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  1. Songs have been raunchy since the beginning of time. Listen to this fucking banger from 1935 Or, my personal favorite:
  2. Comparing the lyrics of WAP to breaking an old woman's hand was not a take I was prepared for today.
  3. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    There are 2 LPs in the package. So it's the second LP.
  4. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    The GOG version of Quake launched with the soundtrack 100% working out of the box and had to disable it after the fact. I remember, because I bought it on GOG day 1. EDIT: I'm talking about their DOSBox package. It had working music and got updated to unlink the disk image. Presumably due to a legal threat.
  5. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    Sorry, I left out, like, half the words I needed to make a complete thought. I think the issues with the Quake soundtrack not being included in the games (GOG initially released Quake with the soundtrack configured and working and had to change it) has to do with his old record label. Again, vague memories here.
  6. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

  7. M_W

    Questioning the stigma towards DOSBox

    Doesn't chocolate doom use a similar OPL emulation to DOSBox?
  8. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    IIRC Trent Reznor's work on Quake has little to do with him and more to do with whatever label he was with at the time. Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong.
  9. I get not liking the song but I for the life of me do not understand the hate. I just don't get what there is to hate.
  10. WAP is unironically the greatest song to ever grace my ears.
  11. Fun fact, they were pushed into forming a band because their father thought they were destined for stardom from a palmreading. From Wikipedia: "The conceptual beginning of the Shaggs came from Austin Wiggin's mother who, when her son was young, had predicted during a palmreading that he would marry a strawberry blonde woman, that he would have two daughters after she had died, and that his daughters would form a popular music group. The first two predictions proved accurate, so Austin set about making the third come true as well.[8] Austin withdrew his daughters from school, bought them instruments, and arranged for them to receive music and vocal lessons. The Wiggin sisters themselves never planned to become a music group, but as Dot later said, "[Austin] was something of a disciplinarian. He was stubborn and he could be temperamental. He directed. We obeyed. Or did our best.""
  12. M_W

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I only just found out about Doom's weird, broken hit detection at close range. Explains some weirdness I've encountered before.
  13. All music is great, even The Shaggs. Unlike you, I listen to songs made with real instruments.
  14. M_W

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    Looks like our old friend Trent has graced the hipsters with a remastered release of the Quake OST on 180g vinyl record. https://store.nin.com/products/quake-vinyl liner notes seem to have been removed from the site
  15. I don't think I'll ever have a single favorite song; it changes with my mood, but I can share some songs that have been on repeat recently.