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  1. After almost two years since I've built my maps I've just played them again and few times and yea I guess that 19&24's musics don't fit. map 19's music should be doom e1m8's music- sign of evil, map 24's new music should be tnt's map 13/29- death's bells
  2. I sent my 3 maps a year and half ago, we finaly have 32 maps. I'll test my original files once again to see that there are no issues or bugs that I didn't find a year ago.
  3. After watching your demos I found out that the player could get stuck in the super shotgun room, I'll fix it once I make a few changes in the monsters placement. The map isn't that difficult especially on normal&easy, you could keep the hell knight alive in the first room since you return to this room in a later part of the map to grab the blue key.
  4. When I playtested my map I ran upstairs once the revenants&AV rise, the AV usually stayed near the switch and the revenants were chasing me so I killed them with fists thanks to the berserk. Maybe I'll change some monster placements, the spectres part can be painful if an arch vile teleports back to one of the rooms after you get ti the switch and the imps are delaying you from getting to that AV. I used imps because I didn't want to use too many revenants in the first map.
  5. I haven't mapped about a year and two or three months due to lack of time, well I still don't have much time to map but I'm still working on a new project slowly. My project is still nameless, the idea is typical- small 5 maps themed episodes, with cchest4 texture pack, I'm currently working on the first 5 maps that are inspired from Plutonia. I'm posting the first map- Widespread. I used many basic monster fights that I've encountered when I played the iwads and some wads like AV, scythe, etc. This map's difficulty is medium at least for me, there isn't much ammo, you don't have any armor until a late part of the map. I played it slowly and UV maxed it in 8:27 NOT RECOMMENEDED ON NORMAL OR EASY DIFFICULTY BECAUSE IT'D BE LAME ON THESE DIFFICULTIES. Screenies: download
  6. Yea It's inspired from plutonia's 1st episode architecture of these brownish buildings.
  7. After taking a break for a year more or less, I have started mapping again. I'll probably work on a five maps episode. Here's a screenshot from my first map
  8. 2 more maps!
  9. Omg 30/32 maps completed, I recall when I sent my 3 maps about a year ago we had like 11 or 12 completed maps :D
  10. Wow I recall that I contributed a map for 2012's wad, time flies :D
  11. Wow 28 maps completed, you guys are doing good job. I'm glad that more than a year has passed since I built the 3 maps I contributed to the project :D
  12. 21 completed maps already? Last time I checked there were 16 or 17 :D