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  1. Mexican Doomguy

    I'm making a calling for 360 D3HD

    Everybody loves HD remakes. DOOM 3 was pretty good and thats why everybody wants a new port. I will be happy if they add it to the Xbox Originals on Xbox marketplace. With multiplayer added and achievements.
  2. The figurine looks so cool!

    In his foots it can be read:

    "Baron of Hell, by Reaper, Copyright 1997"

    Is this the DOOM 3 version?

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    2. printz


      yellowmadness54 said:

      A pair of question marks? Neat!

      It's a Hell Knight or Baron of Hell. You can see the pictures if you quote Mexican Doomguy's posts and go to the links shown there. Also, why "Doom 3"? They look like Doom 1 or 2 creatures.

    3. Planky


      Macro mode on your camera. Use it.

    4. GreyGhost


      I've seen worse in eBay listings - unfortunately. You'll find clearer shots here.

      printz said:

      Also, why "Doom 3"? They look like Doom 1 or 2 creatures.

      They were Doom 3 pre-order giveaways at EB Games and GameStop.

  3. Mexican Doomguy

    Heavy Metal vs. Gothic Ambient

    Sorry man, buy you wrong. Unless you can prove it. I mean, most of the community loves the metal songs of DOOM. You will be pone of the rest 10% who hate it so...
  4. Mexican Doomguy

    Other old school FPS games you play & enjoy

    I love the Serious Sam franchise. I can't wait for the third game. Could you imagine a battle between Doomguy, Duke Nukem and Serious Sam? Who will win?
  5. Mexican Doomguy

    Heavy Metal vs. Gothic Ambient

    Not really...If you hear Heavy Metal, all of your body will be hot and ready to fight...that's why it fits perfectly with DOOM. Now, DOOM 3 can't have HM music because of its gameplay, it is needed a more atmosphere music.
  6. Mexican Doomguy

    Have you ever dreamed with DOOM?

    Yep. That was pretty scary. But In my dreams I never heard music so... DOOM dreams are usually weird and rare...but there are some exceptions. Dreams about being doomguy are just too awesome. Aren't it?
  7. Mexican Doomguy

    Is this logo official?

    ^^^TRUE^^^ It looks more like an adventure style game than the action horror DOOM we love. That's why I hate it. Id...I love you, but don't put this logo or I will Rip and tear all of your guts...no kidding.
  8. Mexican Doomguy

    I'm making a calling for 360 D3HD

    SAD BUT TRUE. Unfortenely, MS will not even consider it. It will be more money=not possible.
  9. Mexican Doomguy

    Doom 3 Old Monster Design

    Not necesarelly... DOOM 3 was scary because it looked so different than the originals DOOM's. It was a dark-horror game instead of an action game like the first two.
  10. Mexican Doomguy

    Evil of Repercussions

    Do you speak spanish? I could to that, if I get enough time...
  11. Mexican Doomguy

    Evil of Repercussions

    OMG! I didn't know that it was a meme! Is the story good enough to read it? I mena, I try to be a hardcore fan, but I don't want to waste my time in cheap fan fics.
  12. Mexican Doomguy

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Holy! Where did you got that .wad dude? It looks pretty similar to Duke Nukem 3D. But the buildings and pda loks beautiful.
  13. Mexican Doomguy

    What's your first hardcore moment of Doom?

    Me too. The trick on that level is speed. If you're quick enough, you can finish that level with high healther, armor and ammo. I did. And that, was pretty hardcore.
  14. Mexican Doomguy

    What's your first hardcore moment of Doom?

    UPDATED: My now hardcore moment was completing Ultimate DOOM in Ultraviolence. Now I have its 12/12 achievements. 200/200 That's pretty hardcore. DOOM II is next...
  15. Mexican Doomguy

    Evil of Repercussions

    I'm gonna sound a bit noobish but, who the hell is John Stalvern? Is he a DOOM related character? Or is he from another off-topic dimension?