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  1. 5d82c69a54

    Starting new Doom music project

    Hello guys, for a while now I've been interested in music production, particularly in electronic music. A long time age (Maybe 3 years ago) I thought about trying to make Doom music for wads, however I didn't really know what was required of me to make music back then. 3 years later I am now making music almost on the daily and now I wanted to go back and create music for Doom. I use to love the music for the game and thought it would be so much fun to eventually make my own. So if anyone would be interested in using this music in their own wads would be pretty sweet :) I plan to make a compilation of about 6 - 10 songs before releasing it here and on SoundCloud (As well as .mid DLs). I will be uploading them to this SoundCloud URL: https://soundcloud.com/4relic Here is a playlist of a few songs I made a while ago for the style I'm going for: https://soundcloud.com/4relic/sets/doomworld-post Also if anyone else is interested in hearing what else I make here are my other links: Main Project: https://soundcloud.com/facing-worlds Other side project: https://soundcloud.com/Artificial-Mind1 Edit: grammar and punctuation
  2. 5d82c69a54

    How do I test PrBoom-Plus demos for cheats?

    Thank you for the advice, turns out 2 out of 12 of my demos are TAS.
  3. 5d82c69a54

    How do I test PrBoom-Plus demos for cheats?

    Thank you for testing these for me Opulent, but I don't quite understand how to read these text files at all. What am I looking for in the output files that tell me that it is a TAS run?
  4. 5d82c69a54

    How do I test PrBoom-Plus demos for cheats?

    just read how he tested demos for TAS, I'll try it out and report back. Thanks for the help. :)
  5. I have found a bunch of my old PrBoom-Plus demos and I'm unsure how to test them for possible cheats. I think I may have left SR50 always on, turned on. If it was so, then therefore those runs are considered TAS runs. I'm not sure if this would help, but I've attached the demos in this thread if that might help anything. Thanks. relic-prboom-demos.zip
  6. 5d82c69a54

    anyone playing DoomRL?

    Haha I thought the same, how you play Doom in RL?
  7. 5d82c69a54

    If Classic DOOM ever became freeware...

    To be honest, making it freeware wouldn't change a thing at all. Sure people would be able own the game for free, but if someone wants to play it they just pirate it... The sad truth is that it's an old game and none of my friends want to be playing some old game with me. Normally if I play Doom with some friends, we'll play brutal Doom and it doesn't even feel like Doom anymore. But it keeps the game fresh and exciting, which is the main idea.
  8. 5d82c69a54

    my bobby-prince-wannabe piece

    I think this is a good first song, but it by no means do I see it as I Bobby Prince tune at all, infact it sounds quite cheesy to me atleast. It also doesn't seem like a good Doom kind of song, or 'video game' style song. Nonetheless it's a good first song, keep working on music and you might be as good as prince some day!
  9. 5d82c69a54

    How do the skull keys work?

    It's just gotta be magic, maybe the doomguy is part demon?
  10. 5d82c69a54

    Fan-Made Doom Games

    I thought master levels for doom 2 was a bunch of maps that didn't make it into id games...
  11. 5d82c69a54

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Hey man I'm from Australia too, maybe if we find enough people we could start a tournament. I'd be nice to see, but I doubt we'd be able to find enough people to participate. Even if we just had a Doom LAN would be awesome...
  12. I'm surprised stuff like this is only coming out now. Cool utility though!
  13. 5d82c69a54

    Best way to doom on the go?

    I used to play the iPod touch version quite a lot, until I accidentally smashed my iPod touch of course. I never really started playing on the go again until recently when I discovered DoomGLES for my android phone. I haven't actually played it yet because whenever I start updating it, it just continuiously updates and doesn't finish, does anyone know how to fix this? I put the wads in and everything, unless I've gotta wait a really long time for it to update...
  14. 5d82c69a54

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    Yeah I guess it's just a completely different style of deathmatching.
  15. 5d82c69a54

    Doom 2 Tournament at QuakeCon

    I think Doom wasn't designed for deathmatch well at all. With the SSG the game it just becomes quick kill after quick kill. But without it, the game becomes much slower and not as enjoyable to watch. I don't think it can be fixed, but it's cool to play sometimes. If you really want a good DM game play Quake or something...