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  1. Serial_Killer

    wtf is up with alaska

    heh...man you guys dont quit...well one thing for sure it kinda hard to get to oil deep in the see when in most of the spots its like too deep to go and the mining equipment is really expensive so only very few people could aford to go way down there:)
  2. Serial_Killer

    wtf is up with alaska

    i was talking bout damge to the environment not just by oil.even though alot of it is over oil...
  3. Serial_Killer

    wtf is up with alaska

    yeah they did more damage in iraq than they will in alaska. and there gonna do more damage in korea too...heh but thats a diff story
  4. Serial_Killer

    If one day....

    i would probly just got take big old shit. then come back and if i werent gone then would just sit there and not care.
  5. Serial_Killer

    wtf is up with alaska

    why doesnt the governmanet just pump the oil out of it and get it over with now the world will be out of fosil fules in 50 to 75 years any way why not just get it out now so we can have sheaper gas next summer:)
  6. Serial_Killer

    Russian Roulette live on tv? Cool!

    i like the weakest link better... that british lady is quite retarded...i like those shows better you can actually laugh at them
  7. Serial_Killer

    slow doom

    well i havent played dom in a while but i dont see anything fun bout going slower:)
  8. Serial_Killer

    Realistically speaking? Hell...

    i just went down the street and got BBG's copy and put it on my comp witch didnt have the internet at the time. ow well yeah my comps sucks so what
  9. if the middle button can scroll i think you need to set it so that the mouse is a 3 button mouse with a scrolling wheel.
  10. Serial_Killer

    smoking/tobbaco doomers

    Yeah i smoke but not that much. I have like 3 or 4 a day.