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  1. 4shockblast

    Maiden Voyage demos [-complevel 2]

    Hey, just for future reference, this was accidentally uploaded to the archive as Tyson with -fast because it had a textfile. In the future, if you do not have a valid run, please exclude the textfile in the zip. I don't really have the time to read every post or check demos on oddball categories thoroughly otherwise.
  2. Also, FYI, you will want to add a textfile to this for it to go on DSDA to match DSDA conventions. Here's an example: PWAD: something.wad PWAD Name: Name Map: ## Skill: 4 Category: UV-Max Exe: ZDaemon v#.#.# Recorded on: Date Time: #:## Author: player_name Description: Feel free to repost to the RJ/plasma/BFG demos thread with the above txt included, and the demo will go on DSDA. :)
  3. Welcome back and gg. In the speedrun subforum, bumping threads for new demos is always acceptable. :)
  4. Hi, this WAD is a cl2 WAD, not cl11. I can upload it as incompatible in the Other category, or you could redo the map under cl2.
  5. 4shockblast

    Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    More Scythe epic. 2P co-op UV-Maxes (player 1: me, player 2: @GarrettChan) Map 11 UV-Max in 0:48. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdVqkhbPG0Y Map 11 NM-Speed in 0:02.49. Map 12 UV-Max in 0:24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP5kCiUes0s sc11mc048.zip sc11nc002.zip sc12mc024.zip
  6. 4shockblast

    10 Line Genocide demos [-complevel 9]

    2P Co-op runs (player 1: me, player 2: @GarrettChan): Map 10 Pacifist in 0:01.86. Map 11 UV-Speed in 0:41.34. Map 17 UV-Speed in 0:03.03. 10lne510pc001.zip 10lne511c041.zip 10lne517c003.zip
  7. 4shockblast

    Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 21 2P co-op UV-Max in 0:28. (player 1: me, player 2: @GarrettChan) https://youtu.be/weMZAsmh7C0 sc21mc028.zip
  8. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    I can upload the cl9 demos as Other (incompatible demo), but no as UV-Max. If you're ok with redoing, then that would be ideal.
  9. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Cool, yeah, this was my theory, but I didn't get around to checking it. It's a weird thing where monsters can block floors that they are not in in cl2 and not in Boom. I think it's hard to say if this was intended on the map, because it sort of makes sense progression-wise; otherwise you can get the yellow key right away and exit, but this way the blue key is required. But it's confusing to rely on a bug like this for this, so who knows.
  10. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Hmm, that is very confusing to me. I will investigate the WAD further to see what's going on. I checked in nomo, and it worked, and when I maxed the map it worked, but now I have to wonder if somehow monsters impact how it raises somehow impacts it in a weird way.
  11. 4shockblast

    Junk Food Demos [-complevel 9)

    That's strange. Is there a MacOS build of the latest DSDA version that you can test on?
  12. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    That floor may or may not go up right away, but the line there is a vanilla action line. I think if you try again in cl2, it will go up, but it could take a few seconds (same would apply in Boom, though).
  13. 4shockblast

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Which elevator? I played through this map, and it worked just fine for me on cl2.
  14. 4shockblast

    Junk Food Demos [-complevel 9)

    Misses a kill.
  15. 4shockblast

    revhallway demos [-complevel 9]

    This is an empty zip file. Regarding the question, I put anything that has no movement at all into Pacifist.