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Everything posted by manukio81

  1. manukio81

    Voxel Doom Port!

    Very good man! that is the way! zdoom_vox suport change each movement frame by each movement voxel?
  2. manukio81

    Voxel Doom Port!

    The monsters I think that arent nice with voxel (super dificult, like everything with movements), but the dead monsters, the meat rest meaby would be cool. Every with voxel, only monster in movement with pixel... dreams are free :P
  3. manukio81

    Voxel Doom Port!

    Excelent voxel model! New version of zdoom_vox? I hope!!!
  4. manukio81

    Voxel Doom Port!

    I cant wait for a voxel source port! I tested the vox-zdoom port last year and was awesome, I don't know why stop there the developing for that sorce port... :( Dialy wait for a new version of some voxel port, good luck! PD: Sorry for my very bad english.