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  1. Currently working on a wad to submit to colleges in California, to show them what I can already do. Hopefully, just hopefully, I'll get the attention of a really good one like Cogswell Polytechnical or a UC.


    I guess if anyone's remotely interested, they could take a look. Nothing's really pushing the engine, although it would've been cool to use newer effects and whatnot.

    EDIT: I've gotten acceptance letters from Cogswell, a CSU, and am currently waiting on two UC's and another CSU for their letters. Nnnnice. Now I can worry about future student debt. :D

    1. Obsidian


      And exactly what are you trying to impress them with? Not trying to be mean or anything, but all the wad shows is that you know the rudimentary workings of a source port for a game made in 1993, which is difficult to apply to a real world situation. Further down the line there might remotely be some things you can learn through Doom mapping like basic architecture and coding(and maybe spriting if you're artistically inclined), but currently I wouldn't recommend using this as an example of what you can do. I'm not trying to shoot you down though, I promise: just spend some time getting more experience, look for an institution more centred around media design and you'll have a shot at getting what you're looking for.

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