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  1. ReikokuNinja

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    I am going to be writing a mod review for this as soon as I finish doom 2 with it. I also covered it briefly in my gaming podcast. But I am still having trouble getting doom 1 to work. I went and found different source .wads to see if maybe in some way or another I had muffed my wad file. After trying it with 6 wads from 6 different sources I have still been unable to get it to launch. Also I have been trying to record this with fraps and for some reason unknown to me it cant run faster than 1fps when im recording. Was wanting to do some video content for my mod review but I think I can get by with some screen shots.
  2. ReikokuNinja

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    I agree with this, and to add to that am I the only one experiancing another bug where sometimes it will not switch between the two no matter what? And on the subject of the shotgun cocking on a full clip I dont know if that is so much of a bug, but more so of a design choice. I mean its pretty bad ass to walk into a room full of blood and bodys blown to bits and hit the go fuck your self button and cock your shotgun. Just saying.
  3. ReikokuNinja

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Hi, I've been playing around with Brutal Doom for about 3 days now and after some googling and a little elbo greese I managed to get GZDoom + ZDL Sharp working and playing all the doom wads with this mod. Then I got Skulltag + ZDL Sharp working with this mod, again all the wads worked. But yesterday when I tried to load up doom 1 to continue my game I was met with a script error. Execution could not continue. Script error, "brutalgzdoomv014.pk3:terrain.wad:ANIMDEFS" line 46: Unknown texture FWATER1 This happenes on both GZDoom and Skulltag, but through troubleshooting I have narrowed down the problem to being directly caused by having BrutalGZDoomv014.pk3 and the Brutalskulltagdoomv014.pk3 (not sure if that is the right file name because I only have my GZDoom ZDL open at the moment to check.). When I remove the brutal doom .pk3 the game loads fine, when I drag the doom.wad into GZDoom or Skulltag it works fine. But with Brutal Doom activated I always 100% of the time get that error as the game fail's to start. I have not changed anything (at least not purposly or anything that was not in the game options) since I first got this game to work and played a sizable amount of each .wad including the shareware version of doom that I used as a test (now i get the same error on it). This problem is isolated to only Doom, Doom shareware, and ultimate doom. Any help would be apreciated. Let me know if you need any further information.