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  1. mbrown

    Identity thief alert!

    Apparently someone's out there falsely uploading stuff under the names of well known authors: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16711 This one's been caught already, but we better watch out if there's further attempts.
  2. Regardless of release, is Inner Worlds even worth playing (as a platformer fan)? I wasn't really intending to consider year of release in this thread either...except for any rare case of an unusually old very good platformer (unusually old = before Commander Keen).
  3. It need not involve shooting, but it must involve killing enemies/be action oriented. In Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, you end up killing without shooting a lot too (although there are bombs). Precision jumping in a game where you have a jetpack?
  4. Sure, the PC isn't the system known most for platformers/side-scrollers, as in it doesn't have a Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, etc. But owning nothing but a PC, I still think it can be safely said that there are a handful, or even a couple handfulls, of PC platformers that are genuinely worth playing or at least looking at. That's what this thread is for, after all we don't need another thread praising Donkey Kong or Super Mario, etc. There are plenty of those elsewhere on the web. ;) Other than the games/series highlighted in the poll, other titles I've thought of for the PC that seem to me that they are at least worth mentioning/discussing would be Inner Worlds, Bio-Menace, Alien Carnage (these first three are freeware games now to boot!), Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, and Realms of Chaos. Maybe Earthworm Jin also?, but I'm so unfamiliar with it (haven't even loaded up a shareware) that there's really no conclusion I can come to there. Oh and let's not forget Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a platformer with PC support, after all! I own the first three (including Knuckles) of the series bought from Steam; they run on some sort of Sega Genesis classic emulator, if I'm not mistaken. Also I have the recent revamp of Sonic CD. Bought these all fairly recently though, and haven't played them a whole lot yet - and only very vague memories from these games when I was younger.
  5. BTW - has anyone played a recently released mod for Blood called Death Wish? There isn't that much user content for Blood compared to, say, Duke Nukem 3D, but this particular mod looks huge - practically the length of a full game. And it is all done by one author! Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/death-wish-for-blood
  6. I replayed Jill Saves the Prince (Jill of the Jungle Episode 3) last evening. Pretty good as I recall it being from >10 years ago, although there were a few things I didn't remember from before: -You can save midlevel. Can't do that in Xargon. -If you die and respawn, the level remains in the state of it when you died, meaning you have unlimited tries!? I certainly didn't remember this and would call it a poor design decision because if you use the feature, you really can just die as much as you want. It's almost like some modern games. This came as a shock to me and I almost wonder if I have a bad version of the game or something. Personally I just didn't allow myself to use this feature (if I died I loaded my save, which in many cases I challenged myself by saving only at the level start). -Level 12. Don't get me started on how f*****g tedious this level is. The entire level is nonstop platform to platform jumping and there are instant death spikes EVERYWHERE. I'm practically shocked I didn't remember this level from before. This is how NOT to make a level in a platforming game - what were the guys at Epic thinking? If this game had a Xargon setup (you can't save in the middle of levels and have to do the whole level again if you die), I suspect there would be blood in the streets. Overall - it was a fun couple hours as I remember it, although it just as much proves my earlier thinking that I believe Xargon is far superior, making it all the more surprising as to why this former series is the more well known one. And there's no level in Xargon (not even the labyrinth, the one level in the game I don't like very much) that even approaches the Level 12 I mentioned above. Jill good, Xargon FTW!
  7. I just finished checking a list of games released as freeware on Wikipedia. According to this list, the only full game in this poll that is now officially freeware - NOT abandonware (excluding the usermade Keens) is Xargon. It's very worth looking on Wikipedia to hunt it down though! Of Apogee/3D Realms related games, the full versions of Biomenace and Alien Carnage are now officially freeware, but none of the others that have been mentioned thus far. One other now-freeware 2D shooting title that hasn't yet been mentioned caught my eye: Tyrian. Is anyone familiar at all with this game?
  8. Wow you sound just like me :) My rediscovery was on January 12th, when I was compelled to get Commander Keen back through Steam. I have to agree Xargon probably has the best music. It is just always so nice and fitting. It's in my favorite sidescrollers for sure. I think back in the day I probably played it over and over more than any other game in the list besides Keen 4-6. The first time I got Jazz Jackrabbit, it was just the shareware. Then I actually got the full of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 first. And then I still wanted even more so I got the whole Jazz Jackrabbit. And despite lacking some of the features of its sequel, it didn't dissapoint one bit. (One of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 original episodes is actually a homage to parts of the first Jazz Jackrabbit. The episode name should give away which one it is. :) ) I think I need to catch up on some games like Monster Bash, Bio-Menace, Alien Carnage, etc. No need for shareware with Biomenace/Alien Carnage though, they are now official freeware per 3D Realms website. I think this is a pretty complete list of the Dos side-scrolling games. (Oddly it's missing Keen 5 but it has Keen 4 though Keen 5 is in the same package.) Also there's no Jazz Jackrabbit 2, but that's because it's a Windows game. It way underrates the first Jazz Jackrabbit though. (A personal opinion of each game is included on this site.) Also I remember someone much earlier on this thread mentioned Realms of Chaos. That's an RPG, not a shooter ;)
  9. Also Bio Menace I probably need to check that one out! And I didn't know this but Xargon is actually freeware - so look at the Wikipedia article I pointed to in referencing the rating if you want the FULL game. Bio Menace is also freeware, along with Alien Carnage (already pointed to this in an earlier post). I think I'm going to take a quick look and see if any others are freeware.
  10. I don't think I ever got to the last level in Keen 2 :( Jill of the Jungle is sort of Xargon except stripped down some, mainly in graphics. It's by the same developers. The third episode is a little closer to Xargon than the first however, but still clearly not as crisp. It's for that reason why it's a mystery to me that Jill is quite known and respected, yet Xargon is comparitively much less mentioned. I think anyone who's played Xargon will see it clearly is better than Jill. EDIT: Wikipedia on Xargon: ??!! And from someone behind Doom to boot.
  11. Side note, I know a YT guy named Lingyan203 has done YouTube Let's Play videos for nearly every game mentioned here, even the less known ones (and numerous 3D ones too, he's doing Duke Nukem 3D right now!). They don't have commentary but I still thought I'd make a mention. Here's the channel link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lingyan203
  12. If you liked Keen 4 you should like Keen 5 equally, they're just as good. Keen 6 (unfortunately not on Steam) is also just as nice, worth hunting down on some abandonware site. (can't point direct links) What hurts me most is I'd probably have plenty of fun with Keen 1-3 if they were just modded to allow the Keen 4-6 saving system. And the Jazz video, I'm on a computer without speakers, will check it later though. Final note, Alien Carnage is official freeware (not just abandonware) so I can point to it for you: http://www.3drealms.com/news/2007/05/alien_carnage_freeware.html Full version!! :) Works with DosBox for me.
  13. This thread is intended to be PC exclusive, no console-only games. Edited thread title to clear this confusion.
  14. I know including the fanmade Keen games might be a little controversial, but I thought they should still be given the same level of attention. I agree about Hocus Pocus (see my comments above). Keen Dreams I never got or played. I think it's a Softdisk Contract game. And there's no pogo stick. I heard it was frustrating. Has anyone on here tried the fanmade Keens (seems like they aren't as known as I may have thought)?
  15. Since it's my list, I thought I'd throw in my honest two cents on each item. Feel free to discuss or relate your thoughts to any of them: Keen 1-3 (Invasion of the Vorticons): Honestly not a huge avid fan of these anymore. It's not the lack of music or sounds (besides PC speaker), or the simplicity, that bothers me, but it is rather one feature that when I look back on it, I feel it was nearly a game-ruining choice. Namely, the fact that one hit of anything kills you AND you cannot save anywhere in the middle of a level. I just become too frustrated playing the beginning of the same level 10+ (in many cases this is no overestimate) times before I finally reach the end. I'm not even sure I ever finished these games. Frankly, I'd rate these games pretty average and I don't know why even so many modern people still enjoy these so much. I included it in the list simply because they are a classic, not due to my personal like. The later Keen games, however, are quite the contrary.... Keen 4-6 (Goodbye Galaxy and Aliens ate my Babysitter!): Now this is Keen done right. This is, IMO, what the series is a classic for, or should have been by far most known for. The improved graphics and inclusion of sounds/music and better controls are a start. But that's not 10% of why these games are so much better IMO. It's the fact that you can save in the middle of levels now, so zap goes all the frustration that bogged down the first trilogy for me! Literally I played these day in and day out when I was young, possibly my most played platformers of all, and certainly one of the best/most classic. Without a moment of hestitation, I say this is absolutely excellent, and is *the* classic of all classic sidescrolling games. If only Keen 1-3 could be changed to allow midlevel saves...I honestly don't know what I might be missing out on. Keen 7-9 (Universe is Toast unofficial trilogy): I haven't played these fan made episodes yet, except for a few levels of Keen 8. However I've heard many Keen fans say that in many ways they are just as good as the Keen 4-6 games they are modified after, and good enough they could have been mistaken for an official ID trilogy. Jill of the Jungle: I think I've only played the last episode (Jill Saves the Prince) to date. I remember it was quite good though. I'm guessing I'd like the two prequels. Xargon: This is a surprisingly little-known game as far as I know. I say surprisingly because I really like Xargon and used to play it TONS back in the day. It's even up there with Keen 4-6 for me in playing time. It's by the same makers as Jill but I believe if Jill Saves the Prince is the building block, the Xargon trilogy only improves upon it. I only recently played the second episode of the trilogy, as oddly back in the day I only had the first and third episodes. If you asked me, I'd say this game got nowhere near the attention it should have. Jazz Jackrabbit series: Sonic turned into a shooter, but IMO by no means a ripoff. By far the fastest paced platformer I've seen, this guy is FAST!! Tons of levels in these games and I remember really liking them. I actually played Jazz Jackrabbit 2 before the first game and I still had a blast playing the first game. The lego levels in Holiday Hare still stick out in my mind. Now I even see that for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, there are lots of usermade creations I can download - a definite surprise to me!, as aside from the unofficial Keen trilogy I don't think any other game I listed has this level of custom map content available. Duke Nukem I/II: Only played the first episode of Duke Nukem I to date, but I liked it a lot. It's technology may be on the same line as the first Keen games, but with a health system the frustration is thankfully gone. Duke Nukem II could be compared to Keen 4-6 using the same analogy, as it adds the same types of extra features. This game I've played entirely, and probably several times. My only complaint to air against it is that it can get frustrating sometimes for me, even though there is a health system. Like in the first level of episode two, there are these things that fly by at such an outrageous speed you could NEVER duck from them unless you have prior knowledge or take it very, very, downright painfully slow. Of course none of this is what Duke Nukem is known for, and neither of these platformers even come remotely close to the third game of the series, which is one of my favorite games of any kind. But that belongs in last week's thread. Hocus Pocus: Similar thoughts to Xargon. Another game that is little known AFAIK compared to the rest, but has qualities that should have brought it a bigger audience. Although it is definitely different from Xargon, you can pretty much copy my review of it. And it's the only game I know of from the developer (Moonlite). A (should have been) one hit wonder? Other: The only other side-scroller I recall playing to date is the demo of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures. It wasn't bad, from what I recall, but it wasn't anything that I hadn't seen in other platform games; I never looked for the full game. I also have Alien Carnage now (it is officially freeware on Apogee). But I kind of wonder what's going on with the fact that you seem to just be able to fly wherever you want in it. I don't know of any other sidescroller like that. Makes me wonder if it's as worthy as many of the ones I mentioned (especially given Apogee released it as freeware).