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  1. That's winter, I guess there might not be any tickets for the summer one yet.
  2. I'll be there to prove that I am, in fact, a Dogefish in real life
  3. The (mostly unofficial I think) rules are: 1. If there is a thread for demos for the wad or wad series or author you are recording a demo for, place it in that thread, even if the thread is old. These are listed here: link. The thread may not always be fully updated, so it might be good to check through Google search as well. 2. If there is no thread and you suspect the wad will receive adequate demo attention or you intend to make many demos afterwards, it can be appropriate to start a thread. 3. If there is no thread, and you don't think the wad will receive many more demos or you're not certain that it will, place it in one of the appropriate misc. threads (TAS or nomo exist as well). If a thread, in fact, exists, or if a bunch of demos end up being made, and there are enough for a thread, the moderators can move your demo to the appropriate thread or a new thread, so you should just keep your demo in misc until that is done instead of double posting.
  4. The world has not seen a more exhilarating and impressive accomplishment than the Experiencing Nirvana map 19 pacifist: https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/enirvana/721/en19-931.zip, https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/enirvana/720/en19-930.zip.
  5. Awesome demo! I'll admit I had no idea of that other blue door, that makes it much easier. Unfortunate to render this route obsolete with an imрse glide. 2:24 sc29s224.zip
  6. Speedrunning kind of works like this: 1. You can't get a time or complete a challenge run because it's too hard. 2. Eventually you get better and you realize what you were going for in the past was easy. 3. Now your standards are way higher and you're going for even harder runs and better times. Repeat ad infinitum until your standards practically exceed anything achievable in a reasonable amount of time. Yes, it takes a lot of time and practice to get to a point where you can achieve runs with relatively little effort and time that would be difficult for an average player to complete at all. Yes, it's still miserable.
  7. Interested in never-released (because they were bad) pre-demo pack runs that I made? Map 17 UV-Speed in 1:42. Map 24 pacifist in 0:14. Also, a weird category: Map 31 secret exit pacifist with -altdeath. pg17-142.zip pg24p014.zip pg31ps002altd.zip
  8. Map 22 UV-Speed in 0:26. z322-026.zip
  9. A couple oddball categories for Doom 2 map 1: UV-Speed with max health and armor (108 health, 101 armor) in 0:21. UV-Speed with -turbo 10 in 0:38. lv01ha021.zip lv01tu10-038.zip
  10. I never continued working on it. Map 17 Stroller in 0:06. hi17str609.zip
  11. Unholy Realms maps 1-4 movie in 0:35. Perdition's Gate maps 1-5 movie in 1:48. Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 4 map 1 UV-Speed in 0:22. Resurgence map 1 UV-Speed in 0:10. 04urx035.zip 05pgx148.zip aby401x022.zip rs01x010.zip
  12. bfgdemo.zip map 1 UV-Speed in 0:05.63. map 1 pacifist in 0:01.26. E1M1 pacifist in 0:01.26. Demolition Wad + Circus map 31 pacifist in 0:08.40. DoomJr Map 13 NM-Speed in 0:08. Map 14 NM-Speed in 0:11. Extreme Fisting of the Pain Elemental Tyson in 5:16 (also FDA). Industrial Techware Doom E1M5 UV-Speed in 1:38. E1M7 pacifist in 1:37. LANDMINE UV-Speed in 0:44. Mem29min.wad Tyson in 0:29. RichE1M1 UV-Max in 0:02. Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #1 map 02 pacifist in 0:09. Vile Challenge UV -fast in 0:59. bfgd01-563.zip bfgd01p126.zip bfgd11p126.zip deml31p840.zip exft516.zip itd5-138.zip itd7p137.zip land-044.zip m2mt029.zip rich-002.zip s102p994.zip vilcf059.zip jr13n811.zip jr14n011.zip
  13. Map 7 UV-Max in 2:01. 50m07-201.zip
  14. I decided I'd rather not go down in Doom speedrun history as a hoarder, so I'm uploading basically everything I have that's worth anything. 1 Monster: map 7 nomo in 0:53. map 31 nomo in 0:16. 100 Lines N: map 1 in 0:51. map 2 in 0:17. map 3 in 0:25. map 4 in 0:19. map 5 in 0:11. map 6 in 0:09. map 9 in 0:27. map 10 in 0:06. map 12 in 0:04. map 13 in 0:12. map 19 in 0:09. map 20 in 0:10. map 22 in 0:11. 50 monsters episode 1 map 1 in 0:26. Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 16 map 11 in 0:22. Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 19 map 11 in 0:05. anthill.wad in 0:18. Eternally Yours: map 1 in 0:17. map 2 in 1:01. Fava Beans E1M1 in 0:26. Doom 2 the Way id Did map 6 in 0:45. DoomJr: map 1 in 0:07. map 2 in 0:08. map 12 in 0:14. map 30 in 0:07. Doom: E1M1 in 0:08.94. E3M7 in 0:50. Switcherroom: E1M4 in 0:26 E1M9 in 0:29. Swim with the Whales map 31 in 0:46. Vile Challenge in 0:35. 1m07o053.zip 1m31o016.zip 1n01o051.zip 1n02o017.zip 1n03o025.zip 1n04o019.zip 1n05o011.zip 1n06o980.zip 1n09o027.zip 1n10o634.zip 1n12o474.zip 1n13o012.zip 1n19o906.zip 1n22o011.zip 50m01o026.zip aby1611o022.zip aby1911o540.zip antho018.zip ey01o017.zip ey02o101.zip id06o045.zip jr01o774.zip jr02o843.zip jr12o014.zip jr30o769.zip n1o1-894.zip n3o7-050.zip s1r4o026.zip s1r9o023.zip sw31o046.zip vilco035.zip f1b1o026.zip 1n20o010.zip
  15. There's nothing that even comes close to the prestige of the thissuxx UV-Max D2ALL record.