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  1. This place pretty much consists of 2 Things...... Fire and Idiots, and I'm not talking about the eventual destination of this thread...

    Australia is so freaking hot right now! like so hot that when I go to lie down on a bed the whole thing feels like it has just been ironed.....
    I am literally in my underpants while typing this it is sooo hot.

    And then there are people who ACTUALLY ENJOY IT! They are like "Whatsa matta mate, you don't like tans?"

    Are there any aussies here who can relate?

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    2. Clonehunter


      I despise the cold and heat equally.

    3. dg93


      Clonehunter said:

      I despise the cold and heat equally.

      I can handle the cold. I hate the extreme heat of a July summer day. I like in the Northeast of the US and my favorite months with cool / warm weather are March, April, and May.

    4. Hellbent


      I thought 114F (46C) was pretty warm when I was there for Xmas once. What is the actual temp you are complaining about? Yesterday was absolutely paradise in the Northeast: 24C.