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  1. Hello!

    For those of you who may be fans of not only Doom, but of classic games like Commander Keen, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D etc... You may find it very awesome that a machinima series for Duke Nukem is in the works. The first episode released Christmas Day and is called "Ass Kicking Etiquette"

    You can view it here:

    We also have a facebook page you can subscribe to here:

    We hope you enjoy what our series offers. Be sure to stay tuned as the next episode will be out January 25th, 2012. We're going to feature many classic DOS characters in future episodes after that, including DoomGuy and maybe even Commander Keen!

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    2. OpenMaw


      The third episode in the series now has a teaser trailer available. It's entitled "Bacon Factory"


      Enjoy! :)

    3. OpenMaw


      April 7th has hit already and as such we are at the release day for episode 03 of Duke Nukem The Series. You can view it right here in glorious HD.


      Take it easy folks, and enjoy! :)

    4. OpenMaw


      It's been a long while since Duke Nukem The Series had a release. The reason for this is shortly after the release of our third episode, Vinny Stagnitta lost his place. He's been searching, and still is. However, we did manage to secure a small area for him at a friends house where we can work on smaller scale shorts.

      In this instance we decided to do a short commercial featuring Duke.