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  1. Despite all the problems DNF has, I still think it is a decent game, highly underrated. That said, it doesn't hold a candle to DooM.
  2. I think so too.
  3. I'm gonna be honest. The pacing and the music of the leaked version was almost perfect. It got me pumped. This one made me say 'meh'.
  4. Ok, I can understand demanding quality, just don't act like a bunch of whining manchildren.
  5. People are fucking impossible. Honestly, who the fuck cares? Yes, they should fix this, but this isn't a big deal at all. I actually feel bad for all the shit this game is getting. It's an unreal level of butthurt.
  6. I agree on the critic score (80-85), but single digits on the user score? Even with all the hate this game will receive I expect it getting at least 30-40. Single digits would require the game to literally not work for anyone on any platform... ...but who am I kidding? It's still possible for them to drown it in "0" and "1" even if the game turns out to be good.
  7. That "text to be removed" are credits. So basically the last few shots are probably credits to appear after the ending.
  8. Link here
  9. OMG, can someone send me the trailer? Pretty please :) I'm pumped, I wanna see it! :edit: Nvm, it's on Doom Leaks!
  10. Xbox: 4,5/5 stars
  11. I lol'd.
  12. So IGN is the end all be all experts on arena shooters? Ha.. Ha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I needed that.
  13. Kotaku lol
  14. You dun fucked it up Bethesda.