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  1. Kevansevans

    Looking for doom level designer, „paid“ job

    You're trying to pay someone for a proof of concept? As in, you'll take whatever someone makes here, pay them a lump sum of money, and only use the map as a reference and not get used in a final product in any capacity? Not even a guarantee you'll be using the same engine or promised royalties for the custom assets they had to take the time to make and format correctly for GZDoom? Not even a job offer?
  2. Kevansevans

    New method of cheating

    Great video on how the demo file is screened for legitimacy:
  3. Kevansevans

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I actually had a chance to VC with John Romero recently and took the opportunity to ask him why enemies had infinitely tall collision boxes. The short answer of it is that they didn't have enough time to program in the code necessary to handle the player landing on top of enemies, and that otherwise it wasn't impacting the players experience in any meaningful manner. This is why this feature exists in Heretic, as it granted another several months to refine the source code.
  4. Kevansevans

    Discussion About Realm667

    What a shitty hill to die on. All this work on a genuinely impressive mod, effectively down the drain. Punishing multiple communities for something they had no hand in what-so-ever in response.
  5. Kevansevans

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Is your excuse to this seriously “No one got me in trouble then”? Do you seriously think people just magically manifested a sudden disgust for offensive content? Offensive literally means, you guessed it, offensive. If it’s wrong to do now, it was wrong to do then. Doesn’t matter how many “testers” you’re trying go throw under the bus trying to defend yourself from the blame here, you’re the one who allowed it at the end of it all. There is no way every single tester you had personally combed over every itty bitty detail, every lump, sound, script, map, palette, whatever, just to make sure your mod is the squeaky clean, family friendly mod that you’re acting like it is.
  6. Kevansevans

    Alestorm - Public demo 1

    Yup! Inspired by the attitude of this band.
  7. Kevansevans

    Alestorm - Public demo 1

    I was never told until just now I used the wrong link, it's been fixed now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2napei3bu1ulln/Alestorm DEMO1 17MAR2021.pk3?dl=0
  8. Kevansevans

    Alestorm - Public demo 1

    Download Here GZDoom required Set in an alternative universe where Doomguy was court marshaled and charged with Article 112 of the UCMJ. No guns, no health, and Mars is being invaded, so what do we do? What Drunkguy knows best! FISTS AND BOOZE! Punch your way out of the demon hoards and drink to regain your health! These brewskis are all over the place! These are your main bread and butter, and you can still duke it out just fine with one in your right hand! Chug that beer to heal, 10 points a chug, then chuck that empty bottle at some shootable wall or some poor demon. These demonic powerups are also in the form of booze, but they're way too potent to just drink, you're a high functioning alcohol, not stupid! So how else are you supposed to use them? Why smash them upside your head, you'll be fine I swear! The fumes will still give you a mighty contact high though!Download Here GZDoom required === This is a super early beta build full of jank and semi-tested balances. Please let me know how things worked out for you. I do plan on expanding the mod further. Sprite recolor tool: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=63965
  9. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    It's not a copy and paste program (aside from addons). This was made because the .wads were embedded into the unity assets and couldn't just be copy and pasted. Since the wads are now exposed, aside from Master Level wads, the program isn't needed anymore. You can get them in either your Steam library in "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\[Doom or Doom 2]\rerelease\[Doom or Doom 2]_Data\StreamingAssets" or in the Bethesda.net versions under 'Bethesda.net Launcher\games\[Doom or Doom 2]_Classic_2019\[Doom or Doom 2]_Data\StreamingAssets"
  10. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    UDR was tested with the latest updates. The latest versions of the Bethesda Launcher versions now have their wads external, and no longer need to be extracted. However, the Master Levels are still embedded in Doom 2 and still require extraction. The program should still work if you instruct the Bethesda Launcher to use an older update of the game.
  11. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    1.3 Update: https://github.com/kevansevans/Unity-Doom-Ripper/releases/tag/V1.3 Added OneDrive support for users who have set their OneDrive to function as their game save folder Various tweaks and stability Fixed a bug where program would assume user inserted wads was a directory and would crash.
  12. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    Done: https://github.com/kevansevans/Unity-Doom-Ripper/releases/tag/V1.2.0
  13. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    You're right, I'm an idiot, haha. I was sitting here writing this thinking there wasn't any consistent way to get the wad data out of it, and I totally forgot the header info has that info for me already. I definitely will work on this and get it fixed.
  14. Kevansevans

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    Sorry for the bump, just want to clarify that the code now scans where "addons" are installed and copies them neatly into the output folder. This version has been added to the releases page: https://github.com/kevansevans/Unity-Doom-Ripper/releases/tag/V1.1.0