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  1. Hey, you're missing a textfile, please reupload as a new post with a txt in the following format: PWAD: something.wad PWAD Name: Name Map: ## Skill: 4 Category: UV-Max Exe: DSDA-Doom #.##.# complevel ## Recorded on: Date Time: #:## Author: player_name Description:
  2. 4shockblast

    NoSp demos [-complevel 9]

    This is an empty zip.
  3. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    EXECUTER.WAD UV-Max in 0:18.94. UV -fast in 0:21.71. NM-Speed in 0:02.63. Stroller in 0:05.26. Tyson in 1:09. Don't think anything can actually respawn on this map, so that category doesn't really make sense. :^) executorf2171.zip executorn263.zip executor-1894.zip executorstr526.zip executort109.zip
  4. 4shockblast

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Could be, but usually they are quite similar, I think. It's just like how max or NM100 are not split by secret exit either. Even in the case of map 15 of Doom 2, a bunch of the secrets are in the final building, so is secret exit route really much different from just going there, then going back to the secret exit? :D At that point, may as well just take the normal one. :^) In the case of map 31, it's even more identical, even the speed route there is almost redundant with how close the two exits are, much less 100% secrets.
  5. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    So How is Hell. UV-Speed in 0:04.97. NM-Speed in 0:04.94. Pacifist in 0:05.66. shih-497.zip shihn494.zip shihp566.zip
  6. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Overload Deathmatches Map 06 in 0:03.57. Map 13 in 0:02.57. Map 14 in 0:01.94. (Hi Naps) overload06-357.zip overload13-257.zip overload14-194.zip
  7. 4shockblast

    How to perform Scythe's Run From It linedef skip?

    Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can also use a lost soul to build up a boost against the wall to perform the skip, you can check my Tyson for how I do that; although this is totally inconsistent, it is probably faster than this setup. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other faster setups for this, possibly even using strafe40, I just haven't looked into it yet. If you are having it not work consistently, you can also use coordinate/movement display in DSDA-Doom during practice, then if and when you fail, you will know how your movements and initial starting position compared to when it works, and maybe you can find some visual cue to know when it will fail beforehand.
  8. 4shockblast

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Yeah, nomo100 runs do not get split out by the type of exit.
  9. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Mockery NM-Speed in 0:02.86. mockn286.zip
  10. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Taking back some times, filling some new ones. :^) Blood4.wad Pacifist in 0:07.91. UV-Max in 7:49. Zork.wad Pacifist in 0:25.74. NM-Speed in 0:25.83. Stroller in 0:59.97. blood4p791.zip blood4-749.zip zorkp2574.zip zorkn2583.zip zorkstr5997.zip
  11. 4shockblast

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Hi, WRT to the false start, you are not allowed to die and respawn in speedruns. Each speedrun must be restarted from the beginning. I highly recommend switching to the latest version of DSDA-Doom, which has in-game restart as a function to restart demos without closing the port.
  12. FYI, I think it's probably fine since you didn't actually abuse no strict mode to upload these demos, but because the DSDA has a general policy of only uploading final WADs, I will hold off on these demos until Hyperspeed and PUSS XXIV are on idgames.
  13. 4shockblast

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    This demo does not play back for me; are you sure you have the right version of the IWAD?
  14. Hi, if you want the demo accepted to the DSDA, you'll want to include a textfile and reupload it as a new post, sample text file: PWAD: something.wad PWAD Name: Name Map: ## Skill: 4 Category: UV-Max Exe: DSDA-Doom #.##.# complevel ## Recorded on: Date Time: #:## Author: player_name Description: You may want to name the demo something more standard, based on existing naming conventions on DSDA (in your case, e1m1p026.lmp). Ideally, your txt, zip, and lmp file all have the same name as well. This isn't totally required for demo submission, but it is best to follow these conventions as well. As for tips, well I would suggest practicing your movement a lot more, you're not taking much advantage of straferunning (i.e., running diagonally, which provides a speed boost over regular running), and you are bumping a lot of monsters/walls and pressing doors slowly. For E1M1, you don't need to grab the green armor either, you can just run through the map, though if you are having trouble with no armor, the secret route with the blue armor is a better choice since you go to that switch anyway, and the route isn't a whole lot slower than the regular path.
  15. Yeah, it is acceptable to have multiple demos in one zipfile. You can have a single textfile for the zip, but if you want video links to be parsed, the zip will have to have a single txt per demo file with the same filename (e.g., demo.lmp should have demo.txt) with the YouTube URL. Also, if the demos have multiple categories, it could make it easier from my end to add the category to this txt, but it's not necessary.