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  1. Sergeek

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    Stuck in Hub 3. Restored power and got fans running, next stop should be transport center, but it requires access card. Never saw those, even with "items" command, in any location. Saw a youtube walkthrough, but the dude just straight up goes to the access lift after enabling power, never saw him getting any cards. What to do?
  2. Just started this WAD after finishing Icarus and I'm already stuck. Am I supposed to play it with jumping? Both TXT files say nothing about that. What about crouching?
  3. Sergeek

    Banded SW Lightmode - ?

    This option in GZDoom Hardware Renderer settings puzzled me to no end. All the guides I've read never had any explanation for it. It was switched off by default - when should I enable it?
  4. Sergeek

    Eternal Doom in GZDoom?

    Huh. Finished the Master Levels two weeks ago and had no issues with Black Tower in GZDoom (aside from that one stuck Caco, but it's not port related).
  5. Sergeek

    Eternal Doom in GZDoom?

    I want to play this iconic project and I'm a sucker for modern features of GZDoom. In the latest third release of Eternal Doom there are four WAD files in the ZIP: CREDITS CSWEEPER ETERNALL NULL Is there a proper load order for these?
  6. Sergeek

    Wolfenstein 3D on Android

    Is it possible? I tried to run ECWolf on my Redmi Note 9, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  7. Sergeek

    Doom 64 - how to play it?

    As a person who enjoyed both PSX Doom and Doom 3, I was eager to try Doom 64 at some point because of its darker tone. So here I am, thinking about how to properly play this beast, but there are multiple options: Absolution, Retribution, the 2020 re-release. What should I choose? I never played it back in the day, so I don't really care for an authentic feeling and I do enjoy modern touches of GZDoom here and there.
  8. Sergeek

    How should I play PWADS?

    I'm currently playing through Memento Mori and I see some problems with -fast already, even though it is not the slaughter style levels yet. Those were evident also in Scythe. Lost Souls are kind of twitchy and have problems reaching me from elevation. Monsters with ranged attacks can be caught around corners or decorations, mindlessly unloading into those barriers. Pain Elemental's exploding souls bug also happens far more often with -fast enabled. It is really enjoyable to dance around fast Barons in a tight room, but I'll try next WAD without -fast. Feel free to add more opinions, since I still have my doubts. Strangely, in Quake, I strongly prefer Nightmare and believe that "turret" Ogres are far more challenging than regular ones, but it is not that simple in DOOM.
  9. Sergeek

    How should I play PWADS?

    I want to get back into playing DOOM. Want to finally properly beat the community's classics, starting with some good old PWADs I played on ZDaemon. The first one on my list was "Scythe" (no particular reason, the name was pretty memorable and that's all). I play through GZDood with modern graphics settings, but also with freelook and on UV Fast. My experience is quite removed from the vanilla as it is, so I also thought about playing with some weapon/monster packs in the future. Yet I had problems with "Scythe" already, just on UV Fast alone. This later transition in the PWAD from moderately packed maps to slaughterfests forced me to rely on infighting, since I was often short on ammo. I had no problems up to the episode three, but then it became really hard, really fast. And it most certainly would've been even harder with gameplay modifications akin to Brutal Doom. This brought up two questions that I want to ask you: Should I stick to playing with fastmonsters? How often people play it like that? How good are the famously hard wads, like Hell Revealed II, on such setting? I remember it was hard as it is, and rows of revenants on -fast are painful. Do you remember any particular combinations of gameplay/mapset mods which are good? Difficulty is an issue, of course, but some megawads might become broken with gameplay extensions that affect mobility too much. Any kind of input will be appreciated.
  10. Sergeek

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    Dark Souls series are mediocre at best. I can't say they are overrated, since they sold ok for a project from such a small studio, but that's about it. Overhyped probably will be a better term. Series feel nice because of the context - when majority of modern games hold your hand through those six hours of gameplay, you will crave for something more challenging, even if it is flawed. But the thing is - DS isn't that challenging, it simply pushes you to your limits through incredible repetitiveness. There is not much variety to it. No matter if you are STR, DEX or even INT melee fighter, everyone does the same set of actions. Granted, there are some weapons with unique mechanics, but most of them use the same set of animations (even weapon arts are often reused). Heck, even in numerical values majority of weapons are quite close to each other. I understand that it is intentional, so you could play whatever weapon you fancy, but it removes the "oomph" from treasure hunting altogether. Ranged combat is only a supplement for melee, and so is casting. And magic is also limited - you just blast things with damage. No control, no summons, no mobility, handful of buffs, debuffs and utility spells. Four status effects even in the latter installment. There is no proper crafting or stealth, and no social interactions with NPCs. Also so little of puzzles and platformer elements are horrible. Add to that the overall "rawness" of these games. Framerate was always an issue throughout the series. Checkpoints are either too sparse, or too numerous. Some bosses are incredibly easy, some are hard, completely unrelated to the order of appearance. Ai is incredibly dumb and easily exploitable. Soul Level progression has the double buffer of diminishing returns (stats both give you less and cost more the more you level them), there are random spikes with stat increase effectiveness, and you build your character around your equipment, with attributes/spells being an afterthought. And even though I like the phantom system, it is implemented badly. I'm not even talking about easily exploited matchmaking, some types of multiplayer are simply unplayable, namely location-based phantoms, or blue guardian phantoms in latter installments. But my biggest gripe is the lack of tactical insight. The core philosophy of DS game design is trial and error. Miyazaki said it himself - you have to die in order to progress. There are a lot of instances when you can't predict some outcomes and encounters without metagaming, simply by your perception and analysis alone. The fact that the games sometimes straight up lie to you isn't helping either. It reminds me of those old platformers, when you had to preform leaps of faith here and there, just to get it right after dozens of deaths. Combined with overall sameness of the gameplay, it becomes tedious really quick. Dark Souls series are still one of the best games I played in a while, it is probably one of my favourite series ever, but I was into it because of art direction and indirect type of narration, not because of its gameplay. But even in this regard, visual designs are just a bunch of dark fantasy cliches and general plot is just that same old "destiny is unchangeable, but cyclic" shtick you have in majority of fantasy themed Japanese settings. And there are a lot of games that do environmental storytelling far better anyway.
  11. Sergeek

    Quake ports and mods

    Thank you for your replies! I will stick with quakespasm then.
  12. Sergeek

    Quake ports and mods

    Hello, doomworld! I know it might appear slightly out of place, but I have no other place to ask anyway. I'm more into Doom, but still like Quake, and recently, after playing Dimensions of the Past, I really want to get into its mod scene. I was playing DotP in Quakespasm, but simply because it was already a complete package with this download. I want to try Arcane Dimensions next, so I want to get into ports properly. Since AD is technically more impressive, maybe I should try some other port?
  13. Sergeek

    Beautiful Doom

    For example, this one has two fire modes - pump and semi. It has more to do with reliability and to counter jamming, and such mechanics aren't present in DOOM, but you can improvise. Semi-auto shot is faster, but spread is huge, whilst pump-action shot is slower, but spread is smaller. Slower rate of fire - but faster projectile, when you aren't crowd-controlling, but fighting a single powerful target. You had that idea about akimbo style - though I can see how poorly it fits DOOM aesthetics. Go for burst fire to make an improvised shotgun? Semi-auto for pinpoint accuracy? Well it has its uses when you're trying to conserve ammo, but I concur. I switch back to shotgun only on some PWADs which offer distance, because of tighter spread. I understand you are trying to keep it faithful, but those ideas about alternative fire and silent fist you already had on your mind suggest that you do want to increase the utility of some mechanics, so why don't you increase the utility of things that need it the most? Plasma shotgun - NO, NO, DON'T REPORT ME, LISTEN! Most of the time when people are trying to work with this concept, they forget about the main advantage of plasma rifle - projectiles travel in predictable, straight pattern. Just make the gun to spit three plasma balls with fixed spread, just like our lovely mancubus does with his napalm - it fits DOOM balancing quite well. Though I also don't know what to do with BFG - tweaking fire rate and damage seems redundant because of plasma rifle. Thank you for returning to this project. Looking forward to further updates!
  14. Sergeek

    Beautiful Doom

    Loved your mod - offered the neat deal between looking good but keeping it balanced. That's why my 50 cents will be about mechanics, mainly alternative fire - don't do it at all, or do it for every weapon. It seems small, but it will grant additional tactical advantage to two weapons that really don't need the boost (SSG is the strongest choice already, single shot will render shotgun useless). Personally, I would like to have alternative fire for every piece in game, to strengthen the less popular guns. But I understand it will be a lot of work and isn't the main focus of your mod, so getting rid of this feature is also an option.
  15. Sergeek

    Port suggestion

    I just thought maybe it can be stretched, rescaled or something like that. It resets every time to default 90 when you're loading/reloading maps. This is sad, oh well. Thanks for elaborate answer! I'll try to experiment with those ports. Yeah, I know about custom huds, it's just some WADs have their own, so I can't use them all the time.