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Status Updates posted by Scypek2

  1. None of your article links work :( Too bad, they seem like an interesting read! I hope you still have them saved somewhere.

    1. head_cannon


      Oh, they still work, but the website no longer brings you right to the correct comment because of this stupid "infinite scroll" tech it uses. I apologize for the amount of grief it takes, but in order to get to those megawad reviews:


      First you have to click on the link, THEN you have to scroll down the entire body of the article, THEN you have to wait for the comments section to finally load, THEN you have to click "Show All Replies", THEN you have to manually scroll down the comments until finally landing on one written under the pen name "The Demons". (At least that last step is easy because you can't miss all the screenshots.)


      That's an absurd amount of work to do for something so simple - I've heard a saying about web design that "for every click you add, you lose half your audience", and I really should just sign up for Medium or Wordpress and repost them there. I'm just fond of their original context, on an open forum for any kind of videogame recommendations: Talking shop with community members is great because we have a shared vernacular, but I quite enjoy the exercise of trying to explain why this is fun or why this is appealing when I'm speaking to someone who knows nothing about Doom.

    2. Scypek2


      Oh, it's a part of the comment section! I didn't see that coming... I see there's a option to get permalinks to comments, but rather shitty permalinks at that... I suppose that's in part a counterintuitive use of the feature on your part, but largely confusing design on their side. If the permalink just had a word like "comment" in the url, I might have figured it out.


      Now that I know what's up, this seems like a pretty alright format. Once I scroll and click, the right comment is actually at the top. May be a good idea to also reupload the writing elsewhere just in case, but a word of clarification next to the link would probably do the trick too.

    3. head_cannon


      You're absolutely right, I'm going to have to update my "About Me" profile with context & instructions. When I first made the profile back in 2020, The AV Club website's "link to comment" function still worked as intended, and your browser would drop you right on the linked comment thread so there was no ambiguity to it. I liked the convenience of how their system would let you add as many screenshots as you wanted without having to do the extra work of Imgur links or anything (and the activity on those weekly community-driven "open threads" was still bustling at that point since the members hadn't yet all quit in disgust and migrated over the The Avocado). But now it fails to do what it's supposed to do and drops you at the very top of the article instead, which is no help whatsoever. Thanks for pointing out that my shit was broken; I might have left it in that state indefinitely without the helpful prod.

  2. MAP01: Under Control

    MAP02: Empty Handed
    MAP03: Bang Head

    MAP04: The Mantle
    MAP05: Murder Machine
    MAP06: Emergence
    MAP07: The Pinnacle

    MAP08: Under Control Still
    MAP09: Futile Ascent

    MAP10: Inverted Geometry
    MAP11: Let There Be Light
    MAP12: Thick As A Brick
    MAP13: Bang Head
    MAP14: Drawing The Circle
    MAP15: Dead Air
    MAP16: Plutarch's Funeral
    MAP17: On My Way To The Top


    I input the names of the first 9 3IAC levels into the InferKit predictive text generator and it managed to correctly guess MAP11's theme.

  3. You gotta reuse those hanging keycards in a future project sometime. It's a silly addition, but I always loved it.

  4. Part 1: Testing the waters ✓✓
    Part 2: Deep waters ✓
    Part 3: So close, yet so far
    Part 4: The grand finale




  5. I may be both a doomer and a minecrafter, but https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_SkelWhoosh still gets suggested above https://www.youtube.com/c/Skeppy in my browser's address bar.

  6. That's a beautiful map you have in your header. Reminds me of Mock 2's MAP08, but more aesthetically pleasing.

    1. URROVA


      thanks! i dont know from where i took the idea about the untextured blocks void, but i think looks good :)

      didnt played mock2 map08, but sometime i will play it.

    2. Scypek2


      I see there's scorch marks on some of the cubes, but only a few. Do the fireballs actually do anything?


      Mock 2's map08 simply consists of a giant swarm of cacodemons far away, but it's also dark, has very low gravity, and forces you to leap over a big lava pit to the other side, so the end result can look somewhat similar.


      Mock 2 is a crude low effort jokewad for the most part, but there's clearly some unity of vision in it that makes for a memorable experience.

    3. URROVA


      the fireballs are real fireballs spawned by acs, is a screenshot from GZDoom. also i know about mock2 but didnt played map08. has the best music ever :))

  7. GG, you played that map31 real good. Now try going for UV Max.

  8. I just found I have a couple of unused projectiles in I'm Game, which means I could add the usable stationary turret from another dehacked mod. This is cool because it'll make I'm Game even more densely packed with features, and because I really wanted to use that gun either way, but I'm feeling saturated with Dehacked already and I'd rather make one Dehacked mod instead of two.

  9. The third doom map I ever made, and what feels to me like the establishing moment of my mapping career.

  10. I couldn't find a good place to mention it in my post, but yours gotta be the best writeup of my map I've received so far. I'm really looking forward to see your thoughts on the rest.

    1. Omniarch


      I'm actually working on the second map right now. Should be posted soon. I'm glad you enjoyed! I put a lot of thought into this sort of thing.

  11. I love this shiny computer lizard. So beautiful.

  12. by the way, you can press the "quote" button on multiple posts to put multiple quotes in one post instead of making multiple posts in a row.

    1. DownloadTheseSweetViruses


      Huh didn't know that. I'll remember to do that from then on

  13. I just replayed MAP25 of 3IAC, and noticed how the 2Hz strobe light effect flashes in sync with your music. Noice.

    1. Doomkid


      That is badass, I didn’t even notice. I’ll go check that out once I get home later!

    2. Scypek2


      I think it was actually @joe-ilya who first brought it up during his stream! And now I remembered it again.


      The music also seems to mesh perfectly with the level's aesthetic. In the sewer level of TVR! it didn't feel equally fitting.

  14. I named map29 of my new megawad in your honor, and it was the only one out of 31 that got ragequit'd on by joe-ilya. I hope you're proud of my artistic boldness.

    1. yakfak


      hahaha excellent work :))))))))) hey gimme a link to the wad! congrats on the release!

    2. Scypek2


      Thanks! Here's the link!

      And for the record, I have to say that he did eventually go back to that level and managed to beat it without cheating. And same goes for the extremely invisible level.

    3. yakfak


      map 2 kicked my butt haha
      i like miniatures like this, im gonna give this a proper go later. good work on this!

  15. Doom Builder X's startup quote brought me back to your Mapping Tips and Tricks thread, but now all the image links seem to be dead :(

    1. esselfortium


      Oh man, that thread is a relic. I don't think you're missing much, it was just teenage me yelling about texture alignment in the era of autoalign.

    2. Scypek2


      I guess it wasn't like super advanced, but I'm sure it would help some people! I'm glad I saved the triangle-based slope guide pic while I could, it was really helpful.

  16. Thank you for Liking my year old Dehacked thread! It's too bad no one else had any insights to share.

    1. Noiser


      My pleasure! I'm a big fan of Dehacked projects. I think it's very inspiring how people can create new mechanics with pure code swapping.

      Btw, you are still working on this?

      It looks very cool! I can help you with playtesting or anything you need it!

    2. Scypek2


      Not actively... but I'm hoping to get back to it. Thank you for the offer, some playtesting will certainly come in handy!

  17. Nice to see you playing DMP2018! Map12 of cl9 is the biggest thing I've ever released, can't wait to see you play it!


    (I meant "biggest" figuratively, but I just had to check and apparently, this level's size and detail makes it ever so slightly bigger than all 32 levels of 100th Wave combined - 3,82mb vs 3,56mb!)

    1. Suitepee


      I'm looking forward to playing it!

  18. I'm ALMOST done with my grand DMP2018 submission! The only thing left is populating one more area with enemies... and then adding one more section, cause I'm feeling inspired, it's a really cool idea and I still got time but that's all! I should be done by Monday, and then it's just testing and more testing!


    I still can't figure out how to configure mouse sensitivity in Eternity in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm playing drunk, but maybe that'll help me emulate the experience of a player who's less familiar with my map.

    1. Misty



      I use these settings and mouse feels good to use. depending on tastes you'll need reduce or increase sensitivity. vanilla sensitivity and novert emulation should also help. 

    2. Scypek2


      I played around with it and ended up setting it to something completely different, but thanks anyway! You inspired me to try some more setting variations, and now it feels somewhat better. I'm just curious, how does page 2 of your mouse options look like? There's also acceleration and whatnot.

    3. Misty


      Well, it looks like this, of course mouselook is off and never goes up:

  19. I just invented... armor that DOES damage!


    Behold my evil genius!


    Seriously, that's pretty special. It involved a whole bunch of testing and changing and testing. In the process I accidentally zombified the player by forgetting to add a goto before the death state, and that was just the most interesting of the problems. But I did it! It actually works, and now after picking up the Shock Armor That Does Not Protect You From Shocks™, taking damage causes you to emit railgun lasers in eight directions! Fun stuff.

    1. Ichor


      Call it the iron maiden.