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  1. I currently have an idea for a wad and already began working on it, the one thing I really need is a custom sky texture for a space setting I already know how to insert it into the wad but I just need some good quality sky textures...if theres a site that you know of that has it please drop me a link. I already checked on Realm667 and I don't think they have any sky textures.
  2. MasterofJKD

    monster walking

    I've always noticed that enemies don't like going down stairs that much they would simply walk near the linedef and sometimes cross it but it would take awhile. Why is this?
  3. MasterofJKD

    Midi help

    I'm using Zdoom and I know it's a limit-removing source port but is there a limit to how long a midi file can be? My friend is making a midi track for a level I'm working on, and I would like to know how long the song can be.
  4. MasterofJKD

    Midi help

    awesome thanks for the help, I put his song in the wad and it works perfectly.
  5. MasterofJKD

    Ladders in Zdoom

    On some wads mappers have made ladders I was wondering how to make one.
  6. MasterofJKD

    Doom1/2 music list

    I've been ahving trouble finding the track list for certain songs. I've gone on the doom wiki, and found the full names but when I open Slade 3 the audio tracks are shortened to the point, where I cant find certain songs. Is there a track list out there for both the doom/doom2 iwads as they appear in slade and what levels they correspond to? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. MasterofJKD

    Doom1/2 music list

    Thanks guys, problem solved.
  8. MasterofJKD

    Doombuilder sometimes not saving WAD

    Just a suggestion but make sure ur clicking on the most recent version of ur file, and not a backup.
  9. MasterofJKD

    ACS sound help

    I'm currently revising a map I was working on a few months ago. It takes place in space, and there's a part where the player enters and he's outside in space, I already have anti-gravity where he can jump pretty high. But there's one thing missing, the sound... I want to make the sector where if the player shoots, or if monsters shoot or make any sound that it is muted, but only in this sector. Is there an ACS command to help me do this?
  10. MasterofJKD

    ACS sound help

    The sector silencer worked absolutely perfectly, the revision of my first map is finally complete thank you so much. I thought it would be alot more complicated, but I didn't think to look in the "things" menu.
  11. MasterofJKD

    Barrel placement

    Well you could maybe place them near some monsters far away enough that the player when he sees the barrel and monsters he has a choice, whether or not to wait, for the monsters to run near the barrel or just simply shoot the monsters. I'd recommend just playing around with it maybe put it far away enough where it could damage a strong enemy but not kill it, giving the player an edge. But it also depends on the maps being made too, and whether or not the barrels fit the level.
  12. MasterofJKD

    The archvile

    I've noticed some mappers know how to put an archvile in a map really well...while others have no idea how to use them. What are some general guidelines on where to put the archvile so its challenging but not too unfair to the player?
  13. MasterofJKD

    How to add hq textures?

    What map format are you mapping in? Also don't use XWE its terrible use Slade.
  14. MasterofJKD

    What is with the hate against the Wolfenstein maps in Doom II?

    I still like the levels, even though on a map that ur making for doom 2 shouldn't have those textures...that said those 2 maps at the end are secret levels, and were obviously an homage to wolfenstein, personally I like the maps. But those two levels should not be taken seriously and should be looked at in the context of what they were meant to be.
  15. MasterofJKD

    Zdaemon map making?

    Ok I'm sick of playing the Brit10 FFA maps, so I would like to make my own zdaemon free for all deathmatch maps. The only issue is how do the zdaemon map makers get their weapons to respawn. I'll be mapping in UDMF format. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. MasterofJKD

    Zdaemon map making?

    Well the weapon respawn was through ACS I was just wondering how to do it. But I thought zdaemon supported UDMF, does it support ZDoom(Hexen) instead?
  17. Actually I heard on a previous thread that they changed the berserk pack as well...instead of a cross on the pack its now a pill. Just a stupid aesthetic change that should never have happened. Edit: Honestly even if I got doom 3 bfg edition, i'd stick with my original iwads, you just cant beat them with zdoom. Nothing id will actually pump out will surpass it, mostly cuz they just dont care. I think for them including the original iwads, it was just a bonus they put in the package to add to the "bfg" edition.
  18. MasterofJKD

    Screenshot Hotkey(DB2)

    Just wondering how to take a screenshot in DB2, I realize this is probably an incredibly stupid question but I've gotta ask. Besides just going into zdoom and taking a snapshot sometimes doesn't address the issue as well as if you were in the editor.
  19. MasterofJKD

    The archvile

    Wish they had a separate archvile variant...maybe with a slight coloration difference on realm667. With a weaker attack, or just as a healer. I could really use that. Just wish I knew how to make custom monsters myself.
  20. MasterofJKD

    The archvile

    Whenever I encounter them in a map there's always a level of uncertainty, since they do so much damage per hit, I always wonder...am I gonna make it out of this alive? They are indeed an awesome monster one of my favorites besides the Mancubus. And don't forget about that Plutonia level were your in a maze...awesome moment.
  21. MasterofJKD

    The archvile

    I just played a map just now..and basically you walk in, the door closes behind you (where you cant activate it on this side) a horde of imps open to your right and an archvile is right behind you...and no cover whatsoever, up to this point I already faced two archviles on the same map that were pretty tame situations. I feel like some players just want you to die and then reload a recent save and do it over. I feel like if the player can react quickly enough he should be able to live without knowing the trap ahead of time.
  22. MasterofJKD

    Doombuilder Stopped working

    It could also be the map that he is working on...maybe load up a backup of the wad. Or does it stop working when you just open Doombuilder and nothing else?
  23. MasterofJKD

    GZDoom Builder not previewing slopes?

    For some slopes I try to put a kind of "railing" sector that would cover the bad texture cutoffs, on either side of the slope. It really depends on the texture you have for either side of the slope.
  24. MasterofJKD

    Annoying Doombuilder Errors

    All of these issues could be avoided 100% of the time if you just take the plunge and switch to Doombuilder 2. I tried mapping with DB1 but it has so many needless errors that compared to DB2 it's utterly useless. Also CodeImp isn't the company he's the person that created DB1 & DB2.
  25. I was wondering if it was possible if you can do a walk over linedef action, have that trigger an explosion near a wall and have that wall break apart, and have it open to another area. I know this is gonna take some acs and that's where it would get tricky but it would be interesting to know how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.