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  1. Squadallah

    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    10 - Alien Vendetta 9 - Strain 8 - Hell on Earth Starter Pack 7 - The Adventures of Square 6 - The Speed of Doom 5 - Memento Mori 2 4 - Scythe 2 3 - Hell Revealed 2 - Hell Revealed 2 1 - Rise of the Wool Ball
  2. I don't know how I would call them but I sure know how my 4.5yo daughter does : 1) ghost (zombieman) 2) ghost (shotgun guy) 3) shoot (heavy weapon dude) 4) ghost (imp) 5) nomnom (demon) 6) eyes (spectre) 7) kiss (lost soul) 8) meatball (cacodemon) 9) cow (hell knight) 10) pink cow (baron of hell) 11) spider (arachnotron) 12) meatball boom boom (pain elemental) 12) boom boom (revenant) 13) hot (mancubus) 14) super hot (arch-vile) 15) big cow (the cyberdemon) 16) big spider (the spider mastermind) 17) what is that papa? (final boss)
  3. Squadallah

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Sorry for the bump but damn, that is such terrible news I couldn't just keep quiet. R.I.P sir, you will be missed. :(.
  4. Squadallah

    Speed of Doom

    I had to play it on hurt me plenty and still had difficulty to go through and couldn't beat map30 without cheat. This said, I still enjoyed the whole thing because imo the maps layouts are clever, it's a good wad doing it's work at being "challenging" without being unfair. Also, rating it bad just because the style of mapping doesn't suit you is uncalled for.
  5. Squadallah

    WOOO 3: Too Good For The Mappers That Made It

    Glad you liked it :)
  6. Squadallah

    WOOO 3: Too Good For The Mappers That Made It

    DO IT. *runs away* Oh also , here is my abomination : http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6h3ya2jjlk3cog/NukeClair.wad Map's name is "Nuke Claire Plant" , what you have to do in it to get out is a bit weird. Also, traps (no, not the Terry type) but they can easily be avoided. It has decorate stuff, if it's a problem, let me know I'll modify it again.
  7. Then, which maps need to be playtested in priority and which ones still need soundtracks?
  8. Squadallah

    Realm of Chaos

    One of the first fanwad I played. Good memories, still come back on it time to time because even though there is this godforsaken sewers map and some uninspired stuff, it's still very fun to play through and definetely has it's great moments.
  9. Squadallah

    Big Crappy Shit Megawad

    I'd rather play UACMN than this.
  10. Squadallah

    Beautiful Doom

    I tried it, loved it so far, nothing to add everything works smoothly imo. Also the enhanced weapons have pretty clever ideas to spice up things a bit without ruining the original gameplay, good work once again!
  11. So, I did a first run on map03, UV, pistol start. Tested on Zdoom and Zandronum without adding any mod etc. Both played exactly the same and displayed the same texture trouble. Before stating anything I guess I should try to tell a bit about my skill level as a player so it can help you to get the most of my informations. So well, I'm a player who can go through the likes of Plutonia on UV but with savestates , could reach "Dark Dome" of AV on HMP with saving during my playthrough as well. So I guess I could label myself as "correct" but no Doomgod of awesomeness here. First of all, it definetely reminded me of the Gantlet straight from the second room. Everything looked fine to me except a problem with some grill textures : On the gameplay part, I think that this map03 version is definetely easier than the original. For exemple , on the new map03 , when you reach the elevator, you can shoot the imps from the lower stair if you lower the elevator and stay where you are which you can't do in the original and it makes the whole thing much simpler to handle. Also there are less chaingunners and the whole configuration makes it easier to deal with the few enemies posted there. Even the "arena" part with the lost souls and imps which is one of the main action-packed moments of the map doesn't reach the original map03's courtyard momentum in my opinion. Regarding balance on ammo and health I've been fine even though I'm afraid that someone with less skill than me might run out of shotgun shells and bullets on a pistol start run. Also, no secrets here, don't know if it's normal or if the map is not finished on this matter? Apart from that , I didn't notice anything which could be gamebreaking or make you stuck somewhere etc so the map does it's work for sure. If I missed anything on my duty of playtester please let me know, it's the first time I'm doing this for a Doom map so don't hesitate to tell me. Hope this feedback will be useful! I'll do some more runs to make sure I really missed nothing just in case and get to work on the soundtrack ^^.
  12. Squadallah

    How to make decorating maps suck less?

    From my own tiny experience, I would say : watch and learn from wads like Alien Vendetta. Helped me a lot to improve the level of detail of my maps (which is still not that great somehow but improved a lot after studying such wads).
  13. Squadallah

    WOOO 3: Too Good For The Mappers That Made It

    I have a map called "Nuke Claire Plant" which should definetely fill the bill. It has so many sins in it even hell would refuse it. A question though, are decorate monsters ok? If not that's fine I'll just have to rework on it a bit. I still have one or two things to correct on it anyway.