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  1. Currently working on a wad to submit to colleges in California, to show them what I can already do. Hopefully, just hopefully, I'll get the attention of a really good one like Cogswell Polytechnical or a UC.


    I guess if anyone's remotely interested, they could take a look. Nothing's really pushing the engine, although it would've been cool to use newer effects and whatnot.

    EDIT: I've gotten acceptance letters from Cogswell, a CSU, and am currently waiting on two UC's and another CSU for their letters. Nnnnice. Now I can worry about future student debt. :D

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    2. CooBlu


      Well, at the moment I'm gearing toward game design engineering and programming. This isn't my personal statement or "college resume" in any way, just a sample of what I've learned on my own thus far.

    3. Obsidian


      Okay then, lemme give you a tip from personal experience: level design comes under Game Art, not Game Programming. If you want to get into level designing for actual games, I'd highly recommend brushing up on any latent art skills you might have.

    4. dg93


      I make Doom WADS too (specifically Deathmatch). I honestly thought about pursuing a career in the video game industry, but I think the majority of video gaming jobs are located in California, and I'm located in NJ. Because of that I decided to pursue a study in Business Management because it was a more practical degree in demand.

      If you are really thinking about having a career in the video game industry, by all means follow your heart. But keep in mind that certain jobs, such as video game level designing might not pay all that much. You might be starting off with a base pay somewhere between $35,000 through $40,000 a year and depending on the company you work for, the compensation incentives and benefits might not be all that adequate.