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  1. I'm ALMOST done with my grand DMP2018 submission! The only thing left is populating one more area with enemies... and then adding one more section, cause I'm feeling inspired, it's a really cool idea and I still got time but that's all! I should be done by Monday, and then it's just testing and more testing!


    I still can't figure out how to configure mouse sensitivity in Eternity in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm playing drunk, but maybe that'll help me emulate the experience of a player who's less familiar with my map.

    1. Misty



      I use these settings and mouse feels good to use. depending on tastes you'll need reduce or increase sensitivity. vanilla sensitivity and novert emulation should also help. 

    2. Scypek2


      I played around with it and ended up setting it to something completely different, but thanks anyway! You inspired me to try some more setting variations, and now it feels somewhat better. I'm just curious, how does page 2 of your mouse options look like? There's also acceleration and whatnot.

    3. Misty


      Well, it looks like this, of course mouselook is off and never goes up: