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  1. lukas2288

    Slipgate Complex WIP

    I think that only enforcer and machinegun got reload function.But for me is so unrealistic that pistol got 200 bullets in "clip"
  2. lukas2288

    Slipgate Complex WIP

    The resources will be contained in full version in txt file.Some of them were created by me(shotgunguy,some death frames etc).My mapping experiance is only with farcry game.Here you can look at some screens of my work. http://www.mediafire.com/download/9fg1e6xr5rs24ru/Fc.zip By the way: Your released demo actually contains 5 useable weapons, not 3. :) - sorry i am not good in math :-D
  3. lukas2288

    Slipgate Complex WIP

    Is there some mappers for helping me with some maps for this project?
  4. lukas2288

    Slipgate Complex WIP

    Thanks for replies:-)I will release one level demo so those who are interest can try it.
  5. lukas2288

    Slipgate Complex WIP

    Hi everybody i working on this mod for doom.I am a beginner on level design with doom and this is my first maps so donĀ“t kill me please :D Here are some screenshots of my WIP Mod.if somebody want to help me with mapping just send me PM and i will give you resources for doom builder and testing. here is the link for 1st stage.It is a small base map.it contains few monsters and 3 weapons (one is in secret area). http://www.mediafire.com/download/edh552k2ahjyiw3/SlipgateComplexDemo.pk3
  6. lukas2288

    please delete

    I have already made the animation.Please Delete this topic.
  7. lukas2288

    No Sleep For The Dead [v1.0 released!]

    Hi janvknn, what is your progress on your upcoming episode?
  8. lukas2288

    Does somebody know good doom e4 maps?

    Oh.I did not know it.i have downloaded as single level.
  9. lukas2288

    Does somebody know good doom e4 maps?

    1st Bold as war by KennyJc converted for doom1 by me 2nd And the Dead Shall Rise by Orin Flaharty 3rd Spooky by Richard Wiles 4th Venom by Stephen K. Boyer converted for doom1 by me
  10. Hello everybody.Does somebody know some good doom1 or doom2 maps with E4 theme or like these ones?
  11. lukas2288

    Player death function

    Hi everybody, i made some new deaths for player and i want to ask how can i set some different deaths(example for slime)?Thank you
  12. lukas2288

    cyberfiend V2

  13. lukas2288

    cyberfiend V2

    I have some free time and make some extended version of original cyberfiend.If somebody wants him you can grab him here. http://www.mediafire.com/?7ugaajaac5kqc35
  14. lukas2288

    Sprite animations

    hi guys i have found this 2 sprites on internet two months ago.So i want to ask if somebody got animation frames for one of these version?