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  1. Xcalibur

    Diablo Immortal

    there are many people like this in gaming and the entertainment industry as a whole. you're not allowed to not like their crappy products, or else you're a toxic manbaby. it's absurd.
  2. Xcalibur

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    ^I see. in that case, it sounds like there's no foul being committed here. while I disagree with clamping down on fair use/non-profit fan works, purging a warez version of the exact same game you're now selling is a different matter and totally justifiable. naturally, game companies need to defend their bread & butter, and it's not an overreach to do that.
  3. Xcalibur

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    I'm not familiar with the situation, so I can't weigh in on the details. However, I will say that there's alot of foolishness out there, such as shady crowdsourcing and capricious cease&desists against fan-made passion projects. maybe there's nothing wrong with this situation, but given the history I mentioned, I can understand why you might be... cynical.
  4. Xcalibur

    Diablo Immortal

    Given the current state of gaming and entertainment media, I can't say I'm surprised by this. I wonder how long until they start demonizing the Diablo fanbase (no pun intended). personally, I checked out after D2, so I'm not personally invested. but I agree, mobile is not the right platform for this, and the overall approach to this is very tone-deaf.
  5. Xcalibur

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    on second thought, maybe I won't comment on this topic.
  6. Xcalibur

    My Question 4.

    not exactly an expert, but Hexen uses scripts for customized events. either that or actor properties would probably be helpful to you.
  7. Xcalibur

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I can beat Battletoads 100% fairly (the game is totally fair, it just sets the bar very high). I have blond hair. I started posting here again on a whim after seeing the news about the EU on the wiki, and proceeded to piss ppl tf off without really meaning to. Hexen is one of my favorite games, and that's what brought me here.
  8. populism =/= fascism the collapse of large institutions takes time, and these systemic pressures have only come to bear recently. the breakup of the EU is a reasonable projection.
  9. I've laid it out properly. if you're not aware of the sovereign debt crisis, the migrant crisis, the structural defects of the EU, and how the populist uprising is in response to much of this, that's not my fault. all this stuff is well documented. with that said, I've been told that this community is averse to political debates, so I'd rather not continue. by all means, do your own research; I'm far from the only person pointing this out.
  10. it's nothing personal, just the conclusion I've drawn from the evidence.
  11. @Mordeth sure, there's been a drop-off in arrivals, but that by no means resolves the current tensions. I don't know how many years the EU has left, but I don't think it's going to last (for the reasons I stated). with that said, even if it's on the brink off collapse, articles 13 & 11 still have ample opportunity to make life difficult for us, unfortunately.
  12. my post was tangentially related to the topic. that's one possible way of interpreting this. be that as it may, the migrant situation is the most acute problem for the EU at present, on top of everything else I mentioned. attempting to curtail fair use doctrine is adding even more fuel to the fire imo.
  13. Xcalibur

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    sure, I'm willing to respect the house rules. I just wanted to finish my statements, and now I'm done. I'll say no more on that topic.
  14. I agree that the EU is doomed, and it's a matter of if, not when. it is beset by serious political and economic flaws. their governance model is too top-heavy and bureaucratic, and is unable to address the longstanding differences between European nations. the migrant crisis is greatly accelerating the collapse due to the massive pressures and polarization it's causing, and the EUs inability to respond effectively. it's also economically unsound, as revealed by the sovereign debt crisis. there are no exit clauses or mechanisms for dealing with a country racking up debt, which can lead to a huge amount of dead weight loss if an entire country's debt needs to be written off. in addition, it has a unified monetary policy (all member states use the Euro) combined with a divided fiscal policy (different member states have different economic situations). this leads to a relatively inflexible and inefficient economic system that is ill-equipped to deal with situations like the sovereign debt crisis. this, combined with their attempt to penalize Hungary, will hasten the fall.
  15. Xcalibur

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    that's a very reasonable assumption. I just wanted to clarify where you guys stand on having heated debates on controversial topics.