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  1. New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    You underestimate how pedantic some members of the Doom community (like me) can be. I think, short of agreed upon, well-reasoned exceptions, for any movie requiring 100% secrets (and/or 100% kills provided the secret maps aren't empty), the secret maps should be completed if any of the maps included in the movie have an exit leading to those maps, and the secret maps themselves are exitable. I suspect you could convolute the rules heavily if you made maps where two different routes take you to the normal and secret exits and you have to choose which one to go on and be forced to miss monsters on the other route or if the secret exits aren't placed on the right map and maybe in other odd cases.
  2. First attempt demos [never played the map before]

    You're welcome. :)
  3. Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Pretty sick to see more non-trivial pacifists, especially for hard maps!
  4. Perdition's Gate demos [-complevel 2]

    It's the same geometry as e1m8, so it wasn't hard to find. I had previously also used idclip to determine that I can reach the exit and press the exit button from the place I'd end up at after the glide.
  5. Perdition's Gate demos [-complevel 2]

    Your bimonthly shockblast demo, coming right up. Map 10 pacifist in 0:18. pg10p018.zip
  6. dsdacon 2018

    That's winter, I guess there might not be any tickets for the summer one yet.
  7. dsdacon 2018

    I'll be there to prove that I am, in fact, a Dogefish in real life
  8. Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    The (mostly unofficial I think) rules are: 1. If there is a thread for demos for the wad or wad series or author you are recording a demo for, place it in that thread, even if the thread is old. These are listed here: link. The thread may not always be fully updated, so it might be good to check through Google search as well. 2. If there is no thread and you suspect the wad will receive adequate demo attention or you intend to make many demos afterwards, it can be appropriate to start a thread. 3. If there is no thread, and you don't think the wad will receive many more demos or you're not certain that it will, place it in one of the appropriate misc. threads (TAS or nomo exist as well). If a thread, in fact, exists, or if a bunch of demos end up being made, and there are enough for a thread, the moderators can move your demo to the appropriate thread or a new thread, so you should just keep your demo in misc until that is done instead of double posting.
  9. Notable 2017 demos

    The world has not seen a more exhilarating and impressive accomplishment than the Experiencing Nirvana map 19 pacifist: https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/enirvana/721/en19-931.zip, https://dsdarchive.com/files/demos/enirvana/720/en19-930.zip.
  10. Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    Awesome demo! I'll admit I had no idea of that other blue door, that makes it much easier. Unfortunate to render this route obsolete with an imрse glide. 2:24 sc29s224.zip
  11. I can't help but find speedrunning miserable

    Speedrunning kind of works like this: 1. You can't get a time or complete a challenge run because it's too hard. 2. Eventually you get better and you realize what you were going for in the past was easy. 3. Now your standards are way higher and you're going for even harder runs and better times. Repeat ad infinitum until your standards practically exceed anything achievable in a reasonable amount of time. Yes, it takes a lot of time and practice to get to a point where you can achieve runs with relatively little effort and time that would be difficult for an average player to complete at all. Yes, it's still miserable.
  12. Perdition's Gate demos [-complevel 2]

    Interested in never-released (because they were bad) pre-demo pack runs that I made? Map 17 UV-Speed in 1:42. Map 24 pacifist in 0:14. Also, a weird category: Map 31 secret exit pacifist with -altdeath. pg17-142.zip pg24p014.zip pg31ps002altd.zip
  13. Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 22 UV-Speed in 0:26. z322-026.zip
  14. DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    A couple oddball categories for Doom 2 map 1: UV-Speed with max health and armor (108 health, 101 armor) in 0:21. UV-Speed with -turbo 10 in 0:38. lv01ha021.zip lv01tu10-038.zip
  15. Hell in Hell demos [-complevel 2]

    I never continued working on it. Map 17 Stroller in 0:06. hi17str609.zip