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Everything posted by DecemberMan

  1. DecemberMan

    Doom vs Duke Nukem Forever

    Despite all the problems DNF has, I still think it is a decent game, highly underrated. That said, it doesn't hold a candle to DooM.
  2. DecemberMan

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    I think so too.
  3. DecemberMan

    Finalized Launch Trailer

    I'm gonna be honest. The pacing and the music of the leaked version was almost perfect. It got me pumped. This one made me say 'meh'.
  4. DecemberMan

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    Ok, I can understand demanding quality, just don't act like a bunch of whining manchildren.
  5. DecemberMan

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    People are fucking impossible. Honestly, who the fuck cares? Yes, they should fix this, but this isn't a big deal at all. I actually feel bad for all the shit this game is getting. It's an unreal level of butthurt.
  6. DecemberMan

    Predict The Metacritic Score

    I agree on the critic score (80-85), but single digits on the user score? Even with all the hate this game will receive I expect it getting at least 30-40. Single digits would require the game to literally not work for anyone on any platform... ...but who am I kidding? It's still possible for them to drown it in "0" and "1" even if the game turns out to be good.
  7. DecemberMan

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    That "text to be removed" are credits. So basically the last few shots are probably credits to appear after the ending.
  8. DecemberMan

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Link here https://vid.me/RTTy
  9. DecemberMan

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    OMG, can someone send me the trailer? Pretty please :) I'm pumped, I wanna see it! :edit: Nvm, it's on Doom Leaks!
  10. DecemberMan

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    Xbox: https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/DOOM-Open-Beta/26efd7b6-ccca-4f52-8573-40cef19bff47 4,5/5 stars
  11. DecemberMan

    DOOM is getting ripped and torn by negative Steam reviews

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=666402411 I lol'd.
  12. DecemberMan

    Why Doom's MP Really Isn't an Arena Shooter [IGN Article]

    So IGN is the end all be all experts on arena shooters? Ha.. Ha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I needed that.
  13. DecemberMan

    Post-Launch Content Strategy Revealed

    Kotaku lol
  14. DecemberMan

    Post-Launch Content Strategy Revealed

    You dun fucked it up Bethesda.
  15. DecemberMan

    Doom Welcome To Hell E3 music

    This is a lot better.
  16. DecemberMan

    Doom Welcome To Hell E3 music

    That's a relief, because I really don't like it.
  17. DecemberMan

    Doom Beta Menu

    Armor customization options are very similar to stuff like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with the whole primary / secondary color, light color, gloss / shine etc.
  18. DecemberMan

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    Awesome stuff! Keep it up!
  19. DecemberMan

    Hating doom is cool now?

    This is currently happening with Witcher 3 fanboys attacking Fallout 4. Exact same thing. "yeah, that small polish dev sure showed the big, evil AAA developer" - that is the primary reason I think.
  20. DecemberMan


    I think it's kind of meh. Like a mediocre E1M1 remix by some dude on the internet.
  21. DecemberMan


    This is supposedly the main theme from the alpha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZIzYscrRBE Is this true?
  22. DecemberMan

    Hi-res Duke Nukem 3D sound effects

    I know this is an old thread, but have you made any progress on updating this pack? Or have you forgotten about it? :<
  23. DecemberMan

    Doom the Way Id Did: The Lost Episodes [v1.666]

    Just finished it. The maps were of varying quality, but what I intend to mention is that episode 4, nearly all the maps, could have been included in the release as a replacement for the original ep. 4. Also, Cold Steel - E5M7, is probably the only E2 style map in existence I actually friggin' like (including the originals).
  24. DecemberMan

    Doom 2 The Way id Did [Final Beta Released!]

    Good to hear :) I loved the first map pack. Can't wait for this one!