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  1. Map 20 max 0:15. en20-015.zip
  2. Map 23 Tyson in 16:50. sc23t1650.zip
  3. I'm sure many a player (including myself) has tried to hit this switch from below in the past: Plutonia Map 04 pacifist in 0:08.46. pp04-846.zip
  4. Map 20 max 0:21. en20-021.zip
  5. Having standards for demos is lame. :) Scythe map 10 UV-Max in 0:25. sc10-025.zip
  6. Start UV-Max in 0:06.57. start-657.zip
  7. Start UV-Speed and NM-Speed in 0:04.77. start-477.zip startn477.zip
  8. Map 03 Pacifist in 0:02.89. sc03p289.zip
  9. It looks like this demo was missed (it's UV-Speed): .
  10. 24 max in 1:30 Dunno why folks are focusing on this max so much when there's undone maxes (map 17 anyone :o)?) in this wad, but I'll bite. en24-130.zip
  11. FYI, while I think the wad could be a good choice, it is very broken in terms of what the true final version is. In the idgames final version, map 30 cannot be exited to my understanding without the trick route involving a void glide and two archvile jumps, and there are apparently versions also called ur_final.wad floating around that can be exited on map 30. Furthermore, there were I think several fix wads made called urdpfix.wad and I think urdpfix2.wad (?) available on the DSDA page, all of which fix various bugs in the final version but none that fix all. Later versions of the fixwads reverted some bug fixes, and as far as I know, there is no version of UR that has every available bugfix. I would not suggest doing this as an Ironman until all of that is fixed because any demos recorded with this version will desync with the other versions, and there's no clear version that should be used for that not to happen...
  12. Most maps in frog.wad are short but exploit some sort of atypical challenge element, with map 9 which is both easy and non-gimmicky being the primary exception IMO. Some maps in Experiencing Nirvana (from memory 5, 15, 16, and 24 are the maps that represent harder challenges that are interesting). That Damn Cake is not absurdly difficult and quite short but represents an unusual sort of challenge.
  13. Literal shitposting in demo format. Map 1 max in 9 map 1 pacifist in 1 map 3 max in 9 map 3 pacifist in 1 map 7 pacifist in 1 map 8 pacifist in 0 map 9 uv------------------------------------------------max in 0:38 map 8 pacifist in0 map 10 pacifist in 13 seconds map 12 pacifist in 0:00.26 map 16 UV-Speed in 4.80 Map 18 uv-max in 7 minutes and 31 seconds map 18 pacifist in 0:03.71 map 19 uv-speed in 9:30 map 20 UV-max in 1:20 map 20 uv-speed in 0:04.63 map 23 pacifist in 19 map 24 uv-max in 1:46 map 26 👌stroller👌 (also uvspeed) in 0:04.60 map 28 uv-speed in 5.66 map 29 pacifist in 1 point 94 map 29 uv-max in 1:15 map 30 pacifist (forced telefrag) (4095600 kill %) in 0:09.49 en01-949.zip en01p111.zip en03-991.zip en03p171.zip en07p171.zip en08p003.zip en09-038.zip en09p886.zip en10p013.zip en12p026.zip en16-480.zip en18-731.zip en18p371.zip en19-930.zip en20-120.zip en20-463.zip en23p019.zip en24-146.zip en26str460.zip en28-566.zip en29-115.zip en29p194.zip en30p949.zip
  14. I don't think this was too long or too short, and the new elements that were being introduced throughout the mapset kept me entertained. Did not mind the gameplay either: mostly incidental combat with no major challenges is perfect for a mapset of this type.
  15. Awesome set of maps, really enjoyed the weirdness of this as weird maps are usually up my alley. The benefit of targeting a specific version of ZDoom is that there is a consistent source port version to use for demo recording, meaning I could record some demos for this once it's final. :D