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  1. dlawrence

    Well would ya lookie what I found...

    Been inspecting this guy's graffiti http://www.dsogaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/anciraingame.jpg and it does seem to have a few possible Doom-related references: - "The end is here" - "Kill them all" - "If you're going through hell..." - "When hell is full the dead shall walk the earth" - "God help us" Also, there's a lot of New York imagery: license plates, I♥NY, the Statue of Liberty. Hmm...
  2. dlawrence

    Official id Game Shirts

    I just think id is missing out on some ideal merchandising opportunities here: Doom t-shirts, hats, action figures, weapon replicas, stickers... imagine the possibilities...
  3. dlawrence

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I still remember using Windows 95 at my friend's house, having to dial an ISP 400kms away and logging onto the id Software page to download the Quake demo. We nearly crapped ourselves when we saw this. But alas I'm not sure about internet gaming pre-Quake II.
  4. dlawrence

    Official id Game Shirts

    I distinctly remember Jonesing for one of those old Doom t-shirts they had back in the 90s, even though they were white. And I've seen Doom 3 shirts, and possibly Quake shirts. The question is, would they ever make these available again? I personally would kill for a authentic classic Doom logo and a Quake II logo shirt, possibly through a company like Jinx (who are handling all the Blizzard merch now). Just look at what Valve is doing with their apparel lines; id could be taking the same approach.
  5. "Sspoiace Mooreeen?!?" -Orc I bought AVP2010 cheap on Steam, played a little but left it alone for a while now. Should really just burn through it so I can reclaim my 12GB of hard-drive it's sucking up. High hopes for Colonial Marines though, right?
  6. The "on Earth" idea is still my preference, and seems to have some creedence here, but I believe it would have to be an Earth which still resembles how it looks today, not a neo-city space-base-with-a-sky setting. Of course, blue skies would be out of place, but if half the planet was burning then it would all be overcast in smoke, lending a gloomier atmosphere. Imagine supermarkets, libraries, homes, churches, all filled to the brim with Doom monsters. That's what I want.
  7. dlawrence

    Doom 3 Vs. Resurrection of Evil

    Considering that I thought Doom 3 was a bit tiresome, especially right before Hell, ROE was a total trudge for me. I didn't like the double-barrel, or the bosses. The worst part was the inclusion of the Vulgars: they were totally overused, and were basically just a slightly more powerful Imp, which became highly irritating after a short time. Best part was, as Face23785 mentioned, the Delta Labs level. Think I godmode'd through most of the second half of the game, though, just to be done with it.
  8. dlawrence

    Should Doom 4 be "appropriately" futuristic?

    I may sound mad here, but I always liked to think of the middle of Doom II as being actually set in the mid-nineties, and would really get a kick out of it if Doom 4 featured some kind of time-travel scenario.
  9. dlawrence

    UDoom intermission screens

    Yes, I remember now that all the map names for these screens were actual graphics, and cutting the letters out to make custom ones for my own WADs. It would be pretty sweet if someone made a really nice, authentic looking Thy Flesh Consumed intermission map, even if it would be missing the "you are here" arrow. I'd -file it.
  10. dlawrence

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    What the? Every shareware version I've seen has fit onto two floppies and doesn't include any of the plasma/BFG graphics in the WAD. I guess my confession could be that I only bought Doom II in the early 2000s. I first bought a shareware copy in 1995, then my brother and I found the CD version of Doom II for rent (yes, rent) in our local video store, so of course we installed it and returned the discs. In 1997 I bought The Ultimate Doom on CD-ROM as my first experience of episodes 2-3, and this was always my preferred version of the game. Eventually, Doom II became one of those "classic" budget titles, and since I'd lost my old copy of it I decided to atone for my sins and buy a legitimate copy. Finally, in 2006 I put that game to rest by finishing the entire thing on Hey Not Too Rough, though I've done episodes 1-3 on Ultra-Violence, and Thy Flesh Consumed on Hurt Me Plenty. Phew.
  11. dlawrence

    UDoom intermission screens

    Most of the intermission maps seem to be just nine random structures. Perhaps that's why they did away with them for Ep 4 and Doom II. I personally thought they were cool regardless, and missed their absence.
  12. dlawrence

    Have you ever run Doom below system requirements?

    Yep, I got the shareware off a UK PC magazine in 1994-95(?) and tried installing it on a 286 at my mother's workplace. It failed. Disk 2 featured an early version of Cakewalk; seeds were planted...
  13. dlawrence

    Who would want to do some voice-over work?

    Yes, please. I've actually built my own vocal booth for singing purposes and it gives a nice, clean sound ideal for voiceovers. What I actually speak like is another matter entirely, but I'll certainly have a crack. Line?
  14. dlawrence

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    My Doom 1 dislikes: E1M6 (Central Processing), E2M3 (Refinery), E2M5 (Command Center), E3M4 (House Of Pain), E3M8 (Dis, only because of disappointment), E4M1 (Hell Beneath). I should mention that overall, my appreciation for the episodes declines; my least favourite map from Knee-Deep In The Dead is still preferable to my most favourite from Thy Flesh Consumed. Doom 2, in general, I found to be very uninspiring. I agree that only half-a-dozen levels in it becomes lacklustre, with only a few exceptions.