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  1. Killamangiro91


    Having buying all quakes off steam I noticed the music doesn't work unless you have the CD in... I'm asking which is the best way to play quake? I want the old school way...the way it's meant to be played... Is playing through steam really the best way? Also....mouselook or no?
  2. Killamangiro91


    I found this.. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1756923 Anyone tried it....I just installed it now and the music still doesn't work. I can't play quake without music :( What files do I need to play it on a sourceport?
  3. Killamangiro91

    Fightan Gaems

    Does anyone actively play fighting games? I always have phases when I want to play fighting games....only thing is is that I'm no good. Lets have a discussion on Fighting games. Give tips, recommendations, stories.... Just got GGPO and a few roms, so going to be playing some(and sucking at it) street fighter 2. HOW CAN I GET BETTER??? Don't answer that, I know the answer. PRACTICE!!! How should someone need to practice and train so hard to enjoy a type of game?
  4. Killamangiro91


    Who remembers XIII? One of the most underrated games ever. A lot of people forget about this masterpiece. Even the people who made it (still waiting for a sequel). Been thinking about buying a PS2 from Ebay and sticking this bad boy in for a few days. So many good times were had whilst playing this, not just me, but my friends too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yTNf3KYspE
  5. Killamangiro91

    Steam Summer Sales

    I didn't buy anything. I already have all the games I want. :|
  6. Killamangiro91

    computer programming

    Any of you guys into programming? I'm thinking about learning some languages. Where should I start? I've mostly been into computer hardware but fancy getting some knowledge in the software side. I'm really not good at maths, I mean I'm terrible at it. I heard that programming is a lot about maths, is this true? Any tips guys? Books suggestions? Thanks
  7. Killamangiro91

    computer programming

    If you mean college , I can't . I actually tried doing computing at college, but because I didn't do any computing at school I had to take the bottom course. It would have took me 3 years just to get where I am knowledge wise, and then be able to take advance computing class. I self taught everything I know about computers, so might as well continue. I wish I did a computer class at school but I was a dumb kid that just did the subjects my friends did. Even though I didn't do anything conputerwise at school, I still think it sucks that I had to start at the bottom. The were teaching me how to use MS word. :\ Anyway, yeah. I'm just going to self educate. Fuck the education system!
  8. Killamangiro91

    bands influenced by DOOM

    I'm looking for bands/artists that are influenced by DOOMS music. It doesn't need to be a direct influence. Mostly bands that sound like the music from DOOM. Inb4 Alice in chains, metalica and all the band's bobby took sounds from. I'm not after that. I hear a bit of a doom influence coming from Nine Inch Nails, for obvious reasons. I have only really listened to the downward spiral though. I also, for some reason, hear some doom influences in KMFDM. Maybe that's just me? Anyone think of anymore? Forgive me if the grammar and spelling is wrong, I'm typing this from my phone.
  9. Killamangiro91


    Have any of you guys went? Tell us stories of your experience. I don't play quake, so is it actually worth me making a flight from across the world to go? I have always wanted to go. What do you expect from this years?
  10. Killamangiro91

    The battle of the 2 Johns

    John Carmack Vs. John Romero Who wins? Who was more important to the development of DOOM? Who kicks more ass? YOU CAN ONLY PICK 1!
  11. I HATE GETTING MY HAIRCUT!! I'm not too lazy to get one, I just hate it. I usually just get my hair cut really short and let it grow for a whole month. My hair looks terrible, but I stopped caring(until someone points it out) :) I was my hair everyday, but only use shampoo once a week (usually sundays). My hair is very fine and find if I do this it thickens it up a bit. I hate my thin hair. My hair also grows from the sides, so my sides stick up and can't be flattened and I have a funny hairline which leaves my fringe all fucked up. Get on my level of bad hair, guys!
  12. Killamangiro91

    Requesting Doom Music

    Been a while :) Has anyone actually saved all the Doom music and Remixes? I have been getting a few remix albums. It's quite hard to get the others (without single downloading a song). I'm wondering if anyone is willing to take there music folder, zip it and share it to all us Doomers? I found this torrent: http://www.demonoid.me/files/details/2725213/002437400694/ but it seems to be removed. :( http://i.imgur.com/jRV6F.png <the remixes I have so far. Suggest others?
  13. Killamangiro91

    Requesting Doom Music

    Ah, nice. I didn't know about that. Thanks. But it would still be nice to be able to get a zip of the music. It's more convenient.
  14. Killamangiro91

    The battle of the 2 Johns

    It wouldn't be "The Battle of the Johns" then. I could have added Tom Hall, Adrian Carmack, etc ,etc. But I wanted it to be about THE JOHNS!
  15. Killamangiro91

    Phobosdeimos1 is Dead.

    Didn't really speak to the guy but he always seemed cool. It's always sad when you hear that someone so young has died(especially when they are close to your own age). R.I.P. Phobosdeimos1 and my condolences goes to his family and friends. 3 months ago? I can't believe it. I wonder how he died. D:
  16. Killamangiro91

    Wrestlemania 28

    So Who's watching it tonight? I don't watch wrestling anymore. Watched it when it was wwf and stopped when all my favourite wrestlers left or turned to shit (the rock, stone cold, mankind, undertaker, kane). But I do watch every year Royal Rumble and wrestlemania for a bit of nostalgia. I'm really hyped for this years. Undertaker vs Triple H in a hell in a cell The rock vs John cena (attitude era vs PG era) I know, I KNOW. I will get disappointed cause WWE just sucks nowadays. But I'm still excited. What are your guys predictions?
  17. Killamangiro91

    Wrestlemania 28

    I disagree. Back in the attitude era when everything went and no one gave a shit. It was good. The script writers were exciting and often matches had good twists and turns. Nowadays you can tell what happens and shit. Or maybe I just thought that cause I was a kid :S
  18. Killamangiro91

    the raspberry pi

    So theres a new tiny computer that came out and I'm thinking about getting it. Link about it below http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi http://www.raspberrypi.org/ So I'm wondering if you think this will run DOOM and mods and such on full speed. Thinking about making it my own DOOM console where I can just hook up and play :D What do you guys think? Can it do it? Also what do you think of the raspberry pi in general? To mods Didn't know if this belonged on the DOOM general or everything else. Feel free to move it it you find it out of place(implying that stops you moving/deleteing my threads anyway).
  19. Killamangiro91

    Are you a Doom player, mapper or programmer?

    I'm a regular player, Used to make some maps in the past but I failed badly at it. Now I just play other peoples maps. I may try and get back at mapmaking if I have spare time.
  20. Killamangiro91

    Playing Doom with a keyboard/touchpad

    So I'm stuck at work for 2 weeks and brought my little netbook with me so I can play some DOOM (cause they block my favourite sites, apart from doomworld :D). But I forgot my mouse.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!. And I suck really bad at playing with just a keyboard, worse when using the touchpad. How can some of you guys do this? it's horrible!
  21. Killamangiro91

    Funny Doom Pictures

    I'm aware there's another Picture thread but I'm looking for funny DOOM pictures (not necessary screenshots). I'm looking for more Reaction pictures and that. I have asked 4chans /v/ but as expected they didn't deliver. Just Doom related pictures that make you laugh. Thanks. P.s. If someone has a doom folder full of pictures, could you put it on mediafire or something? Sharing is caring.
  22. Killamangiro91

    Funny Doom Pictures

    Nevermind. I found a few. Still it would be awesome if someone here who had a large folder of doom pics could upload it.
  23. Killamangiro91

    Let's talk about movies

    Have you watched it yet? I found it really boring and couldn't finish it. I found Drive very boring too. Of course old films are the best but there are some good new films that have came out. Look at the dark knight. Probably my favourite batman film. Rise of the planet of the apes was my favourite film of last year.
  24. Has anyone got any links to the doom 1 & 2 soundtracks in good quality and tagged right? I've only been able to get shit ones with no tags and I'm too lazy to tag them.
  25. Steam: Killamangiro91 PSN: PainfulDOOM Gamertag is same as PSN but I don't use it anymore.