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  1. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Scythe 2 Map 19 Pacifist in 0:26. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9db-eIn8dyY s219p026.zip
  2. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Scythe map 05 UV-Max in 0:50. sc05-050.zip
  3. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    COLLECT E1M9 Nomo in 0:19. collect19o019.zip
  4. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Noye Map 27 Pacifist in 0:37. ny27p037.zip
  5. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    64KB LR Map 26 UV -fast in 3:51 64l26f351.zip
  6. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Arch-Vile Jump Map 04 Stroller in 0:55. aj04str055.zip
  7. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    Eviltech: Soul Of Megawad Map 01 Nomo in 0:24.74. te01o024.zip
  8. 4shockblast

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Number One Kill the Next Generation Map 4 Nomo in 0:02.97. 1k04o297.zip
  9. 4shockblast

    Table fillers!

    You may be right, I only raced it casually. I do remember trying to find some speeds after that, but I didn't find much that seemed too interesting. Maybe it just works better for continuous runs than ILs, heh.
  10. 4shockblast

    Table fillers!

    Not sure how many of these are Cacoward winners or anything, but I think these should qualify as notable anyway. :) 50 Shades map 18 is still missing any demos. Rest of the maxtable is complete I think. It didn't seem up my alley, so I never beat it, not sure how hard it is. The Journey maxtable is still pretty sparse Toilet of the Gods only has map 1 at the moment, though these maps are hard. I think I'll try map 4 at some point, we'll see. :^) Both Chex Quest 1 and 2 are still surprisingly low on demos, other than full runs at least. Chex 2, notably, has no maxes at all. H2H-XMas should have pretty fun UV-Speeds IMO, but has very few of those. On a personal level, I would like to see/might work on the following: Completing the Perdition's Gate NM100 table. NM is already complete, only 3 and 27 left for NM100 (both pretty brutal, though, IMO). Completed Scythe movies (missing NM100 episodes 2/3/D2ALL, UV-Max episode 3/D2ALL, NM-Speed D2ALL, UV -fast? episodes 2/3/D2ALL)
  11. 4shockblast

    Demo Bounty Month [March 1 - April 1]

    You know I had to go for the perdgate run first. :^) Perdition's Gate Map 11 UV -fast in 2:15. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huRGQyUkDVU 100linen map 19 pacifist in 0:40 abyspe27 map 06 uv max in 4:18 * allhell d2all uv speed in 3:39 d2twid map 21 pacifist in 0:57 exfistpe map 01 tyson in 5:16 * perdgate map 16 uv max in 3:10 * proj-x map 12 uv max in 0:18 scythe map 12 stroller in 0:45 sodfinal map 13 nm speed in 0:35 vilchal map 01 uv speed in 0:38 ************* noye map 01 uv speed in 0:00 (1 trillion points) pg11f215.zip
  12. 4shockblast

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 05 Pacifist in 0:19 s205p019.zip
  13. 4shockblast

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Frog and toad UV-Speed in 0:18 Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNNgixHqPzs ft32-018.zip
  14. 4shockblast

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Scythe 2 Map 01 in 0:16.89. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfiaf2S9F1A s201o016.zip
  15. 4shockblast

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Map 32 UV-Speed in 4:32. evit32-432.zip