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  1. kevansevans

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    You're misunderstanding where the interception of artistic intent is happening. Both me as a creator, and someone as a player, have full control over the intended experience. While I can't control how a user plays my creation, I can at least know what I put out, as is, that wad is exactly the way I want it. A player has to consciously go out of their way to ignore that, be it deliberately or out of ignorance. Texture Filtering is a third party saying "No, your burger is going to have ketchup on it whether you like it or not, and your customer has to decide if they want to take it off". I shouldn't have to tell my customers that my burger isn't meant to have ketchup, and if I just concede that my burgers will forever have ketchup, that forces my hand on how I create my assets.
  2. kevansevans

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    I’m definitely weighing that limitation right now. It’s not a decision a lot of us want to make, but Vulkan enabled cards are a lot more widespread than people are making it out to be, so no I don’t think we’ll run into a situation where the bleeding edge of gpu’s will always be the bare minimum. A lot of people misplace the design goals of the gzdoom branch, which wasn’t to be bleeding edge, but to allow all of Doom’s rich modding history to be used on modern tech, which means dropping support for tech when it stops being the common denominator. VKDoom has that same goal in mind, but it’s more aggressive in culling out old tech since it’s more geared for commercial releases and being used as an actual engine, not just modding.
  3. kevansevans

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    It’s more of the principle of it that’s a turn off for me. Yes, it takes ten seconds to turn off, and I’m a happy camper, no big deal. However: Not all GZDoom users know that this is a setting. This became painfully obvious when I started getting my content out into the world and watching other people play, and as far as I know, I can’t distribute a mod that can turn this off locally. This means that, whatever artistic vision I might have for anything I make, it’s going to get undermined. This is why it’s such a stupid issue for them to be this stubbornly hung up on, and why it’s reflective of a poor relationship between the devs and users. The majority of players hate this feature. The original game was not designed with filtering. Very few people are making high res assets that justify filtering. Those that do like it will go through the same ten seconds to turn it on. It’s a waste of time to fork the engine just to make an executable that has it off. It’s petty, and not the sole petty thing that’s been pulled out of spite in GZDoom’s development history. Edit: Forgot to mention if it’s a deal breaker. With VKDoom hot in development, yeah it’s going to no longer be my engine of choice with how things are going, and it’s not just because texture filtering is off.
  4. kevansevans

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    While we’re on the subject of the texture filtering question being dodged, I’d like to bring up a poll I conducted on twitter a few weeks ago. Ran it for three days to really make sure enough time for every voice to have their chance. why specifically did I make this poll? Because I caught “whispers” of it being a controversial thing to start turning off by default, which I refused to believe. I definitely feel like a relative nobody on Twitter and in the Doom community, so the fact I managed >700 votes that show for a fact that we do not like texture filtering is pretty astounding. On the thread’s subject, if people start making forks of GZDoom and actually taking suggestions from its users a lot more seriously, a source port deal breaker for me will for sure be its devs showing unwillingness to work with said users. I want more tools to play with, and I want more functionality and control to flex with, so if silly little things like texture filtering is what gets devs hung up, despite very obvious out cry to make change happen, I’m moving to greener pastures.
  5. kevansevans

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Tom Hall understood what made Doom fun way more than the other level designers, making Episode 2 the best episode in Doom. Lot's of enemies, lots of secrets, introduced teleporters, made the maps where arguably the "main story" happens (the plot twist of it not being aliens, but demons from hell), sets a far more sinister tone with tracks like "The Demons From Adrian's Pen" and themes of hell overtaking tech bases, and significantly less linear (imo) than other episodes/maps. It's frequently cited that the team at id Software asked Tom to research military bases, then poo pooed all over what he found, which I remind you was *by their request*, but had they decided to collaborate on ideas and maps, instead of tasking one mapper per episode, the over all narrative theme would have been more cohesive.
  6. kevansevans

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    Boy, I can't imagine how the franchise would survive if they decided to make a Doom game that focused on being dark, gritty, scary, and put reloading mechanics into it. No siree, can't imagine it, nuh uh... ... what do you mean they did something like that nearly 20 years ago?
  7. kevansevans

    DOOM 2 in DOOM 2 format misalignment of DOORS

    You likely have a sector next to your door that's causing conflict. Make sure any sectors touching your door sector are all at the correct height, as it will default to the lowest sector to raise up towards. However, what you're describing seems a little off. Can you provide some before and after screenshots of what's happening?
  8. kevansevans

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    So as a backstory, I have recently been taking psychedelics as a form of self-therapy to help better combat my anxieties and depression. (I will not go into too much detail, and please do not contact me about them). During my last trip, I saw the world in greyscale, but everything had a rainbow outline to it, and all I could think about was how I could make a shader with it and I needed to share that particular experience with people. I'm still hammering out the minutia, but here are some stellar shots I've managed to take: Don't know if I'll make something with it. It'll need a lot of texture/sprite work to make certain assets less noisy and more pleasing to look at.
  9. The short explanation: Like I said, I can't tell if a weapon is a "fist" or not. I can't fix this. The long explanation:
  10. I can't really account for every weapon class ever made in GZDoom modding unfortunately, as how am I supposed to know if a melee weapon is the characters "hands"? Inventory sickness on purpose does not give you your items back. You need to pick them back up once it times out. Unfortunately, with the combination of "walk through actors", you were unable to pick them back up. As for weapons you never had, my guess is you rolled the effect under the name "IDKFA" which will perform the same thing as typing "give all" in your console, so naturally it would give things you would have yet to pick up. Paying attention to every effect roll is imperative to tackling this mod head on, which is why by default there's an info display. You can turn it off if you're crazy, but I don't recommend that.
  11. kevansevans

    Unity goes full Unity

    It's an inevitability that people will return to using it. Outrage culture never lasts if what people get outraged about stays around. I learned this while I was a moderator on r/pcgaming, every single "bad thing" that happened would blow over in a matter of months until it was merely reminisced about. There are people who have not heard a word about Unity who will eventually discover Unity, and there are a group of people who trust Unity after they've retracted their bad decisions. Mark my words, unless Unity actually bows out as a company or stops making engines, they'll recover just fine. The majority of people always get over it.
  12. kevansevans

    I feel ostracised from the community

    You need to stop.
  13. kevansevans

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Neither confirmed or denied by Phil, but the take away from his recent tweet is that things have changed since that slide was made. It's best we don't get our hopes up until something is explicitly confirmed. https://twitter.com/XboxP3/status/1704233222752571842?s=20
  14. Version 1.0 release! Check out the trailer! Download here on itch.io