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  1. 4shockblast

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    Please do the following: Add a txt with the following info: PWAD: something.wad PWAD Name: Name Map: ## Skill: 4 Category: UV-Max Exe: DSDA-Doom #.##.# complevel ## Recorded on: Date Time: #:## Author: player_name Description: Please name your demo, txt, and zip with a standard naming format; for E1M1, this would be something like e1m1-010. For other runs, you'll have to check DSDA and other examples to know what the name should be. Please make a new post with the above fixes and your demo will be uploaded to DSDA.
  2. Map 08 Pacifist in 0:23.74. Nomo in 0:23.60. NM-Speed in 0:23.74. NM100 in 0:25 Stroller in 0:59 Nomo100 in 0:24.97. UV-Max in 1:02. UV -fast in 1:01. GM Tyson (Tyson with -fast) in 2:12. 4Shock and his friends headed to DSDA to submit 40 UV-Speed demos of ShitFuck.wad. I guess that's close enough. :^) tnt308p023.zip tnt308o023.zip tnt308n023.zip tnt308s025.zip tnt308str059.zip tnt308os024.zip tnt308-102.zip tnt308f101.zip tnt308tf212.zip
  3. 4P co-op demos: Map 07 UV-Max in 0:10.94 (with @El juancho, @RockyGaming4725, @Rayziik) (video). Map 12 UV-Speed in 0:07.29 (with @dashiefrickintyan, @Meowgi, @Rayziik). Map 33 UV-Max in 0:05.66 (with @RockyGaming4725, @Rayziik, @Meowgi) (video). Map 39 UV-Speed in 0:00.06 (with @RockyGaming4725, @Rayziik, @El juancho) (video). Map 40 Nomo in 0:02.83 (with @El juancho, @RockyGaming4725, @Rayziik). Map 57 Pacifist in 0:02.91 (with @RockyGaming4725, @Meowgi, @Rayziik). Map 58 Pacifist in 0:06.77 (with @Rayziik, @Meowgi, @RockyGaming4725) (video). Map 60 UV-Max in 0:34.89 (with @Meowgi, @Rayziik, @RockyGaming4725). Fun session, thanks to Meowgi for organizing! Hopefully more in the future. :) d5da207c1094.zip d5da212c729.zip d5da233c566.zip d5da239c006.zip d5da240oc283.zip d5da257pc291.zip d5da258pc677.zip d5da260c034.zip
  4. Map 15 UV-Max in 1:37. Map 15 Pacifist in 0:26. Map 28 Pacifist in 0:05.37. Map 56 UV-Max in 1:23. That leaves just 39 and 55 [:^)] for maxing purposes (at least out of the maps that are doable). d5da215-137.zip d5da215p026.zip d5da228p537.zip d5da256-123.zip
  5. 4shockblast

    Judgment Demos [-complevel 21]

    DSDA idgames Starting off with uploading the Discord demo pack that's been going on past few months. :) judg-lmps.zip judg-left.zip
  6. 4shockblast

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

    I think I just run over the barrier in the first fight before it raises; otherwise, I wouldn't even have enough health for the AVJ. Yeah, I read your txt about the AVJ after doing this, I guess we independently came up with this. I was focused on the multi-AVJ to the exit before this I guess, but then TASing it made me realize it was way more fucked than I anticipated, but I also figured your route was safe-ish for the same reason that I decided you have to SSG the vile for pain stun. Kinda randomly occurred to me that I could just abuse the vile pain stunning itself/killing the imp it was targeting, heh. I guess personally, I am quite happy the second fight is skippable; without it, incorporating the other tricks (especially the multi-AVJ at the final fight) would be too much for me in pacifist. :D
  7. 4shockblast

    Dimensions demos [-complevel 9]

    I'm sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L46rXq27CU dmn02p139.zip
  8. 4shockblast

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Dimensions Map 02 Pacifist TAS in 0:51.26. dmn02px051.zip
  9. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    These demos are incompatible as they are recorded in cl9 instead of cl21. I can upload them as incompatible, or if you prefer, you can redo them.
  10. 4shockblast

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    D5DA2 Map 05 UV-Speed in 0:12.97. d5da205x012.zip
  11. 4shockblast

    Dubzzz's 5Minute Design Assembly [-complevel 9]

    Map 22 Pacifist in 0:09.94. d5da22p994.zip
  12. 4shockblast

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    D5DA2 Map 37 Pacifist in 0:01.31. d5da237px131.zip
  13. 4shockblast

    Original LMP Hall of Fame Archive

    I've tried scouring Usenet archives for this, but I couldn't determine this either; I'm not sure if anyone is even around from those times that could confirm or deny who really started the LMP Hall of Fame. It is likely that the above archive isn't complete as well, so hard to say for sure from just that. Are we sure this is even the actual LMP Hall of Fame and not something else with a similar name anyway?
  14. Map 29 UV-Max in 2:16. Map 37 UV-Max in 0:44. Map 55 Nomo in 1:57.69. d5da229-216.zip d5da237-044.zip d5da255o157.zip
  15. Map 53 UV -fast in 2:00. https://youtu.be/7p61fgj13kQ d5da253f200.zip