Viewer. I meet the specs (AMD-FX 8350, Geforce 960 2gb, Win10-64, 2x 240gb ssd, 16gb ram) - I've updated my geforce drivers to 365.19 (the latest, linked directly from the Steam page) - Dxdiag confirms this and everything else is good - Verified download in Steam - All other drivers and Windows updates are up to date - Closed everything else running - Made recommended Geforce changes (disable vsync, etc) - No overclocking But, as you said.. I really don't think I have anything to go on. I can't find any kind of error in any logs.
  6. I bought a gaming PC that'd be able to run Doom a few months ago. When the beta was released last month I tried and couldn't get it to run, then just figured I'd give up till the final game came out. Here am I 4 days later still unable to play. Bethesda's support has done a great job of having me check the same half a dozen things over and over and over again. I've never had high hopes for the game and it looks like by the time I get to play I'll be totally sick of it anyway. :\
  7. qoncept

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I guess this isn't anything I JUST found out but it always surprises me how quickly Doom and the sequels and ports were all made. For such a masterpiece of a game to have several maps thrown together a day to get it pushed out the door really just blows my mind. I really have to believe a lot of what makes Doom such a great game was just dumb luck. I think Carmack was the only real perfectionist and after his work was done he just wanted to start selling the game.
  8. qoncept

    Doom regrets

    My only regret is that for years I never played the game legitimately except in coop. I always thought it was too hard. It wasn't too hard, I just never really tried. I'd skip around from level to level using different cheats.
  9. qoncept

    If Classic DOOM ever became freeware...

    I would beg for someone that knew what they were doing to add Doom II monsters to Episode 4 and rebalance.
  10. qoncept

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Same here. I don't mind that people are doing it, but I can't believe how hard it is to find anyone that's not.
  11. qoncept

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I think Brutal Doom is pretty innocent as far as ruining Doom goes. Not my bag but not awful. But when I browse games in Doom Seeker trying to find something to get in for 20 minutes it's almost impossible to find something I want to play. I want original Doom with, at most, some new maps. What I find is all kinds of ... i don't even know how to generalize. Invasion maps with 100 different monsters, so many people running around with rocket launchers shooting at 100 arch viles that no one knows what's going on or .. I don't know. But I don't like what Zandronum users are doing. Unfortunately it's the best/easiest source port for me and my friends to use.
  12. Is there an updated zip with all the completed textures?
  13. qoncept

    Things about Doom you just found out

    http://doomwiki.org/w/index.php?title=File:E4M6_map.png&filetimestamp=20050111220608 Are you talking about the ones to the north? Isn't that the only way to get to that secret?
  14. qoncept

    On multiplayer difficulty (co-op)

    Meh.. On most of those Doom 2 maps you're really forced to deal with the Cyberdemons before moving on. Otherwise you're eventually going to get blindsided and killed by a rocket.
  15. qoncept

    Least Memorable Maps in Ultimate DOOM

    It's a complete mystery to me how anyone can enjoy E2. E2M8 is the best boss level but other than that the entire episode just looks like complete trash to me. The levels are ugly and boring. E2M1 is the ugliest. E2M2 is like someone purposely tried to make a map I would hate. The rest are completely forgettable.