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  1. WNivek

    Doom Turns Seventeen

    I find myself distracted by the 'Heh' link on the sidebar of the 'Other Awards' page. Putting it there makes it seem like it's something folks should be able to view, but when clicked it gives me a "You do not have permission" message from vBulletin. Anyone know what it's supposed to be?
  2. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    Wish I could help ya, but I'm fairly sure I lost my copy in a disk crash a while back.
  3. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    Whoa. Kinda crazy to see this thread pop up again after all these years. Almost a sort of meta-nostalgia, given the nature of this mod. :P
  4. WNivek

    Doom Turns Tricks

    I don't believe he was referring to Doom 3 itself, but rather the classic Doom port that was included with Doom 3 Limited Edition. That may not count, however, since they're not counting compilations, and said bundle could very-well count as one. I agree with you about Doom 64, though.
  5. WNivek

    KDiZD is done!

    I have an ATi Radeon Mobility 9000, with 128 megs. It's probably worth noting that the little video-screens ingame seem to be working alright.
  6. WNivek

    KDiZD is done!

    Maybe it's just something crazy with my hardware, but the intro sequence appears to be somewhat borked when I try to play KDiZD with GZDoom - the text and logo works alright, but when you're supposed to be able to see action, instead the right-half of the screen turns white-ish while the left-half remains black-ish. the color fades still appear to function, though.
  7. WNivek

    req: RandomJump

    This would probably be more trouble than it's worth, but would it perhaps be a good idea to code some sort of automatic or dynamic DeHackEd Number allcation thing? Like, if someone tries to randomjump to frame:foo, but frame foo doesn't have a DHE num, have Eternity assign it a number that's not already assigned elsewhere. I know it would be a pain to program this functionality into Eternity, but it would make things simpler for people trying to make their own EDFs, and would also help allow people to develop freely-exchangible EDF patches which you could just Include in your own mod's edfs without fear of DEH number conflicts
  8. WNivek

    req: RandomJump

    Oh? *double checks his own work* Oh, heh, right. I forgot about that. sorry. ^^;
  9. WNivek

    req: RandomJump

    try prefixing it with 'frame:' example from something I was messing around with: frame S_DeadMarine1 { cmp = "TNT1|*|*|0|randomjump|S_DeadMarine21|*|frame:S_DeadMarine22|128" }
  10. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    In different regions, SNES Doom had different publishers. In North America, it was Williams In Europe, it was Ocean In Japan, it was Imagineer (or something like that... it's been a while since I checked) All three logos are included in the wad - Williams and Ocean were combined into one screen (Credits, was it?) and Imagineer stands on it's own (Help2, if I remember correctly) The reasoning? the Williams and Ocean logos were both on a black-background, while Imagineer was on white. most people interested in this would probably have been familiar with either the Williams or Ocean versions with the addition of the copyright-screen as Help1, ReadMe! would fake the boot-sequence - original Doom 1 would use the Japanese logo, Ultimate Doom would use the US&UK logos
  11. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    IIRC, the ripped weapon-sprites had the flare built-in, thus we didn't really need to worry about it.
  12. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    IIRC, HELP2 is the Imagineer logo. Imagineer was the publisher of the Japanese version, Ocean was the publisher of the European version, and Williams was the publisher of the US version. As their logos were small-enough and both on black-backgrounds, I put both Williams and Ocean on the same image (CREDIT, IIRC) and put Imagineer on HELP2. Having also put the copyright-screen as HELP1, My 'logic' was that playing on Ultimate Doom (as most people would) would have a READ ME simulating a combination of the US & EU intros, and users of normal, registered Doom would have a READ ME simulating the JP intro. Since we're getting into scripting and stuff, I'm thinking we should restore Doom's normal HELP1, HELP2 and CREDIT screens, separate the Williams and Ocean logos into separate screens, and insert them all as new images. Then have the script use these new screens, perhaps (if possable) having it randomly select which publisher-logo display. If we do that, we should probably also add-in the US-version of the copyright screen. IIRC, it had a couple lines-of-text less than the others.
  13. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

  14. WNivek

    SNES Doom mod

    You could take a hint from the guy doing the Doom3 in Doom2 mod. He setup a Yahoo Group and puts the downloads in there. Just make sure you also setup a special Yahoo account for people wanting to download the file, and make sure the name and password are made available whenever you announce a new release.
  15. WNivek

    What about Duke?

    after opening the file, select the entry Palette.dat, go to the Palette menu, and select Use Current.