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Status Replies posted by CooBlu

  1. Currently working on a wad to submit to colleges in California, to show them what I can already do. Hopefully, just hopefully, I'll get the attention of a really good one like Cogswell Polytechnical or a UC.


    I guess if anyone's remotely interested, they could take a look. Nothing's really pushing the engine, although it would've been cool to use newer effects and whatnot.

    EDIT: I've gotten acceptance letters from Cogswell, a CSU, and am currently waiting on two UC's and another CSU for their letters. Nnnnice. Now I can worry about future student debt. :D

    1. CooBlu


      Well, at the moment I'm gearing toward game design engineering and programming. This isn't my personal statement or "college resume" in any way, just a sample of what I've learned on my own thus far.

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