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  1. Scypek2


    I'm surprised I didn't think of this one sooner. Shadow of the Wool Ball!
  2. Scypek2


    Yeah, just because you started the project doesn't mean you need to do all the compiling yourself, especially when you have important things keeping you busy. You've done a good job managing the project most of the way through. If you have any specific ideas on what you want from the compilation/titlepic/etc, you could just share them here and we can get it done. It's no big deal.
  3. Scypek2

    Doom 2's secret level text screen doesn't make any sense

    Old castles can sometimes be bought for cheaper than houses if you pledge to take good care of them. I imagine it's possible to do that and also put a factory inside.
  4. One thing I've considered implementing with dehacked but never found a good opportunity is several visual variations of items with the same effect - basically the opposite of Batman Doom's slot machines. Could also combine it with stacking to create a +1 health soda, +2 health donuts and a +5 health burger.
  5. Scypek2

    AI generate Doom maps?

    It's funny how the word "AI" has evolved, considering that SLIGE actually knows what it's doing while a neural network doesn't. The main thing that would make a neural network closer to a human mind in this scenario is the extent to which we don't understand its workings.
  6. Scypek2


    If you're already using wall textures on the floors, you could texture the sprites with actual sprite graphics too. It would be tricky to align, but maybe not too much with a textured editor preview.
  7. So the barrels affect all those unrelated sectors... but the only height they check is the height of the sector they're actually in? Crazy stuff. Well, I changed the height of barrels to 32 and everything works now. Thanks everyone! Makes a lot of sense for the ring-shaped lowering pillar sectors with barrels inside. Less so for the big rising sector with pinkies, which has barrels on the outside, and the lift sectors, which are barely concave, and have all the barrels entirely above them. None of the barrel sectors are joined, either... it would be interesting to understand, but thankfully I now somehow fixed it regardless.
  8. Every now and then, I encounter something truly baffling, start typing a request for help, then rubber-duck-debug a solution by myself halfway through. Not today. I can't even begin to guess how the hell is going on. So, when a sector tries to move, it normally cannot when there's a monster in the way... but it's a lot more restrictive in vanilla, so for example you can't have a monster inside a zero-height sector that gets released when the floor lowers. That much is simple. errornotmovingsectors.zip Well, here's not one, but THREE bugs in my map that are kind of but also entirely unlike that. Pressing use on the vents should lower a couple of lifts (sector 31). It doesn't. In the western red arena, pressing switches should lower walls and columns. It only does the former despite the column sectors not touching anything. Entering the big northeast room is supposed to raise a ring full of pinkies. It doesn't. Upon further testing, they only move after blowing up the nearby barrels, despite the barrels being far away. Ironically, the main barrel gimmick (other, unrelated lifts lowering after you shoot them) works okay.
  9. Scypek2


    Good job. Now make it look like a top-down view of Hangar while playing.
  10. Scypek2


    Seems like the right thread for this Hangar rendition by @129thVisplane: Back in 2014 I used it to make a rocket launcher replacement that shoots E1M1s instead.
  11. Scypek2

    Doomcute thread

    Doomcute is cute because the sectors aren't very furniture-shaped, but they're doing their best. Using actual 3d models is more like... doomhandsome.
  12. Scypek2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    For anyone wondering - the lone demon in question is on the stairs leading to the rocket launcher on MAP11. And now I just found out that MAP11 has a cell pack floating in the middle of the void. Also, the teleporter out of the exit room is initially blocked, but it opens as soon as the bars to the exit room lower, so I have no idea what the point of it was. Maybe the bars used to be further back.
  13. Hell's not an easy place to live in. Unless you're a Cyberdemon! Or so it would seem. You've been having an awful time lately. It all started with a humiliating defeat at the hands of a soldier who baited you into getting stuck in a doorway with a lost soul gnawing at your ass. As if that wasn't enough, upon being brought back to life you found yourself in a measly human form. It seemed your infernal overseer was deeply displeased with your performance and decided you must learn to shoot smarter, not harder... Deprived of your favorite toy, you're ordained to go out there with nothing but a handgun and fifty bullets as your starting equipment. Well... that just won't do. Deadliest Dem(o(li)ti)on is my NaNoWADMo 2022 project - a 11-map vanilla mod loosely inspired by @Soundblock's Cabal series, with numerous dehacked additions, perhaps the most unusual one being apparent from the very start. Despite aiming for 11 levels, I didn't manage to complete it in a month... but I got close enough, and I plan to release the full version this year. For now, here's a demo release - it contains 3 levels, 3 new weapons, 5 new enemies and more. I hope you enjoy it. Download Edit: all of the levels are now completed! It's just a matter of playtesting and tweaking...
  14. That's right! How about the third one? Does it look recognizable at all?
  15. And now... I've finished all of the maps! All that's left is playtesting. Let me know if you'd like to try out the pre-release version! Here's some more screenshots...
  16. Scypek2


  17. Scypek2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I tried it out in vanilla, since those kinds of hacky things can have wildly different effects depending on ports. VileStart does nothing, PlayerScream and BrainScream make the weapon disappear. The others do work though! Besides BrainAwake needing spawn cube landing spots on the map to avoid crashing, that is. So that leaves... mostly just BrainPain actually. Still something, and at least there's still BFGsound and the SSG codepointers to use. Speaking of weapon sounds in vanilla, there can only be one at a time, which means you can also outright replace a weapon sound with a different one. Batman Doom does it with its chaingun replacement, which sounds distinct from the pistol sound used by the enemies and menu elements.
  18. Scypek2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Reminds me of the time I used to think the BFG9000 is the only thing capable of defeating an archvile, and was shocked after managing to kill one with nothing but a rocket launcher.
  19. Scypek2

    Cursed Doom Images

    The million different ammo types on the hud is more cursed than the weapon.
  20. Scypek2

    Cursed Doom Images

    Just an idea I had to try out. Probably could've been done even better.
  21. Scypek2

    Share Your Sprites!

    How about a Bulltubus?
  22. Some good underrated suggestions here! Here's one I don't recall being mentioned earlier - you can use thin untextured deep gaps in the floor as an alternative to monster-blocking lines that doesn't stop floating monsters and can be toggled. I used it most recently in my 2-enemy community project to make it so that Nazis avoid crushers and nukage while Lost Souls don't. I also used it to great effect in 3IAC's friendly imp level.
  23. Scypek2

    What is the "nukage"?

    Nukage, as the name implies, is the liquid essence of nucular pwnage.
  24. Clearly an artifact of some kind of AI-driven coolness detection algoritm! It's been working quite well for me. Even when I upload mostly unediting recordings on zoom meetings, it usually picks three frames with people having very different facial expressions on each of them. It gave me good thumbnails for my doom videos too, especially for the first 3IAC trailer. I'm pretty sure I also got two teleport flashes recommended on my latest video.
  25. Scypek2

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Top-down view of MAP08 in my WIP project Deadliest Dem(o(li)ti)on. This one's inspired by @Soundblock's Eye of the Storm. Maybe the most aesthetically pleasing top down view I've achieved yet, too.