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  1. Professor Pants

    Dr. Seuss inspired map

    “A single deathmatch map with a gimmicky design, inspired by Dr. Seuss. There is significant use of sector movement which cannot accurately be expressed in the screenshot, so keep that in mind.” Check it out. Don't forget to put on sv_infiniteammo!
  2. Professor Pants

    Barrel of Fun (New game mode)

    “A new game mode, Barrel of Fun is a single player and co-op defense game. Monsters randomly spawn from all corners of the map and make their way to the center, where they target the single explosive barrel. If the monsters destroy the barrel, you lose. It is similar to invasion but doesn’t have different waves or any ending, and running away from the monsters is no longer a viable strategy.” 1. My site. 2. Project post. 3. Direct download. EDIT: My high score so far is 2:57 while playing single player.
  3. Professor Pants

    Non-Megawads with an Icon of Sin or a Custom Boss

  4. Professor Pants

    An interesting Doom wad idea.

    I was worried it was a little too big. Would you mind posting a screenshot of yours so I can see how much I should scale it down?
  5. Professor Pants

    An interesting Doom wad idea.

    Awww, I was hoping I'd be the only one... (Yeah I know the textures look dumb, but the structure wasn't obvious with the textures I'm working with right now anyway. They will be changed.)
  6. Professor Pants

    Gun Game for Skulltag, inspired by Black Ops.

    Please redownload from the same link, the file has been updated. This includes a constant HUDMessage showing you your current weapon name and tier, out of the total number of weapons.
  7. Professor Pants

    Gun Game for Skulltag, inspired by Black Ops.

    My other friend who worked on this project with me, InfidelWaffle, wants to point out that this game mode was not originally from Black Ops, although it is in it. From my understanding the actual origin of this game mode comes from a Counter-Strike mod. Treyarch just thought it was a good idea and made it an official feature in Black Ops. Also, I appreciate your constructive criticism and agree with your point. However, the main reason I included classic mode was as a fallback for people who opposed any of the new weapons chosen. Balance wasn't really thought into the classic mode all that much, since it isn't the main focus. I'd like to keep classic mode with only the unmodded vanilla weapons of Doom and Skulltag. Even if it is unbalanced, at least people can't complain about not liking any of the weapons. Though since it is still a valid point and I don't want classic mode to be completely ignored, I will update the wad with an extra optional setting to update the pistol, while still keeping the original classic mode intact. And I'm glad you like the website! Unfortunately I don't update it often because I can only make mods so often. Although I'll probably be posting my more ambitious projects here on Doomworld ever once in a while anyway, with links to the Doom.co pages/posts. Stay tuned!
  8. “Based off of the Black Ops game mode, all players start with a low tier primary weapon. Get a frag with that and you trade in your gun for the next tier weapon. Get through all 20 tiers and you win. Watch out for the melee kick though, or you’ll go back down a tier. Also try the random and classic modifers for even more fun!” 1. Website. 2. Project page. 3. Just download the damn thing. EDIT: